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This seller has been on since February 2011.
At Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo we create the premier automotive experience and have been dedicated to excellence since 1933. We deliver the dream of Mercedes-Benz ownership and are empowered to build loyal relationships through a foundation of honesty commitment and positive experiences.
Merdcedes-Benz of Buffalo family owned and operated since 1933

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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(13 reviews)

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Service department did a great job. I knew I would have...

Service department did a great job. I knew I would have to wait for an appointment to get the nail out of my tire. I called Mercedes and they told me to come right in. My tire was fixed in 15 minutes. I was really grateful.


On Feb, 18 I took my car into Mercedes for B1...

On Feb, 18 I took my car into Mercedes for B1 maintenance. I was met by service people and turned over the car to them. They were professional and did a great job on service. Finished the car within the few hours as promised. Very happy with their service. After leaving the car with I went to the showroom to wait for my wife who was picking me up. In the showroom there was a white AMG that caught my attention, so I went to look at it. I approached the side of the car, and touched the handle to get a look at the interior, wow that set off the alarm and scared the xxxx out of me. At that point the dark haired lady at the desk says to me "cant you see the sign" she was derogatory and while the alarm continued to sound other people came to see what was going on. The service guy found the key and disarmed the alarm. Now first of all I thought it was a "showroom" and if they don't want cars touched maybe they should put up a barrier that you cant enter. The lady at the desk and others looked at me like I was a burglar . The sign as it turned was on the windshield , a 8 by 11 sheet of paper. Now as I approached the car from the driver side I couldn't see the sign. The one on the side of the car didn't exist. There was no I'm sorry sir are you all right, just the dark haired lady and sales people looking at me like I was a stranger who wandered into the showroom to make trouble. Now I have leased numerous Mercedes from the dealer over the last 20years, and never experienced such a demeanor on the part of reception and others. It tells me that there is no training on how to treat a customer. The derogatory attitude, that I interrupted their day was apparent, The showroom was empty at the time and only the receptionist made any remark to me , "Can't you see the sign".


TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Had my Forest River Solera...

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Had my Forest River Solera in for airbag recall and while there purchased 6 new tires. Unit was damaged during this process and they put me thru xxxx getting their damages repaired. Actually tried to insinuate the damage may have occurred on my way home. I for one will continue purchasing from their neighbor Town Volvo who has EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!


Arrogant pretentios brand and dealership

They do not know even ABC of customer service. I got new plates and called them to see if they would change it and they told me to do it your self (hmmm good service). I paid for 3 years of maintenance. The wiper blade was ripped off in the car wash (only happens to Mercedes, never happened to an other car in 40 years) I went to the dealer ship to get it replaced and they said it is covered under maintenance but I am not due for maintenance for another year?????? So bottom line was I had to pay for the blade, so I was told to go to the parts department buy one and bring it to back to get replaced. When did you ever see a car dealer make the customer do the run around. The cord for car play has gone bad and it is covered under warranty and I was told to make an appointment so they can diagnose if the cord was really gone bad (who says customer if always right?) I know they are the only Mercedes dealer in town and they don't have to be customer focused to get business but at least provide the basic service to the customers. Mercedes slogan is "Best or Nothing" I guess their best years are behind them and their dealers are making sure customers get nothing.


Do you have weeks to wait for your repair?

I called and requested a date to bring my car in on August 13th they were booked out till August 28th. Unfortunately my drive train problem could not wait and on August 21st I had to drive straight to the dealer it was making so much noise I was terrified. Well that was Wednesday and they did not look at it till Monday 8/26. Really they could not assess till Monday? Road my bike to errands. I did pick it up Wednesday and drove it straight to a different car dealer to trade it in for a new car. I would not treat my worst enemy like they did. And on top of it I read on the receipt what was done. No one even talked to me or my husband about it.


They will rip you off and lie to you beware!

They ripped me off on a repair they have tons of hidden very unreasonable chargea they qoted 1 price then it doubled at the end do not trust these techs they are scammers and progressive insurance agreed with me on this do not trust them and if the repair shop is this bad i cant imagine the car sales are any better!


The worst service I've ever had at any dealership

I wanted to reach out to you to share my experience while servicing my car at your location. I have had my Mercedes cars serviced in Walnut Creek California, Denver Colorado, Toronto Ontario and have never had such a bad experience with as little disregard for the poor service as I have at your location. I am not one to take the time to formalize a complaint, but I feel it is warranted in this case. I called the service department last service and talked to Calvin. He was quick to say that there were no loner cars until Tuesday and that he was backed up 15 cars, and provided no indication of a solution. Rather, it felt as if I was bothering him. He transferred me to the scheduler who let me know that there were no loners, but that there were appointment slots available to bring my car in. We set up an appointment to bring the car in at 11 am that morning. I was willing to rent my own car in the interim. I brought the car in and felt like I was scolded by Calvin for doing so, reminding me that he told me he was backed up and would not even get to my car until potentially Saturday, but more than likely on Monday. Unfortunately, my car had barely made it to the dealership and I decided to just leave the car at the dealership. No call came in on Friday, so I called close to the end of the day for Status. Again, I was reminded that the car would not be seen until Monday, but that there might be a slight opportunity to have it looked at on Saturday. Again, I called Saturday to see if there was any update, and if there was a possibility to get a loner for Monday. Calvin let me know there were five people ahead of me without loner cars in the same situation, and was very dismissive. I eventually received a call letting me know the issue and that the estimate would be slightly higher than originally thought. Today, I passed by to see if any update was available. I waited for 15 minutes while Calvin and another worker were chatting. Eventually, an older gentleman came to see if he could help, then directed me to wait for the loner car person to finish with a client. Unfortunately, I ran out of time as I had a conference call to attend to. I understand from someone I spoke to on Thursday there that you are down to three technicians as one got fired, one quit, and the other went back to school. I am still without a loner, without an update on my car, and quite frankly, very turned off by your dealership. I will be reaching out to Brian, the service manager, shortly to let him know about this. I also feel compelled to go online and let others know about the very poor service I've received. I also feel like Mercedes corp should be aware of this. My hope is that something can be done to expedite the repair and find a loner car to get me through the next few days. I appreciate a response to my email ASAP. Thanks,


Excellent Experience

Excellent experience purchasing my pre-owned 2010 Audi S4. Everything was handled professionally and quickly. Big thanks to Heather for holding the car so long for me. Will definitely be back.


Two horrible experiences!

Leased a new c300,from Mercedes Benz of Buffalio, been to this dealership twice . First time had the car one day and wiper blades were bad , they gave me a hard time about it! Was told the service writer fell off a horse and wasn't him self! Today 11-17-15 went to dealership with a small YES SMALL screw in my tire and was told the tire was no good , I asked him to plug the tire which mind you has 4000 miles on. Said it couldn't be fixed and charged me 265.00 I feel deceived and taken advantage of and will never ever purchase a vehicle from this band of thieves again!


excellent job

I recently purchased a van from this dealership. They were very professional and easy to work with. They even picked me up from the airport and had me on the road home in a half hour. Everything was as shown on the internet ad. Would buy from them again in a heartbeat!

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