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This seller has been on since December 2021.
Preston Hood Chevrolet is currently undergoing and extensive remodeling and we would like for everyone to know that we are OPEN regular hours and we are completely functional in Sales & Service! So please pardon our dust while we undergo these modifications that will help us serve your automobile needs for many many years to come!
Please come in for great Employee Pricing on every unit in stock during our "Construction Reduction" Sale going on now!

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(316 reviews)

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Not loyal to customer at all!!!

It looks like I am the only one leaving a negative review so I dont expect to see it here very long. First, we bought a 2013 dodge charger and so far it runs fine. However, the hands free device was not working and we found out it was bad. Parts and labor are about $1000. We did not buy an extended warranty just a 3000 mile 3 month power train warranty. However, they have offered no help, no discount on parts no discount on labor. Nothing. There is no way they didn't know that it didn't work. Our salesperson told us there wasn't much he could do and would have his manager call me. Got a text a little while later saying he had tried to call. He never did. Disgraceful. As a dealership u know what kind of car u put on your lot. Period. And u aren't willing to budge at all? And we reported this problem within a few hours of buying. Bottom line, be VERY VERY careful when buying a used vehicle from them. Make sure u check every possible thing before u buy. I am a very trusting person so I was burned and lesson learned on my part.


Amended review for Preston Hood Chevrolet

I am writing this review to amend my 2 star review I left yesterday and could not figure out how to amend the original one. Eli from Preston Hood in Ft. Walton Beach called me this morning. He offered to put in an aftermarket part to fix it and to pay for that. Since we have already had the part fixed he is sending a check to cover the cost of an aftermarket part, even though we had a stock part replaced. I appreciated him getting back to me and at the very least meeting us somewhere toward the middle. Thank you Eli.


Got the repairs done

Fixed 2 vehicles for me in 1 day: Cleared a check engine light on my 2015 Cruze (bad purge valve) Cleared a TPMS light on my friends 2015 Buick Enclave (replaced all 4 tires pressure monitors) Overall, well done


My car wasn’t fixed right

They fixed my car and it has to be re done after 3 months then they say a couple weeks to fit it in well why wasn’t it fixed right the first time


I went over to Preston Hood to look at buying a new...

I went over to Preston Hood to look at buying a new Silverado and I can’t say enough good things about how I was treated. Dylan was my salesman and he was very respectful and listened to all my concerns and answered every question I had. At no point did I feel pressured or disrespected. Dylan was very professional and now I have my dream truck. I will never go anywhere else to buy a new or used vehicle. If you are in the market for a new vehicle go see Dylan at Preston Hood!


Great follow up from Autotrader inquiry

I saw a vehicle posted by the dealership on Autotrader.. I sent an inquiry and received a quick response from Farrin from Preston Hood in Ft. Walton Beach. With my permission, she continued to text me in response to my questions. She even walked out on the lot to personally check the truck for a smoky smell. (That was one of my questions.). We did not end up purchasing from them because someone beat us to it, but she let us know in time to prevent us from driving over - which I appreciated. She also offered us a similar truck to consider. All in all, Farrin was very professional and personal. Thank you.


Preston Hood Chevrolet

Everything went smoothly. Austin was awesome. Very knoweldable about the product. Certainly would do business with Austin and the dealer ship again.


Love the vehicle, don't trust the dealership.

