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We ❤️ Brenham CJD!!

I was always told that if you buy from a small town dealership, you would walk out paying double! Boy! Was I wrong!!! I emailed the sales department, and within an hour received a response from Crystal N. She was so helpful and knowledgable. Once we arrived at the dealership, she had the car ready for us to test drive and my car was appraised while we were out test driving. Once we got back, she had our payments broke down by month, and we were ready for financing. Financing department is never fun, but they made it very painless and quick! We were in and out, in a new car within an hour 1/2!! Thank you so much for my first brand new sports car! You made my year!!! ❤️ Thanks again, The Shugart’s


Sales Manager, Matt, went above and beyond!’n

I had a “false start” after a cold call desiring my trade from Brenham CDJ when I found new management.... I was short b/c I have a bias against any car sales people in general and didn’t really give them a chance to get to a deal... the new sales manager, Matt, was patient with me, let me vent, called me back and let me vent again...and then went out of his way to go get the exact tuck I wanted and worked on my trade value himself to get me a very fair market value for my trade. Several Houston dealers had been “low balling”’me on my 2016 trade-in... Matt worked it hard with buyer’s he knew and got me done RIGHT on the new Truck AND my trade!! Good job Brenham CDJ!!!! Very nice to be able to buy in our home town.


Pre-owned buyer

Wrote a review on February 8th about the poor quality of service about some scratches on the pre-owned truck I purchased. Happy to say that all has been rectified and the truck looks awesome! Thank you to Matt Howell for reaching out and taking care of the issue! I really appreciate it! Had all previous service work done on my ‘04 ram here and will continue to do so.


Awesome people awesome buy 1 Yr later

These 1 star reviews are lame. I mean " waah I didnt get a call", "they need to move heaven and earth to make a sale?? " How narcicisstic. How about they were taking care of solid customers like me and put you guys on hold ? I got a great deal on a jeep. I got off my butt drove an hour to see a well documented online vehicle. Even had carfax info so I could research it. No issues that are not knit picky stuff. Austin could not touch them on price and Im talking craigslist. Im always suspicious of car dealers (as I am attornies) but with these guys Id go back and rec them to my people. Every other website they are rated appropriately,here they let whiners who didnt even buy the cars post which really screws up legit research on dealers and thats wrong. They are not going to give the farm away but if you are legit they will work hours of their life to get you into a good solid vehicle. My jeep gets comments reguarly... its great.


Topping off fluids, tire rotation??

I had a coupon for 2 oil changes and rotation of tires. When I picked up vehicle, I was told that one of my tires didn't have enough tread to be able to do the rotation, which I find odd. The tire is not that bad, probably another 7,000 - 10,000 miles left on it. Also, in the past when I have had my oil changed, with the multipoint inspection, they top off all of my fluids, which this time did not happen. All fluids were right above low. My question is, why is this not included? and if they are not going to fill them, then why don't they tell me these are getting low so I can do it myself.


Don?t waist your time!! Salesman is rude!

Salesman made it clear he was not interested in working with me. I guess buying a used car within my budget did not meet the commission he wanted. He made it clear I would be a waste of his time and that the auction served him better than my pocket book. Don?t waste your time here unless you can buy new? Let?s just hope they aren?t all this way.

Dealer response

I am very sorry to hear about your negative experience with our store. This is defiantly not the treatment we would want any of our customers to have. I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you and attempt to correct the problem. Please feel free to call me directly at 979-836-2391 and ask for Tim Caffey. Again we are sorry about your experience.



I enjoyed my purchase experience at BCJD until I found out some of the listed features did not exist on my vehicle as the salesman had said, and truly this should be documented on the service review, but it would not allow me to. After my purchase, the service here falls very short of adequate. Service reception has been rude, and diagnostics are determined by computers, not hands and minds. In other words, no light, no problem. Why use tools right? Even though you have an obvious issue that warranty should cover but it turns into a maintenance issue which by policy is something that is not covered...4 times...and somehow 22 lbs of torque turns into 50 on a plastic thread. Shame on me I guess. Highly disappointed all around. Would not even change my blinker fluid here.

Dealer response

We are so sorry to hear about your recent service experience, this is by no means the level of service we strive to provide. We would like the opportunity to correct this matter and re-earn your trust. Please feel free to contact us at any time.


Great customer service!!!

If your looking for a truck I highly recommend Kevin Little. Told him what I was looking for, he found it, and I was in and out quicker than a grocery trip to Walmart. The truck had one small issue after I brought it home. I contacted him (after hours) and he had it taken care of very quickly. Overall very impressed with the professionalism and country hospitality


Great Experience

Great Experience! I highly recommend seeing Kevin Little when you're ready to purchase a new vehicle. He was amazing to work with- listened to what I was looking for and found it. He and Cory Carter in finance actually made it possible for me to drive off in the Jeep of my dreams. Thanks Guys!!!


Recent Vehicle Purchase

Awesome sales team. Can't say enough good things about Kevin Little. I was just browsing the lot to see if there was anything within my budget when I was approached by Kevin. We test drove a truck and I told him I would get back to him in a week or so. I fully expected to be harassed until I made a decision but to my surprise, I only received the one call to see if I might still be interested in the truck. When I came in, I was ready to haggle but that wasn't even necessary. I told him what I wanted my payments to be and about thirty minutes later I was done and on my way. Best purchasing experience ever.

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