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Page Toyota is one of the premier dealerships in the country. Our commitment to customer service is second to none and we offer our customers one of the most comprehensive parts service and body shop departments in the automotive industry.

At Page our primary goal is put a smile on every customers face and treat you like a guest in your own home. Our online dealership was created to enhance the buying experience for each customer. So let us introduce you to our Team show you some of our special vehicle offers and take you through our complete line of new and pre-owned inventory. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for..
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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(194 reviews)

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Absolutely unbelievable experience! I purchased a vehicle out of state and had it shipped. So during the process I received info from Page Toyota and Sandy Topper on maintenance of the vehicle and any potential issues - he mentioned a scratch on the screen that did not affect performance. I had the vehicle shipped and as soon as I had the vehicle delivered, the driver gave me pictures of body damage he noticed when picking up the vehicle! You can tell from pictures they attempted to fix but THIS WAS NOT DISCLOSED TO ME! No mention whatsoever in this entire process that the vehicle had some damage and was "fixed". I reached out to Page Toyota to ask why I was never notified about this and what could be done to remedy and the response was "we believe the Jeep was in acceptable condition and are not responsible and believe we were not deceitful" First, deciding whether a vehicle is in acceptable condition should be something decided between both parties, so the damage should have been disclosed. Second, believing you are not deceitful is also subjective because since you already knew about the damage and decided among yourselves that you did not want to share....I believe that is very deceitful. The car also showed up without being cleaned inside at all and had sticky substances on the dash and inside doors and inside middle console and clearly was just not cleaned at all after someone purchased and had shipped. Just extremely awful service. This was extremely an extremely shady deal full of deceit and not caring about taking care of the customer in any capacity. Just seal the deal and move on, especially someone out of state. I attempted to remedy and give every opportunity to help and come to a solution before sharing any information online but this now has to be shared. Don't believe all the reviews posted in order to drive up ratings - this group only cares about their numbers and will move on from you immediately and not help. I am extremely disappointed and hope others take caution!


Not for service

Service manager, Natalie, is horrible. Zero customer service skills and I will not be taking my vehicle back for any kind of service. Bought the vehicle here along with the tire and wheel warranty and when it came time to repair/replace the tire they didn’t have the tire, couldn’t log into the “new” system that coincidentally started today, and couldn’t get a tire in for the next 2 days. Actually, told me I could’ve been at another dealership by that time. Mind you, I had been there for over 4 hours at this point. Yeah, you’re absolutely right and from now on I’ll make my way directly to the other dealership. Not only did you lose me as a customer but my entire family whose been buying from Page for years now.


Great experience! Knowledgeable Staff!

I had the best buying experience ever!! I purchased a used car and I got an excellent price and great service!! I will be back!


Don't buy a car here

My son bought a used car there, he proudly serves in the US Coast Guard and needed a used car quick after his broke down. I called to inquire about a couple of cars for him then he obviously took over with the purchase of the car. They sold him a trade in vehicle that broke down two days after he bought it. It was a mercury so since they are a Toyota Dealership they said to go to Ford. He had it towed there, Ford said take it back to Toyota. No one would help him. We are from MA he is in Michigan with no spare time from the Cutter to deal with car issues. He did not but a new one because his first car was broken into 3 roles while underway. Thanks you Page Toyota for not finding anyway to help our Military. Shameful.


Blown away

If your selling a vehicle at a dealership that sells new vehicles for $1790 and it's 22 years old had 6 owners 3 accidents on the car fax oh and the big one you have no idea how many miles are on it because the last time it was recorded was in 2006 at 78k and nobody has bothered to fix the odometer in 14 years general rule is 15k a year so just say safely 260k and your offered cash out the door 2 diff numbers I went up i wanted this car I still want it and they just lowered the price again but would meet me 200 lower then where it is now for 1500 cause the guy is confident it has low miles lmao cmon I'm confident your customer service is a joke and and you refused to sell a car to a couple in need because of I'm guessing your ego the car was a trade in being sold as is your not supposed to make money on those they are tax right offs to you could have been a huge help to us instead we were very saddened haven been ripped off by a dealership in Ohio on a edge just 2 months earlier and even told them this we lost our almost 4k cause of that we are on unemployment because of covid and just wanted a safe vehicle for our kids instead pride wouldn't let this guy sell this car for a couple hundred less then where it still sits right now and has been sitting for months getting lower and lower in price how's that confidence going now that you just lowered it again I couldn't believe it when I was told that sorry but he won't go any lower cause he's confident it has low miles um no that is not confidence that's arrogance and bad salesmanship and just stupid sell the ugly 22 yr old car for what you can where you can cause look at your now you really showed me didn't you a month after I made 2 offers the second I don't think he even heard it was turned down so fast so anyway long story long you suck you couldn't even sell the ugly gold clear coat 6 owner 3 accident no milage acura to a couple struggling and in need for a very good couple of offers it was definitely not a low ball at all I think he secretly wants it for himself so they just keep turning down offers and then lowering the price every month until hit brother pays 500 out the door what a joke off a dealership no help nobody cares cause it wasn't a new car with big commission sorry page toyota I wish I had more money to buy more expensive cars also but we can't all be Gods like you .. Did I mention they we bad and suck if not they do thanks for nothing


Not Truthful

We were interested in Toyota Sienna 2016. The car dealer said that the sliding doors were broken but it has an open recall on them, and that we can bring it to any dealership to be fixed for free. We found out afterward that selling a car with an open recall was not legal. The dealership must fix the issue before selling the car. Thankfully, we ended up not buying the car. We felt that we have just dodged a bullet.


Had good experience

Had good experience with the sales rep who helped me. Appreciated their themed Hawaiian week decorations for some morale boosting! The car I test drove didn't end up being the one for me, but if it had I would have been happy to purchase from them.


not to be trusted

looking for a used venza, had a nice one on the lot. talked to salesman, clean carfax . priced top of the market. went out to do a test drive, one look showed that the entire drivers side had been repainted. so much for carfax, now cannot trust sales staff.


Great experience!

I had a great experience with Rory. I love my "new" Corolla. I traded in my old Tacoma for a 2015 Corolla . Everyone was very nice and professional. I've been shopping around for almost two months and most sales people I've met have been standoffish; this was not like that at all. Thanks!


They made it right

Back in October, I had a really bad experience which I posted about back then with the comment that I would amend the review should they make it right. When I say bad, it was a complete waste of my time. However, Jason Gustav (used car salesman) and Bill Orr (used car manager) asked if I would allow them to continue to search for the vehicle I had wanted and I said yes. I am happy to report, today they made it right. They kept searching and they found it. Not only is it exactly what we wanted but it is even better than the vehicle I had originally come in to see. They took a bad situation and proved they were men of their word and made it right by me. I am very happy with our new to us vehicle. I should add that Gorge Delly made the financing a breeze. Literally from the time we started paperwork to the time we walked out was about an hour. They earned my business but more importantly they earned my respect.

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