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So deceitful.

Never again will I buy from this dealership again. The lack of organization, the shadiness of their sales people and finance department, and the arrogance and attitude I've received since is just not worth it. I love my Grand Cherokee, I'm hoping that it stays true for that. I originally reached out about the GC I bought through the website. I talked with one of the internet sales team through emails and let him know when I was coming in. I met him in person and shook his hand. He passed me off to another salesman (George, who was totally fine and the only decent part of this experience). Then, I started talking with whoever the weasel was about the numbers. I had a hard set number and I had another GC already lined up elsewhere. We finally came to an agreement on the numbers. Then, I got a phone call from the dealership, from another internet salesman, asking when I could come in. While I was in the dealership. When I got back to finance, because the weasel guy didn't mark down the agreed upon number, they filled out all the paperwork with another number and month term for the loan, that I had already shot down. Low and behold, when you figure out the numbers from what they'd done there, the price I was paying for the car (before tax and interest) was higher than the quote that I had in writing that brought me in. I called them out on this, and we came to an agreement that at least Brough the car down to the agreed upon sticker price. Now, more with finance... I did not go to my bank ahead of time. I figured that we'd all get a better deal when they're trying to move the cars, and I know the dealership gets a kickback and commission from the banks they set loans up through. That said, my bank is in their system. In the interest of a bette APR, we shopped the loan around while I was there. I talked to several banks, including my own. My own bank had not fully approved the loan yet, none of the banks had while I was signing the paperwork; but they had already essentially agreed to it. So, I was told by finance that we'd wait for their final approval. Cut to within 48hours, my bank has fully approved the loan, at a considerably better APR than what Cerritos was quoting me. My bank cut the check and sent it to Cerritos. I called the finance guy that handled my sale: Alex. I left a message to make sure that this was all good and going to be fine to handle. Or that I need not worry about that. I asked for a callback. Two days later, I called Alex back again, since he had not called me back. I wanted to make sure all was going through, or to see and make sure that I didn't somehow take out 2 loans for the same car. I never got a call back. I called back again, to talk to Alex or the Finance Department to make sure all was well with it, and to see if and or what I needed to do. I never got a call back. My bank called me today, as they'd just received the check back. (Mind you, they overnighted the check to Cerritos on the 13th of January, so over a week ago). I call Cerritos, obviously pissed off that they went behind my back and went somewhere else, and that they couldn't ever get back to me to let me know what the status was of the loan and what would be happening with the whole thing. I already forget the finance guy who I did talk to, but the arrogance on him, set me off. Yes, I had to cut him off a couple times, because he kept trying to divert the conversation away from what I as asking and trying to find out. He kept trying to brush under the rug, that they had blatantly ignored half of what we had been working on when I signed for the car. So, twice during my experience, did Cerritos try to talk out of both sides of their mouth, to try and pull one over on their customers, to squeeze out more money than is right. I'm glad that there are other Jeep dealerships closer to me, for servicing. I"m glad I don't ever have to step foot in Cerritos every again.


The sold me a lemon and then faked repairs

They sold me a car that was previously in an accident without out disclosing the information. The car sustained the same repairs 4 times. I took it to them to fix and they completely ignored a head gasket issue, and gave it back, only to have the car break down with the same issues. I am now seeking legal restitution.


lousy service

took my husbands truck to have the air bag fix since it was on recall.we drop it off on monday night cause the appt.was for today at 7.30 in the morning .service advisor was soppose to call today to let us know if its fix.well nobody called,so i called them and after being on hold for half an hour to be told that they cant get a hold of the service advisor.i will never go back to this place.their service is sucks.


