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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(301 reviews)

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I’m out of state and purchase a truck online. I flew out to pick it up from Pennsylvania and come to find out that the headlight and low beam were blown out on the driver side ( had to drive in the dark on just the dim driving lights). The hood was all dented up. The rear window didn’t work and they failed to tell me before I flew out there to drive the truck back, not a very ethical company. Be very careful if you’re out of state.


NEVER use this dealership !!

NEVER take your car to this dealership !! They don’t know the first thing about customer service !! I needed a new motor for my Ford Ranger and I thought a Ford dealership would be the best choice to avoid any problems or games and would have a warranty. Wow, was I wrong ! They put a new motor in my truck but within 1 month it started leaking oil. I took it back to be repaired. They replaced the rear main seal and said it was good to go. The leak never stopped. They have now replaced the rear main seal 4 times. They finally admitted that the motor was bad and they would replace it. First they said it would be 2 weeks to replace the motor. Then they said a month, then 2 months, then 3 months. I ask for a rental to drive. They said they don’t do rentals or loaners anymore. It had now been 15 months since I paid for the new motor and still don’t know when or if my truck will get done. I told them I want my money and truck back but they won’t do that. I ask if the 3 year warranty will be extended to when the motor is finished and they said no. So I’m out almost $8000, and don’t know if I will ever get my truck back or if there will be any warranty left.


Avoid this Dealer if you have Engine Service Lite

I am only commenting on the quality of the service department and not the Quiklane or Sales departments which I have not experienced. I brought my Ford Escape into the dealership on June 1 after receiving a Engine Service Light required constantly on while on vacation over Memorial Day holiday. Issue 1: I made an appointment over the internet for 7:45 AM which was allowed, but the attendant had no idea that I had an appointment. Apparently, Lithia does not use the internet and only shows that they open at 8:30 AM. I called the attendant at 10:00 and was told that my car should be ready by noon and that it was a bad spark plug, wires and distributor issue and would cost about $500. As I was walking back to the dealer, I received a call at 11:15 and the attendant told me it was harder that they thought to work on my Escape and they needed to keep the car overnight. I was billed $549 for the initial repairs. June 2: The attendant called at 10:30 and told me the mechanic drove the car and the problem was not fixed and the problem was now a bad injection system and that they did not have the part to repair my Escape and would have to expedite them from Denver. My car was not driveable. June 3: No parts. I called 2x during the day to check because Ford never calls to give me an update. June 4: Parts still had not arrived by 3 PM when I called. June 7, 8:30 AM: I rode my bike to Ford dealer and asked about my car. The parts had arrived on Friday near close of business per the attendant, but no call to me to inform me. I had to ask when I would get my car and was told that I could expect my car to be next in line after a brake job. I was told I should expect my car today. June 7, 3:30 PM: Still Waiting, no update. Is this the dealership you want for a simple repair and quality feedback? Were my plugs and coil the real problem or just a symptom and an unnecessary repair? I'll never know. June 7, 4:30 PM: Attendant called and said injectors were replaced, but car now vibrates so badly all the time that it will damage the engine to continue to leave running. I only had this issue when I started it up first thing in the morning over the holidays and it ran fine when I brought it in to the dealer for repairs on June 1. Their work has made my Escape undriveable and a danger to me to drive. More troubleshooting to evaluate a possible damaged engine/cylinder tomorrow.


Excellent Body Shop experience!

Recently brought my vehicle into Lithia Ford's Body Shop following what at first appeared to be a fairly minor fender-bender. The diagnosed actual front end damage as well as various and sundry body dents and scratches caused me, the consumer, some real concerns. Enter Robert Wadsworth, Body Shop Manager, who calmly explained to me the repairs needed, timeline and cost. One week later I was picking up my 'good as new' (it really looked new!) car and it has since driven like the dream that it is! I'm grateful to Robert and his staff as well as Tim Freund, Parts Manager, who was so helpful with my purchase of new tires. Quicklane rocks! Everyone was friendly yet professional, and completed all service/work in a timely manner. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend this dealer's Body Shop and Quicklane services.


Worst possible repair job

Took my car in for an air bag recall, during the visit it was brought to my attention I needed a fuel tank recall done, scheduled and had the tank replaced. Same day notice a gas smell, later ran out of fuel between half and quarter tank, also notice a puddle in my garage, after checking found that it was fuel struggled to get dealer to get car back in to check their repair but finally did. After two days with out so much as a courtesy call I tried to contact the dealer and couldnt get anyone in service to answer the phone or call back after multiple messages. Finally had to go in to the dealer to get status on my car and there was a fuel line that was pinched during the tank replacement that caused the leak, only good thing was they agreed to replace line free of charge after some discussion. Final got my car back and inspected the work afterwards and found that one of the tank mounting bolts were broken and left out so my tank was just hanging there without all the hardware had repaired at another shop. These guys will never touch my vehicles or sell me another one again


New Truck Purchase

I recently purchased an F-150. The salesman, Dustin Fontes, did an excellent job. He was helpful, informative and patient. He made the process of buying a car a pleasure.


Broadway Ford in Idaho Falls

Good truck buying experience. Pleased with my new truck.


Quick lane

Great customer service and clean waiting room. Could not ask for anything more. Thanks for taking care of my truck



Justin was AWESOME!! Was not impressed with who we spoke with earlier in spring and hesitant about going back, but Justin more than made up for it!!


Broadway Ford

I am from Walla Walla Wa., and ran into trouble with my truck. Service Manager Mat, worked me in and their mechanic Mike worked on my truck. I couldn't be happier with the service. Both of them went out of their way to get me going. Unfortunately the problem could not be solved. However, it was not for their lack of trying, it was because I could not wait for the part to be ordered.

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