I just bought a 2019 Equinox at preston hood. This is where I bought my last Equinox. I took my 2015 in because my OnStar was not working, not even the SOS button and my Wifi hot spot was not working.... it was close to oil change time as well. The service department told me my OnStar warranty had expired and it would cost $229 just to diagnose it. That news was a little irritating! I decided to go see a sales person about the 2018 Equinox sale going on. I really didn't think that I would qualify for financing when I went in as I am still rebuilding my credit worthiness(caused by a bad relationship ending a while ago). I was surprised and caught off guard when I found out I got financing. I do like the vehicle but the sales and financing portion really has left a bad taste in my mouth and I will never buy another vehicle from preston hood. I would prefer to get my servicing elsewhere but the dealership package I had no choice of selecting that cost $695 (environment protection package) states I have to go to their service department to get the car waxed with their "special" protective wax 2 or 3 times in the future. If I decide I just can't trust this business than I will forgo the waxes. I was introduced to austin, the sales associate, he was pleasant enough and asked what I was looking for. I said I was interested in the 2018 Equinox and their current sale offers on them. He started giving me a tour of the floor model. I told him I had a 2015 LTZ so I was only interested in the Premier model. I then told him about my rebuilding credit, that I didn't think I would qualify for financing as I was turned down for prequalification from USAA, and I told him I didn't want to waste his time since it was unlikely I would qualify for financing. I told him about the OnStar issue and I was a little irked about the whole thing. He said that was odd and that he had not heard of that being an issue with any of the Equinoxes. I told him I was a veteran and he asked if I was active or retired. I told him I was 100% permanently disabled veteran and disability retired. He asked me what color I liked and I told him, silver. He said there was a silver Premium model available told me my trade in was worth $16500 and called my Credit Union to get the loan pay off amount and took the info over to the finance person. I gave them permission to run a credit check and start the finance process. I was shocked to learn that I had been approved for financing and went to gather my belongs out of the 2015. While I was signing the contract I asked what my rate was and was told 9.9. I understand that doesn't sound like a good rate for a lot of people but knowing my credit score I was again taken aback and quite happy. I did look over the numbers and asked where were all the sale discounts. That was when I was made aware it was a 2019 model. It did have a few discounts and after checking out the inside and tech, I thought well it wasn't what I said I was looking for but I think I'll be okay with it and overlook not being listened to. There were about $1750 in discounts that I thought were military/veteran discounts. I was distinctly told by the finance person while I was signing via the tablet that once I sign the last line that the sale would be finale. No cooling off period. If I wake up in the morning and regret buying the car it couldn't be undone. During the financing and signing portion the person said that in addition to oil changes all maintenance, if needed, would be included for the length of my loan. That is when I asked who financed my loan and what my rate was. I thought I'll have to check out Ally a little more especially since I thought it was pretty cool that Ally included oil changes and maintenance. I even said to the finance person that that was very cool of them to do that. What was not mentioned or explained was that those oil changes and maintenance were each separate products chosen for me and included in the amount of the loan. After getting home and the whirlwind of what just happened settled and I settled, I got the pouch with all the new car info to include all the contracts for each product. This is when I learned that my Premier Maintenance Package that covered all maint. for the duration of my loan or 72,000 miles cost me $2888, the oil changes cost $299 or $399, the environmental protection package was $695, the cool "black bowtie" cost $145 and the preston hood license plate holder/frame cost $40(seriously!!!! putting their advertisement on my car and charging me for it!). I bought the car Tuesday Sept 4th. I was to upset from reading through everything so I went in Friday Sept. 7th to cancel the maintenance and oil change packages/products. $50 dollars from each contract will be kept for canceling the product! I didn't know I purchased the product but the contract says $50 or 5% of the cost of the product whichever is less than $50 dollars. After I explained the above finance portion to the finance person. He became defensive and told me how great the packages were and how important they should be to me. It seemed to me he was offended by me that I did not appreciate not being openly and directly told about the products and their pricing. He sold those packages to his mom and he had customers come in and thank him for including that package because some out of warranty part needed fixed and replaced and the package covered it. I believe that is called gas lighting. He said that I was happy I got financing and getting a new car the night I came in. When I said I didn't appreciate not being told upfront he reminded me that he asked if I had any questions and I was happy that night. I said I didn't know I had any questions until after I got home and read through everything. I said it is also on me because I did not stop and read every little thing that night and didn't make sure every i was dotted and t crossed but that did not take away from feeling mislead and not told directly about the packages in the first place. After he was defensively and strongly starting to tell me a 3rd or 4th story about why I should want this product and the others that appreciated it and thanked him for it, I interrupted him to try to tell him the point was it was not openly disclosed to me, explained to me, and told my choices(there are 3 maintenance packages to choose from - he chose the most expensive for me). He became even more curt and implored that I let him finish speaking. As I raised my eyebrow to him he continued that " I keep trying to talk and you interrupt me " and then continued to tell me more stories of why I should want the package and I should want these products. I was told preston hood has been in business for over 32 years and one doesn't stay in business for that long if they weren't good. The finance person was thoroughly offended by me and was curt and terse toward me because I wouldn't except that the packages he included for me was for my own good and there to help and protect me. .... and tried to make me feel, who was I to question him, preston hood and be offended and upset about being if how could I not see or understand that he was looking out for my best interests. It never sunk in to him that I felt deceived and that that highly offended me and to be perfectly honest it hurts horribly. It hurts even worse with how he handled me coming back to cancel the products. The salesperson, Austin, came in after the finance person left. I asked him if the free oil changes that came from the dealership where going to be doubled as the T.V. ad stated. He said that military discounts and doubled vehicle services were only for active duty and retired military personnel. I don't understand why he didn't say that when I specifically asked him about the military discounts Tue night. The discounts I received are from the Chevy loyalty program and financing, I think or I guess. This is the letter I will be sending to a lot of people, businesses and orgs. Please let this be a learning tool. I sure learned a lot. I will either only buy future cars via the internet and under a lot of scrutiny or hire a lawyer to negotiate the sale. I'm sending this to various consumer protection agencies as while I understand the contract is legally binding as to the final sale aspect of this sale, I don't think consumer protection groups are going to be on board with it. Tue night austin said that ratings were extremely important to preston hood and Chevrolet and that if I didn't feel I could give him the highest rating to please call him and let him know so he could earn my top rating. He repeated he wanted to EARN the rating. If he wanted to earn a top rating he should have been upfront, honest and or forthcoming about everything Tue. night. Instead they did what they wanted and if I didn't raise to much objection they continued on how they wanted to. When I did raise some objections and questions they were deflected, deferred or ignored and they did as they wished. As I told the finance person, you are who you are and you are in control of how you act, treat someone. It wasn't for me to do that nor could I make them act professionally/honestly. I can only observe how I'm treated, take note and act/react/move/move on accordingly. People may forget who you are or what you did but they will never forget how you treat them. I have since learned that the finance person's name is boomer.


Nothing but Good Experiences

I was looking for cars online when I noticed Preston Hoods' poor reviews. I have bought 3 new and 2 used cars from Preston Hood over the years and only have good things to say. All the vehicles were top notch with no major issues. Sure every car and dealer have problems sometimes. More likely than not, some of these reviews were written by unreasonable customers. I support Preston Hood totally until I have a bad experience.


No service support

I called the service department on two different occasions to ask for input on a potential problem with my truck. I was told both times an advisor ( which I assumed would be a technician) would get back to my very shortly. Two days after each call I’ve still had no response. Not Good.

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