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    June 27, 2016

    Dad's old truck took ill, so I nursed it to the closest ford dealer B&B Motors in Havana IL Diagnosed with a bad ECM - told a new one from Ford nearly... $800 dollars, but they could get a blank ECM for $300 and flash it. Then told they could no longer get the blank ones, but found one for $595, I said I am finding re-manufactured ones online for $128, and was told I did not know what I was talking about and it would be $595. Went to dealer to see what they were talking about, and then pulled out the printout from the various sources online....same thing. Visibly unhappy he said maybe you should go down to O' Reillys and see if they can get it for you then. I said okay should we just settle up I can put the ECM in myself. They said you can't just put it in and go, there will still need to be programming done. Do some investigation what I am ordering is pre-programmed, and consulting with another Ford dealer I was told for an older truck like that what I am getting should be plug and play and that they can't get ECMs for that old of a truck from Ford...wonder where the $800 dollars from Ford I was quoted came from??? Got ECM plugged it in while truck is sitting in lot at B&B Motors runs like a charm! Go inside and said we need to settle up, I just plugged in ECM truck runs fine, no programming needed. Said I don't know what I owe you for figuring out the problem, but I am pretty unhappy with the dollar amounts you were quoting me for the part being almost 80% higher than what I paid, and I feel like I was being taken advantage of. Finger in my face telling me he has never taken advantage of anyone in 35 years and that if I said that again I would have a lot of trouble on my hands. I just said well that is the way I feel about it, at which point he handed me the keys told me to get out and never come back. Go back another 20 years the last time I did business with this dealership I had a truck diagnosed with a bad valve. Was given two options for repair - What they recommended, and what the minimum was. Both very expensive, and at the time the easier option was to take the trade they were offering. I learned a few weeks later when the new owner of the truck called me pleased with how nice it was told me he knew of the problem I had and that they simply replaced the one bad valve. I was never given that simple or inexpensive of an option for repair and saw my old truck driving around town for many more years. Obviously I should have learned my lesson then.

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