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This seller has been on since January 2006.
Ron Marhofer Hyundai of Green has a large selection of pre-owned cars trucks and SUV's. Each vehicle is thoroughly inspected and marked with our best no hassle price up front. We offer free home delivery up to 150 miles from the dealership. If you may be interested in this service please let one of our team members know. Additionally you get free car washes for as long as you own the vehicle at any Ron Marhofer Auto Family location!

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(718 reviews)

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Myself and my daughter wanted to purchase a vehicle.

Myself and my daughter wanted to purchase a vehicle. We both went at separate times to test drive and were told it was out for service. After many calls and Texts we had an appointment for 9:00am today. They called to cancel this morning and reschedule for Monday as the salesman couldn’t make it. We had taken off work to be there and stated we would still be up and would just work with someone else. They called back and said it was being detailed and wouldn’t be there until Monday. Then another person called and someone else was test driving it right now. We were ready to make a cash deal on the car all week and got the run around. Canceled appointments and lies were the basis of our experience at this dealership. I do not recommend this very unprofessional place.


incredibly dishonest.

incredibly dishonest...tried to purchase a car that was listed on CARS.COM. Made an appointment and drove 50 miles to purchase only to be told that the car was sold (because it had been ordered months before). I was told that this was a tactic to get you on the dealer lot and try to sell you something else.


Long term customer looking for new dealer

I have bought 10 vehicles from Marhofer since 2006, 7 for myself, 2 with my wife and one for my stepdaughter. I give two stars because the vehicles and services I have received have been okay but honestly, Hyundai makes such a a great vehicle (or at least it used to) that I never had to go into the shop. My son just got rid of one of the old Sonata's I had last year, it was a 2007 with 245,000 miles on it still running, original engine and transmission. Fast fwd. to 2022 and my wife’s 2015 Sonata with 80,000 miles on it and under the theta engine recall and the vehicle (which is in impeccable shape) was leaking oil in multiple spots. This, on a vehicle that has had every single maintenance item done, oil changes on time and driven by middle aged people. I have been driving for 30 years and never in my life had a vehicle with only 80,000 miles on it leak oil. I get a quote for $2,000 to repair it. I say, it should be covered under the recall, they say no. I say fine, I am getting a new car. They say, okay we will give you a good amount for your trade, I say great. They say put down 100 bucks and a new car should be here in the next week or so. I wait almost 3 weeks and the salesman never calls. During this time, the car is not being driven because it is leaking oil, so my wife is borrowing another car. I finally say fine, you win, I guess I can't get a new car since one will never come in and I asked for my 100 bucks back. I then go in for the $2,000 repair and the place is completed bedlam. Mechanics running everywhere and nobody knows what is going on. I drop off the car and wait a few days, they call, and I spend 5 hours trying to call back and I get forwarded to an answering service over and over and nobody ever answers the phone. I come into the place, and nobody knows what is going on. Finally, I pay the bill and the car works fine. Two weeks later my wife is coming home, and the check engine light comes on. Engine surges and we call AAA to tow the car to Marhofer in Green on a Thur. Friday, sat and Sunday and I hear nothing. Monday someone calls and leaves a message and I call back for 3 hours and all I get are voicemails, nobody ever answers. During this time call my salesman and ask if any cars are coming in on Presidents Day. He says, we are swamped our systems were down Saturday, I don't have time right now. I said what cars do you have in? He said I will call you back tomorrow. 3 weeks later and no call back. Car is running fine, but I have to say, my experience with the sales, service and everything was awful. I don't think I should have to have pay 2,000 for repairs on such a modern vehicle. Not sure what has happened over the years, but this isn't the dealership I loved so much from 2006 to 2020. I get it, the pandemic and shortage have hurt everyone, but it is like they don't even care. So, for the first time in 16 years, I am considering moving over to another brand. Sad, because I have raved about this brand to so many for so long, but this left a bad taste in my mouth. I give 2 stars over 1 because most of my experiences were good but the recent experiences are horrible. I have attached some pictures of some of the vehicles I have owned from Marhofer, in one picture you can see my family literally had 5 Hyundai Sonata's at the same time. To see a 2015 Sonata with 80,000 miles, meticulously maintained have such a major issue and get have poor customer services is extremely disappointing. Esp sad to see them do nothing about an engine under recall.



Absolute joke! Called about two vehicles at 9:00 AM and wanted to inquire about "Home Delivery". Was told it only a good option for very remote purchasers and that since i was 25 miles away I should come down. Was told they only hold vehicles for the duration of your drive to the dealership and that I should call Mark when I leave which I did. Low and behold that after my 25 mile - 40 minute drive the main vehicle I was driving down to purchase was was sold in the morning when I first spoke with Mark, and he could have cared less. Here is an example of a few words that never came out of MARK's mouth...I'm sorry for the apologizes for the oversight....nothing. Just kept saying this is how it is when we are soooooo understaffed. Meanwhile three salesmen were in the lobby standing around a computer watching the door for any new customers. Needless to say I was beyond irritated but decided to test drive another car. He sent two, yes two young men to go put a squirt of gas in it....understaffed remember? Couldn't one of those guys have checked if my vehicle was still on lot or not and saved me the hour and twenty minute drive and $4.00 gas prices. Any semblance of regret that this happened would have been common courtesy, but Mark has none. I was drving down to purchase, not kick tires which is what I told him in the morning. WILL NOT BE BACK to this or to any other Marhofer dealership for that matter and I WILL SHARE THIS EXPERIENCE others!


The old fashion Scam.

The old fashion Scam. Get all your info. Name, license, phone...etc. Appraise your car, get your keys, read the spiel about no haggle prices.... And Still Not Let You Even See the car you came to see....much less test drive.


As of recently they have no one working in the service...

As of recently they have no one working in the service department everybody quit so you now have to call yourself and hope someone answers the phone. Terrible place to get service!!!! Still terrible service the rep that called had no idea what was going on with our car and became nasty with my wife she is a very calm and nice person even when being berated this has happened here several times two of which she came home crying! We have always been nice when we call but they seem to not care. There are many reviews now being posted about this dealership it has major issues from management down!!!!!

Dealer response

We are sorry to hear about this experience! I have forwarded to the appropriate personnel.


Terrible Dealer

I tried to buy a car from out of state with my own financing and the dealer said I must finance through their bank. The dealer offers home delivery but obviously they don’t sell cars to people who have their own financing and don’t sell cars to people out of state.


I live 400 miles away, and was able to buy a car from...

I live 400 miles away, and was able to buy a car from Marhofer Hyundai over the phone. It was a very smooth transaction. Ervin the salesman, and Amy the finance consultant, we're both a pleasure and very easy to deal with. The price was great and the interest rate was right what I was looking for. Thank you so much for a smooth transaction!


Do not go here, any other Hyundai dealer is better

Terrible service, after 4 hours waiting for anything they still had no exact numbers for financing. They led about our credit scores and who knows what else. Got much better and quicker service at a different Hyundai dealership.

Dealer response

I am deeply concerned about your recent visit and need to correct this for you and our future guests. Please contact me so I can understand what happened. Thank you, James Berger Sales Director 813 716 8784


Great experience! Shout out to Kyle! Warm welcome from...

Great experience! Shout out to Kyle! Warm welcome from all the staff. Easy, Clean, No sales pressure just great information! Love my vehicle and it was fast!

Dealer response

Thank you for your kind words! Drive safely & enjoy!

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