Rairdon Subaru of Auburn

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(298 reviews)

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Lured in by cheap online pricing.

Lured in by cheap online pricing. I asked for a solid out the door quote, since I was buying over the internet without even looking at the Legacy I wanted to purchase. The online price beat any dealer in the Inland NW by at least $2,000. Gave them the $500 holding deposit that they wanted. When I arrived to sign the paperwork and pick up the car, I was totally shocked. They didn't even tell me, but the out the door price was now $7,000 more than what was agreed on. Eventually I was able to knock down that price to $2,000 more than what was agreed on. (I made them take off GAP insurance, extended warranty, and 5.9% interest rate). There was a 0% financing rate available, but the salesperson automatically told me I would not qualify, so that is why they made my interest rate 5.9%. I made them run the financing at 0% even though another salesperson laughed and said, "no way they will ever qualify for that". When the financing came back as "approved" for 0%, the salesperson did not even attempt to apologize for automatically disqualifying us. The $2000 extra (over what was agreed on) could not be taken off. Because they said it was an automatic charge for upholstery coating, and Serial number stamping on discrete parts of the car (supposedly to help with theft). I should have walked out of the dealership at that point, because I felt like I was getting ripped off. But it was too late because they had already taken my trade in and started work on it. A day after I took the car home, the GM of sales called me and asked how my buying experience was. I told him that it was horrible, and I would never come back to, or recommend this dealership to anyone. The GM then told me he would like to do whatever was possible to earn my 100% satisfaction. I told him, "Then give me back the $2,000 you ripped me off". Because I had documentation to prove I was over charged from what I had agreed on. After that the GM told me it was standard practice to add those extras on every car, so everyone pays it regardless of out the door price. So, I replied, "yah standard practice to rip people off" and he hung up the phone on me. Avoid this dealership at all costs unless you like getting ripped off.


Know your car

Every time I have taken my car to be service there is something wrong. They have tried to recharge 3times for stuff they already did good thing I keep notes on my car maintenance. Maybe since I am older WOMEN you can tell me anything. Also I never see discounts on service like they say they have


Negligent, dirty, irresponsible service. I recently took...

Negligent, dirty, irresponsible service. I recently took my car in for an oil change, several standard services (e.g. air filter, spark plugs, etc), and two recalls. When I picked the car up, I noticed a strong oil smell (headache inducing smell), but assumed maybe it would go away. Two days later, I went to strap my daughter into her car seat and noticed something seemed odd. The seat was in its usual place, but something was different and I couldn’t quite place it. It was only when I pushed on the seat, after already buckling her in, that I realized it had been completely uninstalled and NO ONE SAID A THING to me. I was so shocked and horrified because if I hadn’t been paying attention, I easily could have driven off with my daughter in an unsecured seat. I called and screamed at whatever service person was on duty at 6:50am, before reinstalling the seat, so I could go about my day. The only thing he said was “legally our service techs can’t reinstall car seats.” Um, that’s great, but if you’re so worried about liability, shouldn’t you say something to me, so at least I know to reinstall the seat? I noticed that the latch system was completely in the wrong location, so who knows what they did to my car seat. For all I know, it’s been damaged. The manager then called me back to say he didn’t even know why any service tech would have been in the back seat. When I reached my destination and took my daughter out of her seat, I also discovered the source of the oil smell. Whatever service tech had removed the seat from my car also left his dirty oil stained rag in my car, right below my daughter’s car seat. So, she was also inhaling oil fumes the entire ride. The manager later called back and basically said sorry and that “the situation has been rectified”, but provided no detail. Regardless, that is the last time I will go to Rairdon Subaru and I won’t ever buy another car from any Rairdon location ever again. Definitely inspect your car after getting any service done at this dealership.


They failed to mention the Mazda I was looking at smelled...

They failed to mention the Mazda I was looking at smelled like cigarettes and had an abused interior. When I told the person he said "oh well why don't you try to get it out?". It was a waste of two hours driving to see the car.


Crappy experience. Did online app. Was told we could get...

Crappy experience. Did online app. Was told we could get into a 350 payment. Got there and they wanted 3000 more down and 400+ payment. Drove 4 hours just for them to be just like every other dealership. You would think with COVID this wasn’t the first online application. It was a crappy experience.


I have a lease on my Subaru the is ending in February. I...

I have a lease on my Subaru the is ending in February. I got it at the old version of this dealership, Mike Scharf Subaru. They were co awesome I decided to take a drive to Auburn to see about getting another lease. I was surprise to see that the cars here were almost 5,000.00 more than at the Tacoma Subaru dealership. I was working with a young woman that knew nothing about leasing and had to keep running back and forth to her manager. She was so sweet that that did not bother me. What bothered me was that I know I have bad credit but I have a co signer that has awesome credit. Well they gave me less that what my car is worth ( 2017 Impreza with 26,000 miles) they said it was worth 12,000.00, but I can sell it on my own for 18,000.00. So they tacked another almost 3,000.00 on the price of a new lease because of the difference in what I owed and what they would give me. then told me to get the same deal I had now I would have to put 16,000.00 down! xxx? We only had to put 6,000.00 down last time. I asked to talk with the manager because I could not believe that. He was very nasty and condescending and told me that cars had better safety features and cost more now. well guess what my 2017 Subaru Impreza premium had the blind spot camera that the 2021 Impreza does not. So what are the new features that cost so much more? Even if the car was Worth the asking price no way would I ever go back to this dealership as long as the manager is still there. BTW I went to Tacoma Subaru after this terrible treatment and was offered 6,000 down and 155.00 a month payments for a 23,000.00 Subaru Impreza Sport the same care they wanted 28,000.00 for......way better deal, cost and treatment! Go to any other Subaru dealership if you want to be treated with any type of respect!


Great Customer service. This gal named Jessica Wiley in...

Great Customer service. This gal named Jessica Wiley in the service department was so nice and helpful to me when I brought my Impreza in for a small window repair. She took my car in right away and put me into a nice Crosstrek loaner car. Not too long after that I came back in with my brother and financed a new Subaru Crosstrek and trade my Impreza in. Got a great low interest rate on my new car and super friendly helpful staff.


Great Customer Service!

A big thank you to Ian in the Service Department! He is friendly, conscientious, and went above and beyond in taking care of my service needs. Simply amazing customer service.


Our sales rep was friendly, helpful and informative. She...

Our sales rep was friendly, helpful and informative. She went the extra mile to answer our questions and make it work. I'd buy here again.


I dropped in with a problem and they fit me right in and...

I dropped in with a problem and they fit me right in and gave me a loaner car while they did four plus hours of work! Great experience

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