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This seller has been on since January 2016.
Our exceptional Sales Team doesn't stop at the sale. Thanks to our dedicated service dept. and auto repair team Gainesville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram makes the process of securing a new or pre-owned vehicle easy. We are also now a Certified Pre-Owned Dealership! Stop in and see what makes us different!
At Gainesville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram We are Meeting all of your automotive needs!!!!!

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(64 reviews)

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Customer service is abysmal

I made an appointment for a weird nose coming from wheel well on my truck and dropped off the truck 6 DAYS ago. We were supposed to be contacted about the problem and ideas to fix. I called twice that day and could never get ahold of my “service rep”. The following day I called three times before finally getting to speak to him on third time. He said they had been waiting on my approval to figure out what was wrong. (Why did I make the appointment? Why did I saying saying go ahead and look into it?) he said they would now “work me in” but it would probably be Friday before they got around to it. Remember I had an appointment and dropped it off on Tuesday AM. Friday I called 3 times and no response. I called again on Saturday and was finally after telling the receptionist I was extremely frustrated able to get to speak to my “service rep”. He said it was torn apart and they where trying to figure it out. I asked him to please call me with update before close of business today (Saturday)....... No call. Monday am, I called and after reminding him he had promised to call he said he had just received my paperwork and was going to work up the numbers to call me back with in next few minutes. I gave him 45 minutes to call me back.....let’s see what happens, anyone wanna place a wager? UPDATE- 5 entire weeks later and the same crappy service is going on. That’s right they have had my truck for 5 weeks, service said the part was finally coming in on October 21 (I had to call to get that update). I have spoken with Service Manager(after being told again “ their swamped” and having left a message for 24 hours) and I called the manager back, that hey were swamped and working on it. Yesterday I called after 4 days of no updates from discussing with service manager and finally spoke with my service rep, who referred to it as “the truck from xxxx”.....service rep said he had no news but would check with guy in back and “give me a call right back” this was 24 hours ago and still no call back. SERVICE MANAGER HASN’T REACHED OUT TO ME, GM HASN’T REACHED OUT TO ME. I CANT GIVE LOW ENOUGH MARKS FOR THIS DEALERSHIP. The saga continues


Poor customer service

Advisor was mad at me by using the platform in the web to schedule the service for my car. I had to wait two hours and nothing happened with my car, not a diagnosis was done. Prior to have my car serviced by this place.


Overcharged and more repairs after inspection

I was ripped off once but not twice. 2010 Town and Country Mini Van. First, I want to review the timeline of events and service of my van in your service department. 5/19/2020: I took the van for service for an oil change and to check an oil leak it had. While there, I was offered a complete inspection of my van. My warrant was expired and I had to pay $1,690.92 of which $962.35 were in labor. I do not recall approving this work nor being aware of this cost which as a retired person is very difficult to afford but paid for it completely. Two weeks later, my van started to show new problems with the air conditioner. I took it to another shop to check the air conditioner and the mechanic told me there was a leak in radiator for which the AC was shutting down when overheating. The radiator was empty. I took it back to your service department. After over one day of inspection, I was told the radiator and the AC were leaking and the cost was $829.00 for the radiator and $2,500.00 for the air conditioner. I was unable to afford and did not agree with such a high cost for repairs and decided to take the car somewhere else I could trust. I had to pay $202.18 just for the check up which I understood the fee is $75.00 for the service but I was charged $75.00 for each malfunctioning part plus the Freon used to refill the AC. Why can they explain my van was working fine when I took it to them on 5/19/20 for an oil leak and ended up paying $1,690.92 for work I did not approve. Then shortly after I received the car, new problems start to happen and you try to charge me over $3,000.00. To date, I fixed the radiator for half the cost you quoted and the air conditioner is working well. You were going to charge me over $800.00 to fix my radiator and I bought it for $236.46 so you were going to charge me over $500.00 to replace the radiator, really? I am an 85 year old customer who has been your loyal customer for over 18 years and do not deserve to be treated like this. I followed every recommendation your staff gave me trusting your honesty and word. After this experience, that all changed and I do not trust your service department. I do not understand how the radiator broke when I understand the only way to leak is if someone accidentally punctures it while working on other parts. I will not return to your service department nor do any business in the future with Gainesville Dodge.


Jock Phelps

Victoria and Scott were great....many thanks! I have already referred other people to this dealership and I will be back for my next car or truck. Thanks again!

Dealer response

Our staff is committed to providing each of our clients with the best automotive experience! Thank you again for choosing us, we hope to see you again.


Shady Dealership built on Lies

Horrible dealership tried to get a deal going AFTER THEIR REP CALLED ME! for the second time they led me around for 4 days all the while being told by everyone I talked to that they would work out a deal just hold on a little longer a little longer a little longer all the while actually blowing me off. They told me yesterday 2/29/20 that I was on the back burner basically because they were too busy to get to me after having already led me around 3 days at that point. Talked to the sales manager Tony Sullivan today asked for the owners number and he stated "I'm as high as it gets." So not only do their reps lie their xxxxx off and drag you around but apparently this dealership isn't owned by anyone or he flat refused to give me their owners number. I was lied too multiple times, brought down to the dealership the first time to be turned away got a call from their rep who promised me a vehicle a 2019 dodge journey who then led me around for 4 days on false promises. AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP UNLESS YOU LIKE BEING TOYED WITH! I would give this place negative stars if I could.


A Disappointed and Disrespected Customer

At first I wasn't going to say anything or even make a review, but as of now I have been pushed to my limit by this dealership. I have never been more uncomfortable and disrespected. I went to trade my car in for a new one and the management basically made me extremely uncomfortable and tried to pressure me into buying a car with them rather than going directly through my bank. I assume this pissed off management because they couldn't get a bonus off of me per the sales department manager George Rodriguez. So aside from dealing with Managers throw hissy fits in front off me for not buying a new car through him, I also dealt with him throwing documentation I had to sign and slamming the office drawers, to also deal with him being spiteful and hanging up on my bank when they requested information about the pay off amount. I want an apology and I promise I will make sure I talk to the Area manger and GM to make sure this problem is rectified. I've been a customer too long to be this disrespected because i refused to buy a car directly through the dealer rather than my bank. This is beyond ridiculous and childish. In addition, instead of handling this with respect and urgency I am told the GM Marvin is too busy. The absolute worst experience and I promise I don't recommend this dealership while they carry on in this manner.


Bought a Kia

Worked with ROLIN, and was very easy going and helped me in the sales process. Helped me and my son both get a car. Couldn’t be happier


Thank you Thomas Bivins for your outstanding work.

Thomas Bivins made car shopping easy and worry free. He worked hard on helping our daughter find her perfect car she wanted. He is an asset to Gainesville Dodge dealership.


Easiest Purchase of a vehicle ever!!!!!

Purchased a Pre-Owned Jeep Rubicon, and will have to say it was the best buying experience I've ever had with a dealership. Will definitely refer friends and return myself. If I had anything negative to say it would be that the radio in the showroom was too loud. Thomas Bivins is great at his job, pleasant to deal with, was never pushy, and always had an honest answer to our questions.


Richard hymes

keevis was amazing!!! He wasn't trying too hard to make the sale, had great customer service skills and kept me in my price range for a vehicle. Overall i'm very grateful for his and everyone else's service's at Chrysler and love my new SUV.

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