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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(147 reviews)

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I purchased a vehicle from them around October of 2020. After a short period of time I noticed the car was in need of a repair. I dropped it off to them. Their mechanic was test driving the car and got into an accident. The police investigation, as well as all legal parties involved deemed that their mechanic was at fault. Rockland Motors is NOT taking any responsibility for their employee or involvement and and claims that "since I gave them permission to drive the car, my insurance company should be liable to cover all the losses. Between the loss to my car as well as the other parties vehicle and whatever other payouts (rental cars, etc) this claim has has a total amount of approximately $23-24,000. My insurance company determined that I am not liable, Rockland Motor's is liable. They are taking NO responsibility for this, but they wrote me a check for my deductible to get my car fixed. Today is February 8, 2023 and I am still dealing with this. I am currently getting letters from Lawyers and other legal establishments coming after me personally. Of course I forward this to my insurance company and they are handling this, but to think of all the headaches and time spent out of my personal life because Rockland Motor's and their affiliates are not responsible nor take no accountability for their actions. I would NOT recommend doing any type of business with them.


Honest Used Car Dealer-Don't Hesitate

In June 2021, I purchased a 2013 Lexus GS350 from Rockland Motors with 80,000 miles. I've now had the car for 4,000 miles and waited to give this review so I could get to know the car. I found Rockland Motors because they had a specific car I wanted. Still, I wouldn't hesitate at all to buy from them again. They have a good selection of clean vehicles in many price points. Lot is in good condition. Buying a car is intimidating, no doubt. They were friendly, transparent, and fair. Price was fair to good. They are looking to sell cars yes, and they'll ask for the sale, but they didn't apply unnecessary pressure to buy. They asked about my hesitations to buy that day, I told them. When I said I needed to think overnight about it, they let me. The next day I put the deposit down. They have a full mechanic onsite. They did some reconditioning on the vehicle at my request and from their own inspection. They also advised me on what didn't need to be done, like spark plugs replacement which I asked for, and which on independent research, checked out that I can get to 100,000 miles. But they gave me the plugs. While they didn't let me take the car to an independent mechanic, I had Lemonsquad inspect the vehicle after I put a deposit down. I suppose if I sold used cars I wouldn't want it leaving my lot either but I was nervous about that. Regardless, the car checked out well, but did show a store DTC code. Sales manager Joe and their mechanic said the code would clear, not to worry. I was nervous about that too. But it did clear. I had a wheels off inspection a few days after I picked it up. There were no DTC codes on a professional scanner, and the suspension items Lemonsquad couldn't fully check looked good. Mechanic said its a very good car in good condition. Being a Toyota helps. I just scanned it myself a few days ago and no codes. Finally, this isn't about Rockland Motors, but it is important to remember you're buying a used car, and saving a ton of money VS new. Dealers can't know everything about a car. It may not be perfect. It may require some conditioning post purchase. Look at the car with someone who knows a bit about cars. Have a mechanic inspect it. Without a doubt, I would go back gladly to see the folks at Rockland Motors to purchase a car, but I hope that is no less than 10 years from now!


"Since you are uptight..."

Charged me $75 to "prepare" a form that I will pay another $75 to submit to my DMV. Promised it overnight to arrive the next day. 5 days later I learned it was never sent. Salesperson would not help. I called the dealer and he told me it would be "overnighted within 30 days," told me I had an attitude, told me I was "uptight". Dealer aggressively talks over customers and is rude, both in person and on the phone. AND NO ONE HERE WEARS A MASK. They require masks of customers, but won't wear masks themselves. I'm still waiting to hear that my form was even mailed.


Purchased a 2011 Nissan Altima for my son

I purchased this used car from Rockland Motors and Frank Ferraro took care of us in a great way. The car was completely reviewed and serviced. It was a gift for my son on Christmas and he had it ready for us to pick up on time and exactly as we expected. Excellent service as a customer I was very satisfied!


Very helpful Staff!!!

This place....phenomenal! I was in the market for a used truck that had low mileage at just the right price and they had! I immediately went down and spoke to the salesman. I knew that it was a long shot for me to get financed but I could not let this truck leave the lot unless I drove it out of there as mine. As to not sell this truck to another person, I was allowed to put a deposit on this truck and they fought tooth and nail to get me financing that would fit my needs best. After some days of going back and forth, they got me financed and I was able to drive this gem of a vehicle off their lot as mine. Awesome staff!!!!


Absolutely wonderful experience.

Absolutely wonderful experience. Everyone was very helpful, knowledgeable and very pleasant. FRANK AND DIANE WERE UNBELIEVABLY HELPFUL. I Would recommend them to everyone for a car


This place is a lemon cars stay away

frank Ferraro the owner is Disrespectful and a liar and he sells lemon cars.. stay away from this place .I Purchased the car in 2018 only was able to drive the car to months and even in the two months the car was still with rockland motors Longer than it was with.They fix the car give it back to me drove the car to Albany broke down and that’s where it remains For the past several months or longer. Stay away

Dealer response

11/15/19 Took a while to figure out who this was ( No Name No Car ). Now that we did let me say this, we never disrespected this customer in any way, nor would we ever disrespect any of our customers! We take pride in customer satisfaction (as you can read through our reviews) To all our consumers reading this, This customer purchased a car last year in July 2018 ( not in 2019, in 2018 ). about a month or longer ago she broke down with the vehicle, without notifying us she brought it to a mechanic in Saugerties NY and asked him to fix it under the extended warranty that she purchased. The mechanic in Saugerties NY gave the warranty company a price of approximately $7000 to fix the vehicle. ( The customer paid less for the car! ) After the warranty company assessed the damages to be approximately $4000 they obviously would not pay for the entire inflated claim of $7000. Then we abruptly and disrespectfully got a visit from the customer and some other strange woman claiming that if we knew what was good for us we had better pay her the entire original cost of the car plus taxes and motor vehicle fees. ( keep in mind this is a car that was sold in July of 2018! ) At that point we told her and her strange friend we would get back to them. We did not get disrespectful, in fact after speaking with the warranty company and our repair facility we then called her back multiple times to give her the good news that we would get her car towed back from the mechanic in Saugerties NY at NO COST TO HER! We also told her that our repair facility would have her car repaired under the warranty AT NO COST TO HER! After contacting the mechanic in Saugerties NY We did tell her that the mechanic in Saugerties NY would not release it to us because he wanted storage charges that we were not obligated to pay. We did tell her that was her obligation not ours. ( at that time it was approximately $400 and change ) And yes there her car still remains with a storage bill that she is obligated to pay for but will not. I'm truly sorry this customer has had issues but I believe we have acted appropriately in this matter and have gone above and beyond our responsibilities and I think this is an unfair characterization of how we treat our customers. Respectfully submitted November 11th 2019 Frank Ferraro General Manager Rockland Motors


Great Experience!

Came from Michigan to purchase a '97 Toyota Land Cruiser, the entire staff was extremely accommodating and made the process very smooth. Very nice people to work with, I would definitely consider coming back to Rockland for another purchase.


Best Car-Buying Experience Ever

Once in a while...a long's possible to come across a used car dealer that really wants to look after the customer. Rockland Motors went above and beyond. I had the feeling they cared if I got a good car in good shape, and they made it happen. Not only would I buy another car from them...I wouldn't consider buying from anybody else.


Great Service excellent vehicles

Frank made the process easy listen to my needs and made the process seemless. Paperwork with Diana was vey easy and very effortless. Would difinitaley buy from this dealer again.