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Don Wallence Auto Sales can provide you an experience like no other. Every vehicle is fully serviced in our on site repair center so we can offer a safe and reliable vehicle. We prove this with a few guarantees.
First we will show you our service records along with any parts and labor we incurred.
Second available is an Autocheck Car Fax report.
Third we'll present the Kelly Blue Book value.
We offer warranties and GUARANTEED Credit Approval!
We will settle for our lowest possible profit.
After 45 years in business an educated consumer is our best customer!

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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(35 reviews)

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Run for the hills!

I bought a Dodge Dart from them in the end of June. Not even 24 hours after getting the car the service transmission light came on and it stalled out along the highway. I called them and Tami said she would talk to the mechanic. I was able to get it started again and got it back to my apartment. They came to pick it up. They took it back to there shop and hooked it up and Tami replied as followed “ The car code came up for a torque converter. We have it down the street at Aamco.” keep in mind they didn’t even tell me till I asked how late they were open that they even took it to Aamco. Or even ask if that was okay. I asked how much it was going to cost and then I received the following “ When we ran it on the Modus it was in history code which means it is not present any more but did occur on you. So we feel it is intermittent but will come back on you therefor it will be fixed at no cost to you. Thank you for your cooperation. Rest assured we will honor it for you.” then after that once Aamco was open I called them to see what was going on and they said they had to wait for the warranty company (I bought whatever warranty you get when you get a car) and they couldn’t do anything until then. They said they called the warranty company but it takes time. I called the warranty company and they said no one called about the car. I then ask Tami what was going on and she said that she would call the warranty company. Two hours later I reach out again and she didn’t get the chance to call the company. Between Tami and Aamco telling me two different things I decided to take the car back into my care. I told them that they said they would take care of it at no cost to me in which she replied “ As far as the thread saying we would take care of the car that is only when it was under my care or one of my subcontractors that I use. At the time of writing that, the car was in our possession. “ so now she tried backtracking and made stipulations to it that it had to be taken care of by one of her “subcontractors”. I asked them to show me all the records that were on the car and the only thing they had was one paper that had initials on it and said everything was fine. I had the dealership that I took it to run the same test and to look at the history of it since they bought the car on the 15th of June and it showed it wasn’t the first time it happened. Infact it happened before they sold me the car. Extremely shady. I should have paid more attention to the reviews but thought I’d give them a chance. I wouldn’t recommend these guys at all. I’m sure they’ll write back saying this and that but I have the records backing up everything I said. Unfortunately, now I have to waste time and take these guys to court.


satisfied customer

Recently bought a Nissan Frontier. Well Serviced. While browsing the lot nobody came running out after me like in dealerships. Once i decided what i wanted they answered any question I had. Very knowledgeable about their inventory. Dont hesitate to shop there.


I don't think they inspect the cars at all!!

Friendly service, but they don't show damage in the on-line pictures, I don't think they inspect the cars at all before selling them and good luck getting them to repair the things they promised to fix. I would look elsewhere.

Dealer response

Dominique Gallacher, We sold you a 2010 VW Passat with just 85,000 miles for $6995. The damage you mention was a couple scratches which you asked for us to touch up and when you arrived to purchase you were satisfied. We explained the car has been serviced in our on site repair shop so we do inspect each and every one of them. The repair you are mentioning is a very light squeal which we verified is connected with the turbo charger and spoke with a VW technician who said it is common and not harmful to the engine. Connor explained this to you over phone and you were satisficed with the answer. You arrived days later to pick up the car, test drove it again, drove it back to New York and this is the first we heard from you. We feel we sold you a very nice car at a very fair price and even sold you a 2 year warranty at dealer cost. We were confident you were completely satisfied.


Was looking for a nice pickup truck

I drove an hour to look at a pickup truck. I was probably there for 5 minutes, before asking why the truck was so much over kelly blue book value. I was just curious, wasnt going to affect if i was going to buy the truck or not, i was already set on driving it home. So Don, an older guy there must have been the sales man for the day. Well as soon as i asked the question, he said if you think you're going to kelly blue book me then i won't even let you test drive the truck. He was very angry and arrogant. It was just a question, were there perks of buying a vehicle from this place?? Any response but the one he gave me would have been fine.. But w/ that kind of attitude towards a new customer just asking a simple question. I immediately responded, "ok". I then turned around, got back in my car and drove off. I was really upset that he treated me like that, i had the money for the truck in my pocket and he forced me to drive off w/o it. It is a shame, but these guys aren't worth a penny of your money if they will treat you w/ such disrespect. I could only imagine how they treat people that already paid them.. Find Another Dealership, dont let these guys waste your time!

