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This seller has been on since June 2019.
Mr. Vaden has often told his employees "I don't sign your paycheck your customers do." It's that philosophy that has helped the organization grow to serve hundreds of thousands of customers across the Southeast. "Our business is a people business. We treat our employees and customers as partners because ultimately they are responsible for our success."
That's the Vaden Way!

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(144 reviews)

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Truck driver

Let?s just say me or this truck will never be back to your dealership and I hope nobody takes their vehicle there to get serviced because they to will never come back after the shady service your mechanic?s provide. My truck was left for a week and never touched until I called to come pick it up. I purposely washed the truck prior to dropping it off and no surprise there was grease left all over. The headliner they pulled the first time I left it that was on the ticket to be fixed? never touched. I paid $300 for them to basically caulk the leaking part of my window. What warranty? That covered nothing. I could have gone to a buy here pay here place and gotten better service as far as the service department goes. $80,000 truck and you can?t get decent service. I will not be back.

Dealer response

Thank you for reaching out to us. We regret to hear about the situation you have described. We would like the opportunity to address your concerns. Please reach out to us directly at (912) 265-3540 when you have a chance. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Fred Voigt, remember that name!

Fred Voigt, remember that name! My husband and I bought a Toyota Highlander from him on 10/15/22. He was the most professional and sweetest salesman I have ever met. If you have issues with not trusting car salesman and many people do, you need to go see Fred. He truly cares for his customers and goes beyond measure to make them feel good about their purchase. I read a lot of reviews but rarely write one but in thus case I wanted to share what an awesome person Fred is. The dealership has a jewel in this fellow and I hope they recognize it.

Dealer response

We appreciate your positive review about your recent experience with us! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you; we are more than happy to help!


I had my 2021 Colorado serviced this morning.

I had my 2021 Colorado serviced this morning. Miss Melanie did a super awesome job of taking care of me and answering all of my questions. I was missing a valve stem cap when I arrived there and the gentleman, Mark , that serviced my truck , without me asking , looked for a cap for my truck. It really meant a lot for him to do that for me as well as how Miss Melanie took care of me! Thank you all so much!


Kenyone was an exceptional salesman.

Kenyone was an exceptional salesman. I wasn’t quite sure of what I wanted to purchase but with his assistance I was able to make a decision. I purchased a 2020 Porsche Macan. I love the color and it’s the perfect size. Kenyone was very thorough when he reviewed the ins and outs of the vehicle. He was attentive and addressed any concerns that I may have had. He carried himself in a professional manner at all times. He’s definitely someone that I’ll continue doing business with.


switch and bait

Only come here if you want to waste your time and gas. Came to view a 2020 Chevy Trax that they had listed on Cargurus for $16,795, but it was listed for $23,000 on their website. I called & spoke with Sandy who told me that if I had a screenshot of the price on Cargurus, that they would sell it to me at that price. I asked her multiple times if she was sure that they would because I would be driving 2 hours out of town to come purchase the vehicle. She said yes & told me to ask for her when I arrived. When I got there, the salesman told me that Sandy was just the "internet person" and that I wouldn't be directly working with her, so he would help me. He tried to get me to give him my information to run my credit before I even test drove the car. Then he tells me "we just sold the car 30 minutes ago". He then tried to show me another Trax that had been in an accident and said he could get it for me at a similar price. His manager told me he would sell it to me for $19,000 because it was an upgraded model... was the car not an upgraded model when you drove it around the lot to show it to me? Since when are 16 and 19 similar numbers? These people did not sell the car, they just did not want to sell it for the price advertised and instead, wasted my time and gas driving two hours. I will tell everyone not to shop here because these people are liars and scammers.

Dealer response

Hi there, we regret to hear that you are displeased with your recent experience with us. We would like to get more details about this; please reach out to us at your earliest convenience at (912) 265-3541.


Gary Marsh was an extremely professional sales person who

Gary Marsh was an extremely professional sales person who went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our purchase. We have spent months shopping for a new truck, and he was the first to truly listen to what needed/wanted. We worked with Chris Jordan in finance who seemed more like an old friend than a finance guy. He made sure we understood our deal, and answered our questions. I would highly recommend this dealership.


The worst and shadiest dealer ever!

