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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(19 reviews)

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bad car

i bought a VW jetta 2 weeks ago and its nothing but problems. The car salesman brain bishop ignored my calls and blew me off. poor follow up after sale. they just want your money like everyone else. sad


I never heard a word from this dealership.

I never heard a word from this dealership. Never tried to reach out to me at all.


Easton location is a joke

Purchased a car online, had it shipped to this location. Bad idea. Emails sent to my husband and we aren’t even linked on CarMax or financing it together. I should say email. They sent one saying car would be ready for a test drive and have a date 3 weeks after it arrived. I emailed and messaged 5 times asking about this. No response. No communication at all from dealership. I guess they don’t want to sell cars. Went to a different lot and purchased a brand new one in 20 minutes. Don’t go here. We did buy a car from the other Columbus location once, very positive experience there. So I am assuming it’s lack of management as this location.


When I really needed help no one was there to help. There...

When I really needed help no one was there to help. There were several cars I had interest in but couldn't get anyone to answer my questions. When it's only your second time buying a car, there are lots of questions that need answering. No help.


Terrible experience

Online sales started out great, which should have been my first clue. Got approved for a cute little car, paid $99 delivery fee and anxiously waited. A week later, got the text the car arrived at Easton, then set up home delivery then it fell apart. Clerical errors, couple of failed ID checks, three missed appointments, and turns out, if I didn't pay for an Uber to get up there, no car. After leaving a negative review, a manager called to fix the problem a week later. Then they requested paystubs, references, another ID check, I was done. Just bad experience and I lost $99. Do not recommend.


Carmax of Easton are not Honorable Dealer

With less then two thousand miles and three months the Suspension broke into almost causing me my life. Carmax said suck it up buttercup !


No floor-mats, and no return calls after purchase!

I am so surprised that a business would not return a call from a new customer. Got my new Mercedes home to realize there were NO FLOOR-MATS. Have called Hannah, my salesperson, several times, left messages, and have not heard one word back. They have my money now, and that's clearly all they care about!!


Bought a vehicle

I got preapproved foubs the vehicle I wanted online and had it shipped to the Morse Road location. I have had absolutely no priblem qith my car since I bought it last year. It was clean inside and out and the service was awesome. When i go to buy another vehicle I will return. I will recommend them also. GREAR JOB!!!


Appointments mean nothing to this place

Made an appointment so I could be quick. I show up and the guy who's been emailing me didn't even come in today. They found me a guy who was nice enough but he said I had to wait in line even though I made an appointment. I said can I leave a number and come back later. They said I should wait thirty minutes. Forty five minutes later I'm told another thirty.


Don't trust them

These guys sold me a car that was throwing transmission codes (P0702, etc)...I thought it felt a little like it was slipping on the test drive, but figured I'd bring it to my mechanic to be sure it wasn't just my imagination. The first clue that these guys weren't above board is that they wouldn't let me take it until I bought it...but they do have a 5 day return policy. Since I knew I could get my mechanic to look at it in a couple of days, I took a chance and bought it. On his test drive, he said the same thing that I had felt...rumble, vibration, slipping when changing gears. He hooked up his scanner and there were the codes. So, I went to return it and that went off without a hitch, though the manager did tey to get me to have them service it. Since the problem was pre-existing and they would have seen it just by hooking up a scanner I didn't really trust that option. So I gave them their care back, assuming they would fix it now that they knew what was wrong with it (even though I suspected they already knew when they sold it to me). Here's where it gets interesting: I only had one of the two keys with me, so I returned the second one the next morning. On a hunch, to see if they could actually be trusted, I went out to look on their lot. Sure enough they had put that damned car with a bad transmission that was only going to get worse RIGHT BACK OUT ON THE LOT!!! They tried to tell me it was because there was a recall, but the only recall on the vehicle was for a door latch issue. The Carmax dealership at Easton in Columbus cannot be trusted. In particular stay away from a blue 2012 Ford Focus SEL. And if they'll turn around and sell that the next day knowing it's bad, they'll do the same to every other car on their lot.

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