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This seller has been on since November 2006.
McFadden's Friendly Motors was incorporated in 1974. We are located in South Haven Michigan. Our mission statement since inception has been "To provide our customers with a shopping buying service and ownership experience that consistently satisfies each individuals needs and exceeds their expectations in a comfortable supportive environment". That goal and exceptionally high customer satisfaction is reflected in our consistent high customer praise here on
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(63 reviews)

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Great team!!

Tandem and Kevin Smalley were super knowledgeable, thorough and professional. They wanted to be sure I was comfortable with all the car’s components. Front to back and top to bottom we feel grateful to know more than we expected on our Jeep! Also, they just happen to be very nice gentlemen. Highly recommend McFadden’s Friendly Motors!


Used vehicle was the best option

I had the best experience with get a vehicle. Customer service was great. Highly recommend anyone to come see them. Michael was a great person to put me in a vehicle that fits my need.


Great Experience with McFadden's

After purchasing over a dozen vehicles the past 50 years, I decided it was time to purchase a truck. I had been searching for the "perfect" Ram 1500 to fit my needs. I searched inventories of dealers within 200 miles of my home, 5 of them within 25 miles. McFadden's had one on their lot that was the one. I called for the "E Price" after seeing a discounted price on their website. I spoke to a young man, Mike, who was courteous and respectful, answering all my questions. Since they are 100+ miles from my home, I needed to know if they would make it "worth my while" to travel to their location. Mike put me in contact with his general Mgr., Randee, who walked me through what the process would be and I agreed to drive there on Black Friday. Upon arriving at the dealership with my son, Mike came out to greet us even though we weren't expected for another half hour. When he realized that it was us, he asked my son if he wanted to trade in his Lincoln, to which my son said "no". The dealership is family owned and it reminded me of the Chrysler-Dodge-Plymouth dealer my parents dealt with in the 60's in Hammond, IN. Randee and Mike could not have been more accommodating. While Randee processed the paperwork, Mike walked me through all the features of the Ram 1500 Big Horn Edition and gave me the "bucket Tour" of the dealership that every customer takes after purchasing a vehicle from McFadden's. As we were getting ready to leave, Mike introduced us to a gentleman that I had assumed to be a retired guy, working around the dealership. Turns out this was the owner's son, Rusty, I believe. He shook our hands, thanked me for doing business with them and asked where we were from. After hearing that were were from N.W. Indiana, he remembered a restaurant, Phil Smidt's, that was located in Whiting, IN. I recommended a restaurant near me in Schererville, Teibel's, that served Chicken and Perch as their specialties, since Phil Smidt's is no longer open. "Why drive over 100 miles to purchase a vehicle when there were dealers nearby?" you may wonder. Well, as I stated above, McFadden's had the Ram 1500 Big Horn Edition that I was looking for. It's as simple as that. And I'm glad they did. As stated, I've purchased many vehicles over the years and have had good experiences with all the dealers I dealt with in the past, but this was by far the best I've ever had. I recommend McFadden's to any and all. They are simply the best to deal with. Steve K.


Only Place we Take our Jeep

We have been taking our Jeep to McFadden's for years. We have been very happy with the quality of service we have received and the communication from the service staff.


A lot of Smoke and Mirrors here

I bought a truck from McFadden F. Motors about 3 yrs ago and finally got rid of it. nothing but trouble from day one. Hidden repairs, safety inspection-really ? Brakes were all but rotted out of truck. But new pads. Come on. Truck was sold in Canada first. so NO factory warranty. when i started having issues i found this out. I asked why i was not informed they said "it was on our website". no help from them. i would be righting for days on all the troubles i had and all the excuses McFaddens had. I started researching reviews for this dealership. It seems like they are so busy replying to bad reviews that they forgot how to take care of the customers that keep them in business. Rusty McFadden favorite is " I looked in our data base and did not find anything about this" LOL. I would push a dead ford before I would take a free truck or car from them because I am sure it would be lied about. Again, Smoke and Mirrors... BEWARE

Dealer response

We are sorry for your experience Todd. Without a last name I can't dig into our files to review your concerns. If you would like to discuss this with me I am here to listen. 269-208-0119 is my cell #. Rusty McFadden


Great Job

Pat Crowley was a big help. Although I did not buy a car from Pat he was very helpful and returned my calls promptly. Being from Wisconsin the distance was a concern. Thanks Pat for ALL YOUR HELP! Mark

Dealer response

Thanks for your kind words MarK!


internet purchase

Rusty approved the deal, a man of his word Keith keep me updated on the purchase. best of all Patrick made financing a breeze and saved me money$$$$ best experience yep I said it best experience!

Dealer response

Thanks, we work hard to keep our word on every commitment we make! Thanks for your business!


