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(4 reviews)

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I am very disappointed with my treatment at your dealership. I called and spoke with Brandy. She was a gem! I drove 2 hours to look at an orange Wrangler. I can't remember the man’s name who helped me but his phone number ends in 0544 (I texted him pics of my Jeep for trade). I test drove your Jeep, it was great. I looked it over for several minutes and saw the coolant reservoir was bone dry AFTER I drove it. I asked for it to be filled and to take another test drive to ensure it held fluid. He went to get coolant and didn't know how to fill the reservoir. I watched as he looked it over and eventually figured it out. I put $5 worth of gas into the tank. I drove it again, saw no drop in the coolant level, smelled no coolant, I was ready to talk. I told him my story. I, with my daughter, recently left an 18-year-long abusive marriage and I'm desperately trying to find a vehicle to lower my monthly expenses so I can support myself, as I am on my own for the first time in my life. I sat in the lobby and the salesman was very busy. He occasionally came to check on me. He brought me a form to fill out and then returned to the back. He came back to retrieve the form and left AGAIN to the back. I watched a lovely family in a side office visiting with their salesman, discussing the terms of their purchase, which is the norm based on every experience I’ve ever had in ANY dealership. After some time, the salesman came back and said, “Alright, you’re ready to go!” I was confused as we had not yet spoken many words AT ALL about my trade and potential purchase. He read the paperwork in his hands and said, “This is what we’re paying you for your Jeep, this is the price for our Jeep, I’ve added XYZ service package. Its expensive, but you need it.” I was floored! He had already run my credit and gotten my pre-approval. The trade-in on my Jeep was over $1k under fair market and the sticker price on your Jeep is over $2k over fair market. I understand I am only one person. I get it, I do. I know the market is strained. I understand. But we need to talk about this, first. I do my research. I grew up with Frank Fletch and Joe Taylor standing over my shoulders, in a garage, and on a drag strip. I work on my own vehicles with manicured nails. I am NOT the person he assumed I was. I told him the offer I received from McLarty, which was more than fair considering today’s market. He said, “Its amazing what a dealership will offer you when they don’t have what you’re looking for.” Once I asked him about running my credit and not discussing the sales terms, he stayed in a back, communal-type office and I had to go find him to talk. He didn’t make eye contact with me once after that. He looked at the desk while we spoke. He knew what he did was wrong. He was awful. I have never owned a credit card, I have never had any derogatory marks on my credit profile, I am struggling financially, and I am plowing through an awful divorce. The last thing I need is a hit on my credit for NO REASON! How dare he treat me that way! His behavior and attitude are deplorable. What’s amazing is how a complete stranger will treat you, even when they know your situation, when they think you are a dumb xxxxx who doesn’t know any better. He saw dollar signs, not a human. He fully tried to take advantage of my female status. That is NOT how you treat people in this world. Our conversation ended with me saying, “I wish I knew all of this before you hit my credit.” and he said, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” When I left, he had still not made eye contact with me. While I have NO intentions of EVER returning to your dealership or EVER doing business with you in the future, this needs to be handled. He simply cannot treat people the way he treated me. Let me be the lesson, I’m fine with that. I can handle it. I’ve been neglected, abused, and discarded like yesterday’s garbage for 18 years. But he needs to leave all the other innocent victims alone.


Never experienced such hatefulness.

I went by to take a look at some of their used vehicles. No one ever came out nor when you enter the establishment did they even try to assist you at all.


Do not recommend

Used this dealership for repairs on my Jeep Wrangler on several occasions. Not once did they successfully repair my Jeep on the first attempt. Parts came lose, damaged parts during installation and finally the last straw they did a complete break job that was needed but did not let me know they were doing it until I went to pick the Jeep up. Furious because I had already purchased new pads and rotors to do this myself since this is not covered under warranty. Even this was messed up. They had bent the brake rotor dust shield and it rubbed the rotor. Incompetent? In my opinion, yes. Beware.


very helpful, friendly staff, no pushy salespeople

I visited 4 other dealerships before purchasing my truck from the guys at Southern. They were very patient with me and didn't try to sale me a vehicle that I couldn't afford. They didn't have my truck on their lot in Fordyce but did have it in Cabot. I was able to view the truck on their webpage and in less than 2 hours it was delivered to Fordyce. I had checked with dealers in Monticello, Pine Bluff, and Monroe and none of them came within $5,000 of the price that I paid for my truck. The whole purchase and paperwork process took maybe an hour and I wasn't pressured to buy an extended warranty or other insurance that I didn't need. Good Christian folks.