The worst and shadiest dealer ever! Traded in a car and they offered 10,000 less then the trade in value. Then tried to sell me a used car that costed more then a new one. Got me to buy a new one that’s not at the dealer and said it would be there in roughly five days. It’s now been more then a month and they will not give me a straight answer on my new vehicle! I called for a week straight after the first week for an update and no one would return my calls, not even the GM. They offered me three tanks of gas for the inconvenience. I live an hour away so by the time I drive my truck there and back it will be almost a tank! They still aren’t communicating crap with us or my lender for the vehicle I traded in and I got a late payment notice from our trades lender. Truly disappointed and disgusted. I was put in a suburban to test drive when I wanted to buy a tahoe. While looking around in it to see the features I was rushed out of the map because apparently you have to pay for that feature if you don’t use your phone. He showed me the most basic features of a vehicle. How to change the radio, move the seat, the a/c etc. I bet he wouldn’t be able to tell me a thing under the hood other then what the paper work tells you as he reads it off. I saw another review above on the paper man, Chris. He goes through your paper work so fast and keeps you distracted. We were supposed to get a deal on some extras we purchased but turns out we paid for it all, which okay we get but don’t shake on something to not hold up on it. He is a shady character as well. Didn’t explain anything. The extras were not on any paperwork we filled out either so who knows if they’ll even get put in the vehicle. No amount of convincing or money could get me to return here.

Dealer response

Dear MSM, This review is a little concerning for several reasons. The first and foremost is there isn't a name associated with this review and the overall content in the paragraph doesn't line up with either the salesman or our finance manager. If you are going to leave a review positive or negative at least have your name or otherwise have a some validity, so we can accommodate your requests and help you accordingly.

Consumer response

I was unaware that my name was not posted and yes your very aware of that being your sales manager and the GMs son way of doing things. This is Melinda. I will be on my way to get my down payment and my vehicle trade in back because it’s been almost two months and y’all still have not paid it off and the lender is calling wanting a payment. I have already spoken to the sales manager. We spoke with Jonah on the 18th of this month and he assured us he would get the loan taken care of with our trade in and now it’s the 27th and it isn’t paid off yet. He also stated that it was to be paid off within two weeks so he wasn’t sure what was going on with that. Then the entire week after speaking to him we got no responses. It’s a shame we can’t post screen shots for proof. The issue is not that the vehicle is still at the port. The issue is the no communication and the lack of information when you finally speak to someone! If you tell me your paying off my loan do it and not ignore my future texts and phone calls. If you say your getting back to me, get back to me! This is truly the worst experience I could ever imagine with a dealership. The only way I could get responses was to threaten them with a lawyer. Best of luck to anyone who decides to purchase a vehicle with them. We unfortunately have a vehicle from another dealer owned by them and it’s never been pleasant when dealing with them either.

Consumer response

As far as validity, my comment is valid and I have screen shots to prove it. And If you want to comment about providing a name why don’t you post a name?!? If you would pay attention to your reviews you would see this is a common problem and instead of making it everyone else’s faults you would think you would take the time to fire those who can’t do their job or train them on how not to lie and how to communicate and respond. Because Jacob tried to tell me he couldn’t return my phone calls that first week because he’s to busy to log into the portal on his desktop at the dealer to look up his missed calls of those who called the dealer. But! Jonah rated him out and educate us that every time we called the dealer before getting Jacob’s cell number (guilty, we lost his business card yes but we are human), that it goes right to his phone so he would see it right away. Jacob tried to blame the lack of communication on me because I lost his card. Well no because I did the next thing I could to get in touch with him and that was to call the dealership multiple times over the course of a week. So the lack of communication was not one me. And even when we got his cell number he still didn’t respond to my questions so his lie of telling me he always always always responds to those who call or text his cell was crap as well.


Efficient and painless

The process was surprisingly efficient and painless. We let them know what we were looking for and Robin Mel was outstanding at leading the way without the usual run around car dealerships give. We were able to find a vehicle that we are happy with and it was easy to come to a price agreement in no time. They really took care of us and have earned my future business.

Dealer response

It's our commitment to ensure quality customer care by providing comfortable and relaxing facilities as well as friendly and professional service to our guests. Please come see us for any future needs.



Needed my vehicle service because the check engine light kept coming on and I had my car service recently before I moved to Brunswick and had all my O2 sensors replaced. Dan Vaden service tech found that my O2 sensor was not plugged in and corrected the issue and I was pleased to know that it wasn?t anything serious.

Dealer response

Hi, we're happy you found our staff to be so supportive during your experience here at Vaden Chevrolet Brunswick. We hope to be of service to you again in the future. Best wishes, Vaden Chevrolet Brunswick


Ask for Keyone Walker.

Ask for Keyone Walker. He made my car buying experience easy. Had to wait for my vehicle to come in and he kept me up to date the whole time. He is a very professional salesman and he does his best to get you what you want.

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