Highly disappointed

I highly regret ever going to McFadden’s friendly motors!!! Being a new mother, looking for a safe vehicle and being to trusting. It started off with them having me sign in the co-signer spot and when i questioned it they stated “oh, don’t worry about that because it doesn’t actually matter where you sign”, then a few days later they stated they needed a new copy of my social security card because they didn’t “have a clear copy” and that i could just send a picture of it to them. A week later i tried to make my car payment and the loan agency had NO account for me and when i called mcfaddens they claimed that it was correct and that no account was created because they sent my BIRTHDATE in as my SSN! And they tried to make it sound like it wasn’t a big deal and said that it happens at least 2 times a month!! At that time they stated that they told the loan agency to take the payment out of mcfaddens account and made me write out a check to mcfaddens to “reimburse them” for making my payment and so i did which I later found out that they did not pay until i was 20 days late which means they lied about paying and took my money when there was no account. Sadly the stress continued when a couple weeks later they called me again and stated that the loan agency was able to run my correct ssn and that the entire contract i had was void and that i had to come sign a new contract with a different interest rate, less months to pay off, and a higher monthly payment. When i told them i was not signing anything else they continued to text and call me trying to bribe me by offering to fill my tank and when i quit replying they started offering a $100 gas card to come sign the new contract because I’ve had to make a half hour drive every time they found another error. Then out of nowhere they text me saying how they “bent over backwards” for me and got the original contract “pushed through” after i told them i did not want the car anymore and they stated “well there’s nothing i can do about that.” They also reran my credit at that time with no consent from me. Now it’s 2 months after i signed the original contract and i got a letter stating that my gap coverage had been canceled and when i called they stated that mcfaddens cancelled it on April 11 and called back to reinstate it on April 12. I asked what would have made them cancel it and they said the only reason would be if i requested to cancel it or if i refinanced the vehicle which i did not either. Mcfaddens is nothing but a scam and they did a lot of fraudulent actions with me when all i tried to do was get a vehicle that fit my family’s needs that was in my budget


Kyle Stewart is the BEST!!!

WARNING.....this is a very lengthy review!!!!! First, I would like to mention and thank Keith and Robert. They were the sales representatives who helped us when we were first looking for my new/used car. Keith was our original salesmen, he went with us when we first test drove the car (that was a blast riding with him and the top down on the car😆. We definitely enjoyed ourselves some good laughs)! Robert stepped in and helped us out when we came back to buy the car because Keith was busy helping another customer. They both were very friendly, curtious and funny! I appreciate their humor in a time that is both exciting and nerve racking! They both stayed after hours as well until the sale was finalized. Thank you boys😊👍🏻 Now, for the STAR of this review.....that would be the amazing Kyle Stewart!!!!!!!!! Kyle is the finance dude. So we actually had an appointment scheduled with him but, before we had even got there for our appointment "they" bombarded him with two other customers looking for financing. So, needless to say....we waited for over three hours before we got to talk to Kyle. It wasn't his fault that they pushed other customers before our scheduled appointment with him and he felt really bad about that! Kyle also stayed way past normal business hours to help find us financing. We were having an issue because the vehicle had a lemon title. There was an issue with the convertible top when it first came from the manufacturer. But, it was sent back and the issue was fixed. But because of that it now has a "lemon title". Because of that type of title, no one wanted to finance it for us. Finally...after some time Kyle found a bank to work with us. Things were looking up for us and I was so excited about my new car! Hubby signed all the paperwork and we drove home in my cute little car. Eleven days after the sale, Kyle notifies my hubby that the bank that originally financed us (Santander Consumer USA out of Fort Worth TX) apparently just realized that the car had the lemon title and so they decided to change their mind)! Which I'm pretty sure that legally they shouldn't have been able to do that!!!!! Talk about taking the wind right out of your sails😞 But, Kyle busted his butt trying to find financing for us with the banks that they use at McFadden's. When non of them would finance it, Kyle went above and beyond and found us financing at a credit union in our own town (which wasn't even one of the banks they use). It ended up being such a blessing because not only did this credit union approve us immediately, they lowered our interest rate by half, which also lowered our payment by $40 a month, they gave us GAP insurance on the car, they knocked six months off the loan, they threw in a $1000 credit card to help us build our credit because we didn't really have any to begin with and they delayed our first payment for 2 months!!!! They did all of that over the phone with my hubby in about 8 minutes!!!! I highly recommend that Mcfadden's entertain the idea of using this credit union as a regular financing option for their customers to use. It's Omni Credit Union and hubby worked with Joyce. But, if it weren't for Kyle bending over backwards and doing everything he could to help us out, this whole ordeal would have probably ended up in a courtroom! Especially since the car was already in own name. I honestly can't say enough good things about Kyle!!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Kyle!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Because of Kyle, we will probably be a repeat customer! You, Keith and Robert all deserve a raise....that's for sure!!!!

Dealer response

Thank You for your detail response and review!


I left a review but forgot to mention the names we

I recently left a review but neglected a very important part. For financing, Kyle Stewart. Superb in his field. Then the sales representative was Robert McKenzie. Mr. McKenzie is respectful, energetic, and what he does not know, he will find the answer. He is a go-to to get a vehicle. Mr. McFadden has a team that is quite extraordinary, he is blessed.

Dealer response

Thank You for your business in both or body shop and new car sales department!!

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