Dealer response

Rocky, Actually when Don went out to help you the first thing you said to him was that the truck was priced over Kelly Blue Book value and you were not paying our price. He simply told you we can not sell this truck for your offer so driving it was not necessary. We have not been able to sell any of our trucks this year at value. The very nice ones are simply bringing more money on the wholesale level because rust free ones are hard to find. The perks of buying from us is we only sell top of the line trucks which are serviced on site in our service center. Proof is in the 45 years we have been selling vehicles. Many of our customers purchased over 8 or more vehicles from our dealership. Sometimes businesses and customers just do not agree on values of a product.


perfect car!

I just bought a car from them and I gotta say that they are super friendly and are trying to do what’s best for their customers. These guys repaired so much of this car to the point where it looks almost new. Great car for a great price. I highly recommend this dealer!

Dealer response

Thank you for your 5-star review. It is certainly our pleasure having you as a new customer. A great car for our customers is are top priority. Your satisfaction is our goal! Todd Wallence


Went to look at a car at Don Wallence auto sale

I talked to them on phone car had low miles they told me tire where newer and car had a clean car fax When I got there tires where almost down to the wear bars and the car had 2000 dollars worth of damage on the passengers side nice to know all this before I drove over 2 hours each way I'd stay clear of this place

Dealer response

Steve, I told you I can get 4 brand new tires for $48.00 a piece and would happly put them on. I owned a body shop for 25 years and politly disagreed with you that it would cost $2000 to repair. They were scratches not dents. I assumed they were issues you could live with since you made me an offer taking the car as is and I countered by lowering the price by $1195. off the sticker price. You asked for a local place to eat breakfast and said you will think the offer over. A customer walked in after you and applied for credit to purchase the vehicle. He barely noticed the damage you are describing. I explained to him your assesment of our vehicle and he adamently disagreed. Hardly $2000 worth of damage. I am defending my position as well as another customers and would have appreciated a more honest and fair condition assesment not worthy of telling customers to "stay clear of this place".


Regretful Buyer

DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THESE CHEATS. They sold me a car and had a "mechanic" vouch that it was in fine shape and within 6 months I had 4,500 in repairs needed. The electrical system had tons of issues, the battery needed to be replaced, along with a slew of other issues. If they try to sell you a car, run screaming or you'll regret it.


lies about car price and bank loans...............

Went to him and he said price listed on window and site were wrong he needed to charge more for the car. Then he said he could not get me the loan I needed. But I was just at another dealer the day before said he could for the same price as don had listed. I can also prove that as I took the paper work with me when I left other dealer' So he is a lier.

Dealer response

Jay, The price of the car is low for the vehicle and has not changed. It is still the same. I can not get you a loan because you want to trade in your vehicle that has a $3000 dollar trade in value and you owe $7800. dollars on it. You said you do not have any money to put down to make up the difference. I did not lie to you, just was honest. I would recommend going back to the dealer that sold you your car you want to trade in and ask if he can help get you out of it. Unfortunately, we will not put our customers in an upside down loan. I hope you understand and I wish you luck. Todd Wallence


I will be returning!

Fantastic service! Brought a dodge pickup in to have some work done and it was handled with great care. The mechanic did a great job and the truck was finished in a quick amount of time. The Wallences are hard workers, are helpful, and are very knowledgeable people. Overall, I would recommend Don Wallence Auto Sales to all of my friends and family, places like this are hard to find.


Fantastic service getting an amazing car

Todd and Rick really were helpful in every step of our process in getting this car. We appreciated their effort to even try to get us an even lower interest rate by possibly delaying to Monday when another credit union or two might be available for loan options. Then it really was awesome to hear a mechanic who worked there looking for a car for his family wanted to look at the car that we had just finalized, you KNOW it’s a good car if the mechanic wants it. So excited to have this safe car do my family!

Dealer response

Katy, Thank you for your detailed review. I had such a fun time dealing with you and your family. They are so nice to converse with. With great customers such as yourself, we feel obligated to find you the best financing options available. Enjoy your new Subaru! Todd Wallence

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