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(22 reviews)

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Exceeded Expectations

Got a Forerunner from Kip and was extremely impressed with the whole process from looking at cars to purchasing one. Best customer service and selection in town.


Great buying experience

Kip is great to work with. He found the car I was looking for at a great price and made the whole process very easy.


Merc Benz e500 series

Our MB is an incredible car, which Kip was able to sell us @ an incredible value! We are 100% pleased with our purchase & the overall purchasing experience!


Chip got me a great deal on a great car!

Kip at Motorwerks was easy to deal with and a straight shooter. I felt like he gave me a reasonable deal on a great car. I am very pleased with his customer service and certainly hope to be a repeat customer. I had never met Kip before and had no connection to him or his business previously. When I went for the test drive I was impressed by him and his facility on Division Street. He offered me such a reasonable price I thought the car must be a lemon, so I paid a mechanic to check it out and the mechanic gave it a rave review. I was very pleased and Kip did a great job finishing up the deal and following through on our agreement. I now drive a beautiful used BMW for which people assume I must have paid much more than I did. Thank you Kip!


Extreme disappointment

My husband and I were very leary about buying a car via the internet. We asked many questions and were assured that the car was in great condition to the point of Kip sending photos of 1-2 small dings on the body which is expected. My husband and Kip agreed on price, made financial arrangements and the very next morning I flew to Springfield to pick up my Mercedes GL 550. During the drive from the airport to Motorwerks I noticed a vibration in the car. Kip was positive it was a wheel imbalance and we went to his local shop to have it taken care of. I could still feel the vibration, though better, after the "fix" but was informed that it takes a while for the tires to warm up and balance out. Kip had driven the car all weekend prior and didn't feel a thing. Once I was able to inspect the car fully i noticed holes I the interior (3) and that there had been some leather repair done on one of the seats. Kip hadn't noticed any of these prior! (Uh-huh) I have had to have rims and tires plus a few other things done to this car to get it to the condition to which we were told the car was supposed to be in....$3,000 later and I am still trying to get it into that great condition.... I was also told that the previous owner had the second key for the vehicle and that we would be able to get it ($300 later, I have a key) Kip also repeatedly said he did not have time to detail the car prior to my arrival but it was still clean from when he obtained the car. Not sure how chips in between seats, sticky beverages spilled in several places, and a filthy steering wheel constitutes clean But I will say after spending a few hundred dollars on detailing it looks and smells new. I have communicated my issues to Kip only to be told that there is not return policy and that it is a used car with 48,000 miles on it so basically oh well. Hope this helps future buyers in preparing what to ask prior to dealing with Kip.

Dealer response

We always strive to buy and sell cars of the highest quality, and to describe our cars correctly to potential customers shopping online. In over 16 years of being in business, it has been extremely rare that we have had a customer who has been disappointed in their purchase. That being said, we never promised a second key to the customer who purchased this vehicle. In fact, in our description of the vehicle, without them asking, we informed our customer that we only had one key, and that although we would attempt to get the additional key from the original owner, it was a long shot, since we were not the dealer who originally took the car in on trade. As promised, we reached out to the original owner via their assistant, and connected our customer with them in an attempt to get the additional key, and were told that they would try to find the key and deliver it to one of us. I'm not sure why they opted to buy a key without waiting to see if the customer could find and deliver the key. On a Friday we were informed that they would be flying in the next day to pick up the vehicle. We informed the customer that, although the car was very nice, and pretty clean, it had been test driven a few times and it would need a little more detailing to get it to the pristine condition our cars are normally in at the time of delivery. And because our town was experiencing a winter storm with Snow, freezing rain, and poor road conditions in which salt was being applied, there was no way for this to happen on the very short notice of them flying in to pick up the car. At the time, this was not an issue with them because they would be driving the car back to their town 500 miles and 8 hours away in the bad weather and they didn't want to wait to get the vehicle. Again, due to the short notice, and poor road conditions, we were not able to drive the car until we picked up our customer at the airport at which time we noticed that the tires were either cold, or out of balance. We immediately addressed this issue and had the tires balanced so she could get on her way back home. This Mercedes with an AMG package has an aggressive low profile 21" wheel and tire option, made for handling and performance, and rides much stiffer than the Toyota 4runner they were used to and we explained this to her. They take longer to warm up, especially in freezing temperatures. The tires on the vehicle had been recently replaced, so we are unsure why it would need new tires, unless the shop she took it to back home was trying to make money on her for unnecessary repairs, or if something else happened on the way home or in the nearly 30 days they have owned the car before we learned of this issue. We did miss a couple minor interior blemishes in our description, and took money off of the sale price to compensate for the minor repairs needed. This was a simple oversight, and 100% our error. All of her concerns could have been easily addressed had they not picked up the vehicle on the weekend, with very short notice, in bad weather conditions. We are closed on the weekend, as are many of the shops that we use. We are learning of her concerns after nearly 30 days of owning this vehicle. We don't have a return policy, and don't know any dealer who does, therefore, we welcome potential customers to do a pre-purchase inspection. We do our very best do describe our vehicles correctly, so there are no surprises. This customer was able to look at and drive the vehicle prior to purchasing it, and after doing so, purchased it. We know this vehicle was very nice and was a great value of over half price of what it was new! We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and are happy that she now feels that after it was detailed "it looks and smells new"!


great experience buying my jeep!

Had a great experience buying my Jeep Wrangler through Motorwerks with Kip. He made the buying process easy and answered all my questions. Also goes out of his way to make sure he replies and works after hours to work with your schedule. He has great competitive pricing. I would recommend all friends and family to go see him for your next vehicle needs!


Exceptional service

The whole process was so easy and the owner really made myself and my family feel appreciated. The car was everything as Kip had said. I will be back again for my next car.


Great Cars

Every car we have gotten from MotorWerks has been excellent quality. I love the Lexus GX 460 we just purchased


Repeat customer because of great service

Kip always does a great job finding the car to meet mine and my families needs. I can call him on the phone and tell him a few details of what I want in a vehicle, and he delivers every time!


Great experience and the best cars I have owned!!

We have bought 3 cars from Motorwerks and they have all been great cars. High quality and clean cars! We have enjoyed dealing with Motorwerks. They have great service, and we will return!