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Scratched on first oil change

Very poor! Took my brand new 2016 Ram 3500 which I bought from them in to get an oil change, and fuel filter. The vehicle came out with a large scratch above the headlight. Service department, wet sand and dabbed paint where it ate down to the bare metal on the hood. Only offered a free detail, when I went to collect on that they wouldn't offer a comparable vehicle. I was told vehicle would be fast tracked. When I called two hours later to pick it up because I needed it for work it had not even been touched. You would assume that there would be better customer care with the cost of vehicles these days.


Safe on the road again!!!

Brad and Julie, Thank you so very much for all the help Saturday. You took me from my Equinox to a brand new 16 Jeep Patriot that I LOVE!!!!!! I feel so safe again on the road. Overall, my experience was FANTASTIC from start to finish!!! Everyone was very down to earth and honest, which I like. Most dealerships you really don't know what to believe. I can't thank you enough!!!!!


New Car Purchase

I was very happy with the whole process of buying a new car at Grieger's. Everyone from the sales person to the general manager to the finance person was kind, helpful and extremely knowledgeable.


Great Dealership

After visiting another dealership in Valparaiso and having a horrible experience, I was lucky to walk into Grieger's and meet such a great staff. I went in with a budget and they didn't push me to spend more than I could. They were very respectful in that aspect. Unfortunately, the day I went in, there wasn't anything in their inventory that met my expectations but the staff called me within he hour of receiving a vehicle that is perfect for what I wanted. I appreciate the sales associate that helped me and the financing manger that went above and beyond getting me the best rate. My family is grateful and we will be letting all our friends and family know how great you are.


My New Patriot

What can I say? I'm a complicated man. I do everything by the numbers. What I mean is that I like to put real, detailed figures together before I get into any sort of sale. I had a million and one questions regarding financing, warranties, and specs on this particular Patriot and the team there at Grieger's answered everyone of them. At the end of the day, I drove away with a 2011 AWD Patriot and couldn't be happier. I traded in my '02 Acura RSX and man, what a difference! I feel like a king with a new carriage. It's nice to be sitting a little higher on the road... Oh, and before I forget, a special thank you to Justin Carlson, the internet sales manager and everyone else who helped on this sale. PS- My new Patriot's name is Sophia and she's lovely


Great car dealership!

At first I was skeptical that it was going to be like any other car dealership. However, I overheard an independent auto appearance serviceman talking to a coworker who was impressed with how clean the cars were. It had just rained that morning, and all the cars were spotless. I saw employees thoroughly almost aggressively cleaning and wiping the body and rims. I looked around and the nearby dealerships cars were soaking wet. I began then to notice subtle differences from this car dealership compared to others. Overall, the people were great, the cars were spotless, and the atmosphere friendly. I didn't at all feel like they were trying to rip me off. Will definitely be heading there next time I need a car. The only thing I could recommend is the shouldn't offer you so much free stuff when you are there. Seriously I had like 5 Dunkin Donuts and some pizza. I know some people are into that, but when you are trying to stay skinny it is hard. Come here first, and any other dealership will disappoint!


All pressure

Went car shopping for the first time in a long while. This dealership has radio ads claiming that they are no pressure and no hype. Well, they need to pull their ads and say that they are the sterotypical car dealers who will try to use every trick to high pressure sell you a car. If you like this type of dealer, great, but most people that I know should and will stay very clear of this place.