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Shane is Awesome

What a great experience! We had a problem with the car and called you. We talked to Shane and said bring it in. The people who took care of the car were fast, done in about 10 minutes. When we asked Shane how much he said nothing. I have NEVER been to a dealership that knows what nothing means. Thank you very much.


Great service department

We were traveling into Iowa from Chicago and our check engine light, VSC light , and trac light were on all at the same time. My wife seen a Toyota dealer near by, so we took a chance to see if they can fix it. John Wilhelm was the service rep. on duty at the time. He checked the car out for us and found out it was no problem at all with the car and explain what could of been the problem for the car in the future. He reassured us that we will be fine driving back home to Chicago again. Thank you John for your honesty.


Shane the service writer was great!

We were in the middle of a road trip to Mesa Arizona and Shane was very helpful in helping us troubleshoot some sounds we were hearing in our vehicle over the phone.


Service dept. refused to fully repair manifold

I was told my cracked manifold would be fixed on a "We Owe You" document on purchase of my vehicle. Only repaired one side and I was told there was nothing wrong with the other side. It went from me being told there was nothing wrong with it, to we only fixed the side that was making the loudest noise, to we have already stuck a bunch of money in this and the general manager has said we will not fix the other side. The noise is very noticeable upon starting the vehicle and when stepping on the accelerator. I was told I agreed to purchase the vehicle as is, which I did not. I agreed to purchase the vehicle if the manifold was fixed, as I would not purchase it sounding like that. I was not at anytime informed they were only fixing one side. I know now why they were in such a hurry to get the papers signed that same day so I was locked in no matter what. Hind sight being 20 I will never do that again. The service department stated they put new rear brakes in also that noticeably cause a feeling like they are sticking/catching when taking off from a stop. I was also told there was nothing wrong with them also. I have had previous good experiences there and that is why I went back. I will now never purchase another vehicle from this facility and will never recommend the service department to anyone. I had recommended them to a friend, but was able to contact them and let them know what happened before they went there.


Managers repeatedly lie and blow you off. *BEWARE*

The manager Mike Hefel sold us a warranty that was not accurate. He told us it was 100% parts and Labor covered with no deductible. We used the warranty and the warranty company didnt cover 100% of the parts leaving us almost $400 to pick up. When we called Anderson weber and told Mike Hefel about it he said he would take care of us and told me to go pay the bill, get my car back and send him a copy of the bill and he will reimburse me via check in the mail the following day. The next day I get an email saying the part was over charged (it was the same price at several other dealerships so it wasnt over charged as he claimed) so he wasnt going to reimburse me for the full amount but he would reimburse me for roughly half for taxes and shop supplies. After waiting several days and not getting a check from them I emailed him back asking the status of the situation. Mike hefel replied back saying he decided he wasnt going to reimburse me anything and offered a "sorry for the inconvenience" instead. (Because that "sorry" covers the car payment money I used to go get my car out of the shop when he said he would repay me initially) Do not go here and if you do, DO NOT buy the ASC warranty. Look them up, this company has a history of not paying the full bill or playing "technicality" word games to get out of covering something.


New tire replacement

Not happy after purchasing 4 new tires on my RAV4 that the dealership does not provide free tire rotations during routine maintenance. I will no longer take my vehicle back to this dealership for maintenance or consider purchasing a new vehicle in the future. Service staff has been friendly, just do not like the dealership position on new tire purchases.


Honest and friendly salesman

Adam Tigges was very professional through the car buying process. He was genuinely concerned that I found the car I was looking for, and did not try and sell me a car I did not want. His honesty was greatly appreciated, as well as his service after the sale. It was actually a very enjoyable experience. Thanks Adam!


Fast and Affordable

I just recently purchased a new Corolla from Anderson-Webber Toyota Scion Lincoln in Dubuque Iowa. I had an awesome experience with Adam Tigges helping me every step of the way! Although the dealership did not currently have the exact car I was looking for, Adam found the exact car I wanted along with all the features I was looking for and he found it for a better price than the other dealerships I spoke with offered me. Adam really worked with my budget and made it possible for me to get the car I really wanted by finding the best deals. The best part is it only took a few days to do all of this!! Adam made buying a car less stressful as he took it apon himself to find me exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't be happier with the corolla and my experience purchasing it. I would highly recommend the dealership and Adam Tigges to everyone!!


a great experience with Adam.

We went to the dealership on a fact finding mission to test drive a Rav4. We met Adam, very personable, ask us questions on what we were looking for in a Rav4. He took us to there inventory, did a complete walk around explaining all the mechanical details as well as Toyota's safety ratings on the vehicle. Took a test drive, returned and decided lets see what kind of a deal we can make. Pleasantly surprised how easy it was to negotiate with Adam and their staff. Felt we received a fair offer on our trade in so we completed the deal. We left that day with a new car, remember we went there on a fact finding mission but got a deal we couldn't refuse. Adam was very welcoming, friendly and professional. After our deal was completed, he has a history of taking pictures with his clients by their new car. I'm a huge Bucky Badger fan, Adam was even good natured enough to pose with a Bucky emblem in a picture of the two of us. Hopefully he won't be harassed too much. I highly recommed if you are looking for a new or used Toyota, Visit Anderson Weber and ask for Adam Tigges, I know you will have a great experience as we did.

Dealer response

Dennis, Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know how your experience at our dealership went. We love hearing when our customers have great experiences as you did with Adam, who always proves he will do anything for his customers, even posing with a Bucky the Badger! We promise to take it easy on him for it. Please let us know if there is anything we can do in the future to assist you, and enjoy the new RAV4!


lori ferris

I just purchased a new Toyota Prius V. This is my very first new car. I will be 84 years old in November and am very excited about it. Lori made my experience enjoyable and she help me a great deal in making these first few days comfortable for me. Thanks Lori, Gloria Pline.

Dealer response

Congratulations on the new car Gloria! We're glad to hear you had such a great experience with Lori and our dealership. Please let us know if there is anything additional we can do to assist you. We look forward to seeing you when you come in for your Toyota Care maintenance services.

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