Scott Peterson Motors

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(9 reviews)


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(9 reviews)

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Lucas was very easy to work with. He was friendly and...

Lucas was very easy to work with. He was friendly and answered all my questions.


Tried to buy new jeep there. Said we couldn't buy

Tried to buy new jeep there. Was approved but couldn't get the one my wife wanted was told we could get a cheaper jeep. Said we need money down. Funny as xxxx. Few weeks later she bought a new jeep of her chosen for no money down. 2 months later I bought a 2018 ram 1500 all black edition. Thanks Scott Peterson by going to another dealer we save almost 6,000 dollars. Wife got exactly what she wanted. And I got a new pickup


Great effort, and follow-up

AJ, was consistent, and available whenever I had questions. Unfortunately, the inventory selection did not meet my needs. If it had, I'd have no hesitation to work a deal with AJ, as my Sales-person.

Dealer response

Robert, thank you very much for your kind words. Even though we did not have the inventory to meet your needs, we hope to earn your business in the future. Thanks again!


Poor Follow Through

I started dealing with Dan, a great salesman, on Friday. Monday we decided which vehicle was the one we wanted to drive overnight and get a good feel for. Dan was on vacation, which everyone deserves. In his absence I talked with a newer salesman, Jon, who could not answer my question about setting up this test drive. He was going to talk with the Sales Manager to find out the answer. Three hours later, tired of waiting, I called back to find out what my plans were for after work. Talking to the Sales Manager, JR, we determined it was possible, and he apologized for the busy day they were having. He said it was no excuse, and was friendly. Knowing I was going to show up at 4:30, no one was willing to help me when I arrived. Two salesmen were leaning against counters, and knew that I was trying to test drive a car. You would think they might bring it around while I waited for the 45 minutes. I finally left without seeing the car, because I felt they were not trying to gain me as A Customer For Life. I used this impression, and assumed the quality of service after purchase would be just as poor. Maybe I am just use to having someone sell me a car, instead of selling myself a car.

Dealer response

Justin, we greatly appreciate your interest in Scott Peterson Motors. I have looked into your situation and it appears there was a lack of good communication from the beginning. We apologize for this situation and hope you will consider us in the future.


Rude, not truthful,

Driving from Tn, our Dodge Truck was giving us trouble and I called the night before and the woman who answered the phone said come in the next day at 7:30. My husband got a room and was there at 7:30. The woman lied and said she talked to no one the day before and the service department would not even look at our truck until tomorrow. When I called to find out why. She again stated she never talked to me. They have only one receptionist. The service manager said he told my husband today and not tomorrow and pretty much called me and my husband liars. They thought it was funny that my husband was having this problem. They are rude, and liars..... I would never recommend this place to anyone! Sorry for the people who live in Bell Fourche!

Dealer response

Julia and Fred, While this situation is unfortunate and we do not take situations like these lightly, we must make it a point to make it known we are 1 of a handful of dealers in the nation to have won the Ford Elite, President's Award, and Chrysler Elite in back to back years for our dedication to Customer Service. We understand these type of situations can happen and it's usually due to a lack of communication on everyone's part, which seems to be the case here. While we do our absolute best to avoid these situations and make customers feel at home, these situations do happen. We do GREATLY apologize for the situation and hope you do not continue to look poorly upon us. We have served the community of Belle Fourche admirably for over 30 years and look to make even more improvements in the coming months.


Great Dealer

Great people, they even drove the vehicle 50 miles so I could take a second look at it. Their pricing was more than fair, I just happened to find another vehicle that was exactly what I was looking for including the color, otherwise I would have purchased from this dealer.

Dealer response

PeteO, thank you!


Great people

I was passing through and had an issue with my vehicle, the dealership was very busy, but they took the time to get me in and fixed and back on the road tro enjoy my vacation. Everyone was very nice and respectful. Thank you to all the staff at Scott Peterson Motors

Dealer response

Tourist, thank you!


Billy Joe Jim Bob

Well someone has to counterbalance John Wayne's paid endorsement. The service shop is lousy. Called to set up an appointment and talked with J.V. He told me he would call me right back as he was busy in the shop on a cordless phone. That was three months ago and he still hasn't had the courtesy to call back! I guess SPM doesn't need my business, and I will do my best to dissuade everyone else I know from taking vehicles to SPM also! One phone call could have made money, but instead blowing me off will cost them business in the long run.

Dealer response

We apologize for your bad phone call. The service department is typically very busy, and it sounds atypical that your call was lost in the mix. Please give the service manager a call so we may make it right. Thank you.


Fantastic Customer Service

Really appreciated the extra work they put in for me finding the right vehicle. JR was very helpful.

Dealer response

Thank you very much for your business John. We hope to see you again in the future for any of your vehicle or service needs!

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