Never buy a Chrysler

I have a 2014 Chrysler 300 with 37,XXX with 3 different recalls. Got an oil change 2 weeks ago which was $200 and a week later the engine light came on. I took off of work on a Monday to talk to a manager at 8 am and of course there were no managers, supervisors or a lead. Dropped off my car to see what the problem was and it's the engine, steering pump and all of the recalls. Thank goodness when I purchased the car I got an extended warranty. They had the nerve to say I owe over $500 for the diagnosis and a deductible


Bait-N-Switch, Deceived

This is our second lease with Cerritos Chrysler Jeep. We weren't particularly pleased with the first deal but the dealership was persistent in calling and emailing us for a second lease. They assured us that they would get us an amazing deal. We only had 2 months left on our current lease and were led to believe that the remaining 2 months was not an issue and that they would get us into a new lease with no early termination fees. Why else would they be so anxious to get us in with 2 months left right? We figured we would give them another chance. We made it very clear that we had extensive over-mileage on our vehicle and that we were thinking of purchasing it instead of turning it in. They insisted that it wouldn't be a problem and that they would use incentives by Jeep and repeat customer incentives to get rid of all that. We made it very clear again while at the dealership that it was a stipulation of the deal that our over-mileage costs be wiped out or worked into the next lease. We were led to believe that this was the case all through the negotiations. Instead they did a bait and switch. Instead of getting the deal we thought we were getting we got a bill in the mail from Chrysler Financial not only for the over-mileage but for the early termination of the lease and associated fees. When we tried to remedy these issues with the sales team that worked the deal with us (Jack Ameen, Trent Hoffman, Russ Collins and Kevin Knutsen) at the dealership we were blown-off and given the run-around and rhetoric. Not once have they tried to find resolution in any of this. They don't care about repeat customers. They don't care that they lost us as customers. They don't care that we walked away feeling deceived. No good faith effort to find compromise. I hate leaving a dealership only to feel like I've been deceived, and taken advantage of. We will never do business with them again.


Attempt at Emission Control Software Update

Received an Emission recall notice from Dodge. Called Cerritos Dodge and spoke with Gil, setting up an appointment for June 27th @ 9:00 am. This is a plumbing service vehicle with calls schedule for the afternoon, I asked how long I should it expect to take to do a software upgrade and was told 3 to 4 hours. We arrived at the Service Bay right at 9:00 am and we were ignored for about 15 minutes before someone would walk out and greet us. We walked inside where we provided our information and I asked the service writer if we could have the vehicle back by noon, and he nodded. Three hours later, I called to check the status. I asked for the service writer, he wasn’t available. I asked for the service manager, he wasn’t available and was sent to his voice mail. I called back and asked the operator for anyone who could answer the phone. After trying to get someone for nearly 20 minutes, Danny came on the line and did his best to find out information for me. He couldn’t find the technician assigned to the truck, thinking he might be test driving a vehicle, and was unable to find out where they were with my software update. I asked him if he could take the truck and make it ready for us to pick up even though the work hadn’t been started. 30 minutes later I arrived to pick it up. It took them nearly 15 minutes to find the keys. No work was even begun – the truck set in the dealership for 4 hours. I hung around after the truck departed to speak with the service manager, Chet Hout. It took 2 PA announcements, 2 inquiries with a service writer, and another 15 minutes for him to come and greet me. I explained my dissatisfaction with the way I was treated, and gave him the details which he couldn’t care less about. He did go on to say he wanted to get my vehicle repaired, apologized that I had problems, and gave me his card and promised he would take care of getting the vehicle completed the next time by calling him direct. That seemed appropriate, however, with so many problems happening at this dealership, I don’t think I wish to trust them again. If I were the manager of this location, I would address the following concerns: 1) A service writer should be greeting customers as soon as they pull up to the bay. If customers see activity and progress is being made to take care of a line of people, they will wait patiently. However, if people in uniformed shirts are just walking around and ignoring customers waiting at the bay, this gives the impression they don’t care. 2) If repairs are taking longer than expected or a delay is encountered, a courtesy phone call should be made to explain the situation 3) Waiting on the phone to reach a person to talk to about my vehicle should take no less than a minute or two – 20 minutes is not acceptable. 4) Computer system should be tracking the progress of each and every vehicle in the dealership so that other people available to take a phone call can respond intelligently 5) Manager should be available to take phone calls to put out fires – no one with a problem wants to be sent to a voice mailbox which may/or may not get answered in a timely fashion. 6) I was greeted by a personal in a bright red shirt and thought this was the contact for my vehicle. Turns out, this fellow was just helping the actual service writer and didn’t explain this to me. When I returned for my vehicle, I went to the fellow who wrote up the service ticket. He told me he knew nothing about my vehicle and that I needed to see Gil. 7) When asked how long the repair would take when setting up the appointment, Gil said 3-4 hours. In front of manager he changed it to 4-5 hours to cover his behind.



