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This seller has been on Cars.com since May 2006.
Tyme Auto has customers waiting for your clean used vehicles bring in your appraisal from another dealer and we will pay $500 more GUARANTEED! We have a variety of inventory to choose from...visit us today!
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(35 reviews)

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poor communication and rude

7 minutes ago We were looking to purchase a 2012 Jeep Sahara from Tyme. We already had the financing from our bank approved, we just needed to go down and test drive it. My husband called shortly after dealers opened back up from the COVID-19 shutdown. They stated that yes the Sahara was still there. Well on there site it says make offer. My husband did and the lady was going to get ahold of the boss to see if he would accept. Then she never called back. We called back later and she said he never answered so we said okay that price is fine can we get an appt to come see it. Then she says um...it's not on the lot at the moment it went in for detail or something I'll let you know when it gets back. Well called back later that night and owner answered, he stated it was in the shop and should be back around 4 the next day. My husband left work early the next day being we live like 3 hours away which we told them, the owner said call beforehand. Well my husband did and they said it's still in the shop not going to be back tonight but you guys are first on the list I'll call you when it's in. We didn't hear back so gave them a day in between and most of that after noon and called at the latest possible moment we could to get down there on time that day, and the lady that had been working with us was so rude and said "sir I said I will call you its not back yet" I mean idc how annoyed you are you don't say that to a customer. Especially when that customer has money in hand ready to go....we went somewhere else however and got a better deal and good customer service and tyme never did try to call when it got out of the shop!



Helped us as soon as we arrived. The problem we found they quickly fixed. The buying process was quick and we purchased the vehicle. Great experience


Dave Brewer

Brendan was very helpful. They gave me an excellent deal on a 2000 vw. Very professional and easy to deal with. Easiest vehicle purchase I ever made!


Horrible experience

Horrible experience. I came in on a Saturday to test drive a 2007 Toyota Prius. The price was initially $2,550. After the test drive, I informed the salesperson, whose name was Roger, that I wanted to purchase the vehicle and that I would be back on Monday to pay cash for it as my credit union was closed at that time. Later that evening, the company increased the the amount of the purchase price to $3,795 on their website. I called Roger on Monday to inform him that I was on my way to purchase the vehicle. He informed me that they had to increase the price because they had sent it to a paint shop. This was very deception in my opinion because the price had been $2,550 for a week before I had came into the dealership for a test drive. I would hate to allege something as serious as potential racism but I will be filing a complaint to investigate this possibility.


Tyme Auto

This dealership does amazing work! The financing process was made very easy by the nice woman working it. The salesmen (and woman) were all very nice and made finding a car simple. The owner was very kind. Overall a great experience!


Best prices in town

I just love mom n pop shops. Not many around anymore. This is a really nice relaxing family atmosphere. Best experience buying my daughter's first car. Would recommend.



I went here looking for a second car possibly an SUV. When I looked around the lot it was apparent that this was a place (like most buy here, pay here lots) that get their cars for auto auctions. Then I remembered, GO TO AN AUCTION don't pay twice as much from these people and that is exactly what I did. I am a woman and purchased a small SUV for 3,000 and have had it for 2.5 yrs with no problems as of yet! Go to an auction!

Dealer response

We're happy to hear that you have had no problems with the vehicle that you purchased! We always strive to provide our customers with quality vehicles at competitive pricing. While auctions can be a great place to purchase a low cost vehicle, you may not be able to obtain a warranty or the service that our dealership can provide for you. Come back and see us any time.


Funny place

It was like a sitcom, could not believe this is a professional dealership. Called on a GTS I saw online in Tyme's lot. Many pictures, looked nice. The gentleman I spoke to said something to the effect that he ran the place or something (can not recall exactly) and he/they have been there for years. I asked about the car, he said hold on and sort of yelled over to someone "do we have some toyota gts or something?". I asked about the mileage, again he yelled over and asked "whats the mileage on that thing?". I then asked about its condition and any accidents, again he said hold on and this time it sounded like he held his hand over the phone as I could hear some muffed talking. He came back and said it's real nice, no accidents. I asked now much and he then without hesitation (after literally appearing to know nothing about the car prior) said a price about 9% lower than I saw it online for. So I drove over the next day and walked around the small lot for a few minutes and then looked over the gts. Out came a gentleman (I'm thinking it was who I spoke to on the phone as he sounded the same) and he said what are you looking for? I stated I came to look at the gts. I further commented the car was in much worse poorer than the pictures illustrated and the car clearly looked like it had been in a few "fender benders", had issues, etc. - even the front facia/bumper was hit/damaged and not attached on the driver's side. The gentleman just stood by the door of the building he came out of, never came over to where I was or the car was, and responded "I don't know". I said okay, thank you and left, he said okay and bye. That was basically it. The call, visit, etc. reminded me of some "Seinfeld" type episode.

Dealer response

I'm horrified that this was your experience with our company. We at Tyme Auto strive for excellence and for each and every one of our customers to feel like a part of our team's family. Unfortunately- every family has a few weak links! I think you'd find that if you came in again, that would certainly not be the case... but we do like to have fun so maybe a sitcom isn't the worst comparison.


Wonderful Experience

I purchased a vehicle through them. I had an awesome experience. My credit was a bit shaky, so Aaron helped get me financed. I have a busload of kids and they worked with me finding me a vehicle with enough room. My payments are low and I had some money set aside plus a trade in. JR was great when I needed to buy tires (I hit a pot hole) months after I had bought the van. I called and asked if there was a place he would recommend and he saved me several hundred dollars off of what I was quoted elsewhere. I truly appreciate the experience that I had buying my van. They went above and beyond for someone who didn't have the best credit. Honestly, the part that stands out to me the most is that he helped me with my tire well after I purchased my car. They stood true to their word that they would help get me a discount when I needed work done. I think in most cases that is just lip service to get the sale, but it was true here. In addition, I love the retro look with all the lights and flags.


Wasted trip! Van already sold

It was a total waste of time going to this dealership. I spoke with a representative that assured me the vehicle that was listed on cars.com was available. I drove 30 miles to view the vehicle that was already sold. Total waste of time and gas!!! Before you visit this dealership call it direct.

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