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Wanted more money and was treated like a child

About three weeks ago I took my 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis to Warren Ford for an alignment. It has 183,000 so I know its not pristine but I am also on a fixed income and can't afford a newer car. When I got there I gave the keys to the service tech and went across the street to look at an older White Mustang. I saw my car being driven from next to the garage to the alignment rack, about 40 feet. Fifteen minutes later I walk back inside and the tech tells me there is a whole bunch of things wrong with the car. Lower control arms, the pitman arm is loose, the idler arm bushing is worn out and the steering shaft is froze. I had to ask five times the price and it was over $1800. I asked about aftermarket parts and was told by Naomi who was the girl running the show that lower control arms would "only" be $50 cheaper for each of them. Only? $100 might not be a lot to her, but to me its grocery money for the family. I told them no and the one tech told me the front end was about to fall out of the car. I took it to a mechanic with over 20 years experience (only reason I took my car to Warren Ford is that they had the only alignment rack in town) and he said yes the control arms were bad and we did the new steering shaft, but the pitman arm was fine as was the idler arm bushing. All told it was $1000 for the work, some $850-$900 less! I wrote a letter to Warren Ford and got a call from Matt Maciariello. He told me that he talked to the tech and was assured that it need all the parts and that he hoped he didn't see my name in the paper when my car fell apart. I told him I took issue with the paperwork I was given because his tech said he test drove my car, remember it went from the side of the building to the alignment rack and then from the rack to the side of the street. It never went more than 100 feet total. Then they said that there was an alignment done, there wasn't because they wouldn't do it until the front end was done. Matt told me he was lucky I didn't get charged for the alignment! Really? It didn't matter what I said I was treated like a fool and when I mentioned what the other mechanics said Matt insulted them saying they didn't know what they were doing. Really Matt? I was then given another "Well I hope I don't see your name in the paper because you got killed driving your car without getting the work done." I explained to him my family rides in that car but he just preferred to insult me. Sorry, won't be buying so much as a bottle of touch up paint from Warren Ford.