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Very disrespectful salesman

Was treated very disrespectful. I purchased a car about 6months ago from Jim White. The salesman never went over the paperwork with me. The day I purchased the car the Bluetooth didn't work I was told to bring the car back in because it needed some software update. Then when I toke the car back I was told it would be a charge . I ask to speak to Kent he was out sick again. Just like he was on the day I went to pick the car up. He never called are nothing to see how we liked the car. On today when I toke the car in I was told by 2 salesmen to get out of there store.


prices on vehicles

all prices are marked and no games like email me for numbers. It was a great shopping experience. When i am ready to buy i will come back.

Dealer response

Janet, we are so pleased you enjoyed your visit to Jim White Honda! Thank you, Chris Gomez General Manager Jim White Honda 419-893-5581 ext. 1610


They tell me my warranty doesn’t cover repair

LONG POST...... JIM WHITE HONDA Every single time I bring my car to Jim White Honda I have the pleasure of dealing with the rudest service technician in the world, David Moss. Two years ago I brought my car in because I needed new struts and shocks. I felt my truck bounce every time I went over a bump. I felt like I was in a 1992 Lincoln Continental instead of a 2015 Honda Pilot. 😆 They gave my car back to me and found something else wrong other than what I brought it in for. I was told it would cost me over $600 out of pocket to fix. Dave told me he contacted my warranty company and they didn’t cover some of it and I would have to pay $600 to fix it. 🙄 Long story short I had to bring my car back to them 3x. I was in a loaner car for almost a month....and they broke my wheel bearing in the process! AND....everything was covered under the warranty that I bought from them, Jim White Honda when I purchased my car! Fast forward to TODAY! I had to take my car in this evening and I had the pleasure of dealing with Dave AGAIN! Once again, I brought my car for one thing and they found something else wrong. 🙄 Dave stated “My warranty only covers one issue”, and “I would have to pay over $600 out of pocket” AGAIN...AND they never addressed the only reason why I came in there to begin with AGAIN!!! So after consulting with my husband, and DAVE reminding me that “he was doing me a favor by staying after 6 o’clock because he was off at 5:30”. I brought my car home and I’ll have to take it back up there tomorrow WITH MY HUSBAND WITH ME. Just like before. I came home and called my car warranty company to verify if what Dave said was correct. I wasn’t surprised to find out that Everything is covered! Even the rental car until my car is fixed. JUST LIKE LAST TIME! Ironically, it doesn’t seem to go with what Dave told me or the invoice he gave me. AGAIN🤔💡 My question is. Why do I have to bring a man with me for you to listen to what I am telling is wrong with my car?! I’m not a mechanic but I know enough to point you in the right direction on where to look for the problem. Why do I have to call the car warranty company myself to figure out that everything is covered? Why are you trying to get over on me for $600 out of pocket for the second time? Is this how the company runs things or is it just you Dave that tries to get over on their customers? SMH. Oh Dave, Dave, Dave why do you play these games with me! I don’t know what your issue is. I don’t know why you have an issue with me. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a woman or what. I will not be lied to, taken advantage of and disrespected when I have been nothing but nice and respectful customer to you and any staff member at Jim White Honda! The Lil Darla (my momma) in me has been activated and I will do whatever I need to to expose this man and the nonsense I’ve been dealing with at Jim White Honda of Toledo. To be continued....



Customer service/sales reps are great! I didn’t purchase a vehicle yet but I’m going to be going back in. They work hard to get you in a vehicle and have a repeat customer here life. They’ll take good care of you!

Dealer response

Hello Jerri, we appreciate you taking the time to leave us this feedback. I know it has been awhile but if you need anything at all please feel free to reach out to me directly. Thanks, Chris Gomez General Manager Jim White Honda in Maumee


Just got a used Honda Ridgeline and they were grea

Kent is the best and I get all my vehicles from him. Thanks Kent you rock. They got me in and out real fast with no issues at all.


Bad deal

Very poor experience. Don’t buy certified. It means absolutely nothing. The serpentine belt went bad now the battery. They say it’s not covered. Less than six months! Then the used car mgr gave nothing but excuses. Wi not buy a car from them again, ever.



I was treated very rudely by a member of this dealership. He was not even the salesman we were talking to. Simply because I am a female and questioned the condition and price. He shook his head and walked away from me. Way to go xxxxxxx.


Great service and help

But they just put brakes on my daughters car and change the oil. Found a nail in the tire that I purchased a month ago and they replaced it for free thank you Jim White Honda


Wonderful Leasing Experience with Issa Khalil

Issa listened to all of our needs, and got us the perfect car in a smooth and easy car leasing experience. Jim White exceeded all of our expectations!


Good experience! Good customer service!

I got a good deal on a Honda CR-V at Jim White Honda of Maumee, and it's my first time buying a Honda. Thanks to the sale consultant Jordan Jewell in helping me find a good car. Also thanks to Eric Kost - Finance Manager in helping me with all the finance paperwork. They were both very patient with my family and I during the process. Overall, I had a good experience.

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