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(585 reviews)

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Like many others written reviews here they are horrific

Like many others written reviews here they are horrific people to deal with the engage in fraud across interstate lines and have zero follow up with regards to the fox they unlawfully market. My vocabulary lacks the capability of describing how horrific these people are, and how much they lie! I miss 64-year-old functioning paraplegic who purchased a Porsche Cayenne turbo from them. I was told that the vehicle has been inspected and charged hundreds of dollars for dealer prep my “new car experience” resulted in multiple trips to the store to rectify a number of items that should’ve been done ahead of time that required me to go back-and-forth from Wisconsin to Exotic Motors. Crowning blow was I was told it bunch of lies from the service department for fundamentally. Once I had the issue pointed out that the tires on the my.new car were bald as discovered by the only honest person in that organization. I was told by Rudy, Ramirez, the general manager, but he had ordered two new tires to replace the onesie so that we’re bald after multiple weeks of being told they’re being sent to him, I asked him for the express number, and I never got anything clearly it was a fraud, in the process of taking my soul and my scooter to discount tires to do the magnificent job in Janesville. I had a blowout I had to have my car dealt with my AAA almost had an accident all because of the wanton disregard that that organization has for human life and honesty . Upon getting my new tires, Rudy Ramirez said send me the bill I did and he said the owners won’t pay it if you want to involve yourself with a bunch of illegal folks from foreign countries, give it a shot. I highly recommend walking away before you ever get there ! I dealt with the sales person and Ally, Rudy, Ramirez Gustavo, the service manager, who also appears to have a problem with honesty. These people are using the Internet to track potential marks across state lines to perpetuate the fraudulent activities and need to be stopped. Anybody that is interested reach out to me and we’ll see if we can put our efforts together to legally obliterate this fraudulent organization.


Do not buy from this company, absolute frauds!

I gave this unlawful entity one star because no stars were an option. Check the Better Business Bureau reading before buying from these people. It is a solid F. I dealt with a sales person named Ali and the alleged general manager, Rudy. The fact of the matter is, there’s only two people that organization they can do anything, and they both are owners from the same country, which is not the US. I am 64 years of age, a functional paraplegic, and purchased a vehicle from them August 2022. They charge a dealer prep fee, which is basically a dealer xxxx fee, because they do nothing and give you no paperwork for the allegedly performed. When I went to pick up my car, I did not have any kind of a motorized wheelchair and was totally subjected to being pushed to show in the car unbeknownst to me my rear tires were completely bald. Additionally, there’s a put in a line in the air conditioning system which caused fresh water to fall in the passenger compartment on the passenger seat floor. After I complained and rode 70 miles each way it was resolved. How could a quality organization whose charge is the dealer preppy? Let this happen? My two bald rear tires, and a very well worn right front tire needed to be replaced. They agreed to replace at least the regular or two. After being lied to for weeks, it was apparent that Rudy had no intentions or nor the ability to replace my tires as would be required by law offices the car should never have been sold in that condition. I made an appointment with discount tire who did a magnificent job of replacing call for tires as I felt it importantly matched, I didn’t set my bill to Exotic Motor’s where are the ownership immediately absolve themselves of any responsibility, and it became my bill void of any consideration from management at Exotic Motor’s. Do not buy from these people. Look at the BBB rating of F and read all the litigation and potential litigation that is out there. We are upset for a reason they are pleased to engage in fraudulent business practices including using the internet over state line to perpetuate their crimes.Anyone interested in joining me in a potential class suit reach out! Plus I have a list of federal and state agencies to report them to.


C5 Convertible

My wife and I have been waiting 25 years to own a Corvette C4 we got married in 1994 and 40th anniversary was our dream car. This is our moment to drive with the top down only to realize the seat well for C4 is very hard to get in and out of. Exotic Motors is a family owned and operated pre-owned car dealership in Rolling Meadows, IL Ali Arhad 224-213-3127 listened, and found the perfect 2003 50th anniversary. A car for our budget and we can access easily / We recommend Ali over the 6 Corvette dealers we visited in Illinois / Wisconsin and Indiana> Ali is someone who cares about customers he treated us like we mattered. AFTER 25 YEARS OF WAITING Our C5 has made us very happy. Thank You Ali Arhad for selling us our Dream Car


The representatives at Exotic Motors were AWESOME

The representatives at Exotic Motors were AWESOME! Mike our salesman was truly talented and cooperative. Highly recommend anyone looking for a new vehicle to go see Mike.



Hi- we purchased a car from them and did not go down the list of what they said it had online to confirm. We did ask the difference between this one and another one at another dealer- they came back with the seats were better. Online the car said it had blind spot assist and back up camera, it does not. And the car we didnt get did. We should have caught it but I also feel like they did not advertise what they had properly. Also, after we left the check engine light came on. So this has overall put a horrible experience in my life and I will not recommend then or ever use them again. If you decide to use them, ensure what they advertise is what you get.


Ali and Rudy.

