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Stay clear of these PREDATORY SCAMMERS!

Stay clear of these PREDATORY SCAMMERS! They are charging an "addendum" or market adjustment on every new vehicle they sell. Tried to sell us a $34,000 Telluride with a $10,000 market adjustment. Their justification was that consumers are buying cars and selling at a mark up so that's why they are doing it. Basically they are protecting us from getting screwed by private sellers by screwing us themselves. Nothing but greed!


Cared about the customer.

My service writer Kristen was very knowledgeable le and was thorough about what was going to be done with my vehicle. She also kept me informed on progress.


If it was possible to give zero stars I would.

If it was possible to give zero stars I would. I think one star is being far too generous. We looked at a car advertised for $14,000. The car had 56,000 miles on it. They said the car still needed to be serviced and the bodywork needed to be done because it was missing a piece from the back bumper. The air conditioner also did not work. They said once the car was completely finished we could come and get the car. So they ran our credit and made us leave a deposit. He said service was going to fix everything wrong with the car, the brakes, the air conditioning, and clean the car up. A week later they told us that the car was in such bad shape that they were not going to fix it and it needed over $2000 worth of repair. But we could still have the car for $14,000. We would just have to fix everything and clean it up ourselves. We did not give them permission to run our credit at first. They told us we were only leaving $100 deposit to hold the car while it was being serviced. We were lied to and mislead on every single level possible. I recommend staying as far away from Kia of Clarksville as possible. We finally did get our $100 back after several arguments


My sales person, Andre, was very nice and very

My sales person, Andre, was very nice and very professional. We decided not to purchase mainly due to number of miles.


Sales department

Go and see matt wells best sells person in the area. Buying process was easy and no hassle at all. Very good experience to be honest.


Great Salesperson

Was very impressed with the salesperson. She was young but knew every answer to my many questions, was patient with my multiple drive sessions and responded very quickly when I contacted her. Every staff person was willing to help and it seemed like a team effort to make the customer satisfied


Kia check them out

I loved everything about Kia very friendly service. Got us in a out and with a new car very pleased. Could’ve asked for better service


Christmas Story and Kia Scam artists

Christmas story. Kia Clarksville sells woman with 3 kids a car..Let's say her name is Ashley Byrd. It can stay running for a day, and is in the shop 3 times by tow truck, within 10 miles of odometer accumalation. The last time its in they recommend a tune up. It comes back with no oil, and oil leaking. Takes days for them to even call you back. All the offer is to reapair the damages they causes..IF..its somehing cheap and simple. Lawsuit is coming. Sales staff are super shady, and service department is incompetent.


Worst customer service in my life ! Got a car from them...

Worst customer service in my life ! Got a car from them now many issues many repairs needed soon as I got it. Car wouldn’t start days later Needed a battery replacement new brakes and rotors. Cost thousands of dollars to replace these things for someone who hasn’t drove it long in the few shorts months. Go in for the tuneup and to get fixed left with check engine light on , loud grinding noise and a oil leak with no oil in car ! They won’t help you , don’t call back put on hold everytime and say it’s my problem


my experience

one of the worst car buying experience ive ever had nothing but lies. they have had my car 3 times for issues wont tell me what problem is or was wont call me back scratched my fender all the way down to the primer still having issues im gonna have a very expensive yard ornament so beware Kevin Hall

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