the first encounter, my new truck needed a spare Key $ 550.00 Wow! the second time, need someone to answer a question about my truck, 2.5 hour wait Really !!! I said sir just a look? No! 2.5 hours Could believe all the negative review on Cerritos Dodge, now I do No customer service is what they do You won't believe ....check it out thank god I didn't buy from them!!


Shady dealer

Bait and switch game. Keep your eyes on the paperwork and numbers they tried to switch thing on my last minute.



If I could give this a zero star rating I would. I just had by far the WORST EXPERIENCE at this dealership and will never set foot on their lot again. The only positive to this experience was Marvin the sales guy who helped me with my test drive and with choosing the vehicle I ultimately attempted to purchase. Once they worked the numbers and had the deal I was comfortable with the finance "guru" Mr. Tool came out and told me he had made a mistake while punching the numbers in and that it was about a 5k dollar mistake. In the same breath he then told me they were going to just go ahead and give me the deal they had promise me anyways and they were going to essentially "eat their loss". Works for me! Once I was in the final stages and about to sign the final contract I noticed that there was an additional 4k tacked onto the vehicle price. I pointed it out the the man who was helping me sign and he then goes and get Mr. Tool to try and get clarification. Mr. Tool says oh yeah that was my mistake and that's the "actual number" it should be. Wait was anyone gonna tell me that or was I just supposed to sign on the dotted line like a moron and not notice. So I say no deal I'm not buying and they try to convince me to buy the vehicle outright. Not happening. Then once they say sorry for the miscommunication I speak with Mr. Tools supervisor Mr. Knutson who also has no remorse for his employees mistakes or the fact that they tried to adjust the contract without notifying me of the change and makes no effort to make things right. Never again and PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS DEALERSHIP!!!!


Could Have Cared Less......

You would think in this day and age when dealers need to sell cars that they would actually care; at least care enough to take the time to actually do what they say. So here's what happened..... 1.Applied for credit through their online sales on a specified make and model car they had advertised. 2. Days passed and no one ever called back. 3. I call the dealership 3 - 4 days after I submitted my credit application and the salesperson did not answer his phone but did call me back to inform me that the car I was interested in had sold several days prior but if I wanted to I could purchase another car, which was higher in price; thus ignoring the cost parameters I gave him. i.e. he definitely seemed as if he could care less and also seemed as if he does not listen too well. 4. I check my credit report because it seemed as if he forgot about me and I wanted to see when my credit score was looked at: YEP, I was right, they ran my credit 3 days after I submitted it, which = no sense or urgency; not placing the client's interests as a priority; and an indiscriminate level of client care. 5. I then called their sales manager to inform him of my experience and he also did not seem to care as he did not really look at my file or its notes but instead stated that they had another car available; and oh yes, I couldn't afford it (as he stated). I did explain that at no time did anyone ask me if I had trade in. hey kids, RULE OF THUMB; basic mathematics....trade in = reduced cost of car, which = the ability to bring the monthly cost into the realm of the buyers stated need; and that = happy customer and the dealership actually doing their job. Unfortunately for them I have been in sales for years; even a car dealership, and did very well because I listen to the prospective client's dialogue which allows me to focus on what they state they want and thus sell them the product I represent. Long and short; unless you are willing to do what they want and disregard your needs, they seemingly do not want your business. Thank god for the good sales quarters, but that position only results in the dealership suffering during the lean periods......

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