Ali and Rudy. I was going to purchase a 2017 green subaru wrx sti for 31,900. This was a horrible experience all around and I am so glad my bank pumped the breaks on me buying this car. I am out of state so I had no way of test driving. I hired Lemon Squad to pre inspect this car and so very glad I did. This car has a green wrap on it that is peeling up in multiple places, as well as fading. The transmission grinds when you try to put it in 5th gear and they had reset the computer so the inspector could not get an accurate read, among other things, those being the biggest issues. This car is a rip off DO NOT BUY IT. If you can not test drive a vehicle because you are out of state or other reasons I HIGHLY recommend using Lemon Squad pre purchase car inspectors! They saved me from buying a crap car! DO NOT BUY FROM THESE GUYS THEY ONLY WANT TO SCAM YOU OUT OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY! I've pasted the summary of the inspection below: SUMMARY This vehicle from a distance looks good, however upon closer inspection there are issues to note. The rear bumper cover is not fitting flush to the quarter panels. There are detail like scratches found on most panels. The drivers door jam is scratched up. The roof and the right rear upper most panel is marked up heavily. The vehicle has a wrap and there are several spots starting to peel up. The rear bumper cover being the worst. There is color fading on the roof. The underside shows surface rust in areas, I did not see any areas that were rotted or structurally compromised. The electric door mirrors are not working. There are various screw holes along the bottom of the front bumper cover. The windshield has miscellaneous stone chips. The exterior lights were working. The wheels show scratches and the tires are low on tread and should be replaced. There were no visible structural damages to the underside. The steering wheel shows some wear and tear as seen in pics. The drivers seat bottom has discoloration from use. The rest of the seats show light wear from use. The trunk trim is loose. The drivers window switch is not working for the front passenger window. The center console lid has punctures. The carpet shows normal wear consistent with age and mileage. There were no floor mats in the vehicle at the time of the inspection. The climate controls were working as designed. The heat was hot and the air was cold. The windows showed no issues when opening or closing during inspection. The seats moved freely when adjusting. The radio was working and the sound was clear. The back up camera was working and the image was clear. The engine coolant level is low, with no obvious external coolant leaks the system should be topped off and pressure tested for internal or external leaks. All other accessible fluids were at the appropriate levels and the condition of the fluids looked good. The drive belt and hoses looked good. There are a few fasteners missing in the engine area. The tire pressure monitoring light is on. This could be as simple as a tire that is low on air or it could be something else. Each tire has a battery operated sensor and it is not uncommon for one of these batteries to fail. If a battery has failed, the sensor will need replacement. There are other issues that can cause this light to come on but these are the two most common issues. This will need further diagnosis. The engine had plenty of power and there were no misfires or smoking. There is grinding when shifting into 5th gear. This is consistent to a syncro failure. This is an internal transmission issue and further diagnoses is needed. The suspension feels loose and does not feel firmly planted to the ground. When going over bumps the suspension feels harsh. There is aftermarket suspension components observed on the rear. More Diagnoses is needed. When coming to a stop at highway speeds, there is a pulsation coming from the brake pedal. This is typically caused by warped rotors. I hooked my computer and found the computer system to not be ready. Not all monitors were complete. This is a sign that the computer has been reset. I see no current or pending codes and all history has been erased. I would ask the seller why the computer has been reset. It's possible that with some drive time, that if a code was erased, that it will come back and turn the check engine light on. It can take up to a few hundred miles for the computer to cycle. See below and pictures for more info.


Very bad customer service.

Very bad customer service. Don’t do any Bussines with this people. Trying to screw up the people.


Very professional and helpful people.

Very professional and helpful people. Worked with me to get what I wanted and fast. Will most likely go to them in the future for my next vehicle purchases.


I tried to deal with Mike and the vehicle i was looking

I tried to deal with Mike and the vehicle i was looking at was off the internet so i assumed it was sold. A few days later i saw it back up for sale. So i called because Mike did not call me and tell me it was available again, and i talked to Nadair (May be spelled wrong) and when i last talked to him on 5/2/2022 he 650pm he said 22K for the car and he would see what he could do about a veterans discount. He did not call me back so i called on 5/3/2022 got Mike, 1030am, said he would call me back, never did so i called. He more the less called me a liar when i told him the conversation i had with Nadair, Mike said no way he ""Nadair"" would get 1900 off for me, so i told him to call Nadair and ask him, well the conversation ended and never thanked me for my service. And he has not returned my call yet. So being the commander of 2 VFW halls i will spread the word and so will many others about how rude and rotten i was treated.Why would i pay 2K over retail. Nadair was fine to work with but Mike i will not.I have not purchased the car and more than likely i will not i am sure no one will call or fix the problem. Russell J King

Consumer response

I tried to deal with Mike and the vehicle i was interested in was off the internet so i assumed it was sold. A few days later i saw it back up for sale. So i called because Mike did not call me and tell me it was available again, i talked to Nadair (May be spelled wrong) and when i last talked to him on 5/2/2022 at 650 pm he said 22K for the car and he would see what he could do about a veterans discount. He did not call me back so i called 5/3/2022 and got Mike at 1030am he said he would call me back never did so i called back again, He more the less called me a liar and said no way Nadair would or could take 1900 off for me so i told him to call Nadair and ask him, well the conversation ended and never thanked me for my service. And he has not returned my call yet. So being the commander of 2 VFW halls i will spread the word and so will so many others how rude and rotten i was treated. Shy pay 2K over NADA retail anyway. Nadair was fine to deal with but Mike i will not. I have not purchased the car and more than likely i will not, i am sure no one will call to fix the problem. Still have not heard from anyone, guess all there interested in is the all mighty dollar and screw us . Sincerely Russell J King


Dishonest sales team.

This dealership has breached a contract, they didn't provide the agreed upon items: front and rear rotors and front and rear tires. Attempted multiple times to resolve, however a lawyer has been contacted. Stay away from this dealership, you don't want the headache.

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