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Berglund Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM has revolutionized the car buying process. Our sales staff is not only personable and honest but extremely knowledgeable. You'll get quick answers to your questions so you won't spend all day on the lot like most car dealers in the Roanoke VA area. Plus our Financing Department can pre-qualify you before even getting on to the lot making everything more streamlined. We truly care about customers; they are the reason we are still in business. That's why we are committed to making sure to be here for you before during and after the sale.
"Our Volume Saves You Money"

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(62 reviews)

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Jeep owners and others BEWARE!

I had a repair made on my wife's 2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited where they replaced the sparkplugs and one fuel injector because I did not have time to do it myself. I have been an auto mechanic, diesel mechanic and aircraft mechanic and I grew up on a farm working on cars, trucks, mowers, tractors and more. So I'm pretty familiar with mechanic work. They did the initial work okay or so I thought, but then our Jeep started leaving a pretty good amount of oil drips on the driveway and was loosing oil at about a quart every 1000 miles. After inspecting it to see the source I realized it was coming from the top of the engine where they did their work, so I took it back to them to figure out what happen. That evening they said that it was "nothing that they did, but the oil cooler directly in the area that they were working was cracked and leaking the oil. They said that they could replace it but parts and labor would be a little over $1,000! After talking for a while with the Service Manager, he said that "the part with over $500 alone basically their cost" and they'd have to get one shipped from another dealership. After a while he said that he could "eat some of the labor expense so the replacement would run me around $700" and initially I was going to do it, but then I decided to check things on my own so I cancelled the repair appointment. I found and bought a brand new OEM oil cooler that looked identical to the one in the vehicle for LESS THAN $100.00 then watched some YouTube videos on doing the job. When I began disassembly I found things that the dealership had broken during their repair work from before and then I discovered that the source of my oil leak was not my oil cooler at all, but rather it was my PCV Valve as the oil was inside the intake plenum which they should have seen when they did the previous job. I replaced the gaskets, oil cooler (only because I already opened it) and PCV Valve in a friends shop taking my time and my total cost was less than $150. Only thing that was a bit tricky was getting a low in. lbs. torque wrench. My wrenches are mostly ft. lbs. Any way if I had gone with their original repair / replacement, then I would have been out over $1,000 and I'd still have an oil leak / consumption problem. They don't really care about customer satisfaction or doing a good job. They just want your money. I won't go back to this dealer.


Carol Thompson

Carol Thompson went over and beyond to help me get in my vehicle. She made it happen. Very upfront and on top of everything. Best experience I have had to date buying a vehicle.


What a bunch of jerks

The only reason we purchased a car from this dealer is my husband insisted that he wanted this vehicle. The kid who sold us the car was fine but when talking about price he went and discussed it with his boss. When he came back he refused to reduce the price at all and his boss mocked that I brought up kelly blue book pricing. If you don’t want to reduce your prices that is one thing .. but mocking your customers is another . He also stayed in his office and never came out to speak to us face to face. I personally will never go near this dealership again.


Best Dealership service in town.

I bought my Ford Edge Titanium at Burglund and the customer service is incredible, the service department is efficient and very professional, I'm very pleased with my vehicle. I would recommend Burglund Chrysler Dodge Jeep to anyone. "Good quality cars".


This was a very bad visit. I feel as if things wer

I took my truck in for recall work. I also scheduled an inspection sticker. My appt was at 1.30. I waited until 5. My headlight had small amount of condensation. It shines brighter than the non one. After I pay I'm informed that my sticker was rejected. Yet I'm looking at my truck and they did not scrape the old sticker off. I then was informed I had to pay 224 for a new light. This was a way to get money. My truck was never inspected. The worse service. At no time was I ever told of any of this. Complete bull crap.


Horrible service department

I will never buy a car from this Jeep dealer again. Very poor service department. They do not ever answer the phone in the service department and no interest in customer satisfaction. Forget trying to get a loaner when your car is being serviced! They make it as difficult as possible to get one and avoid phone calls to even attempt to get one! I am sure this place looses a lot of business due to the service advisors!


Excellent service

My name is Curtis N. My wife and I purchased a new car from Berglund Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. The customer service was excellent. James Hunt was our salesman and he was wonderful. He totally exceeded our expectations .we searched locally for a car but could not get what we were searching for.James went above and beyond to get us the car we were looking for at the best price possible. it was totally worth the 6 hour drive to pick it up. Thank you Mr. Hunt for your kindness and everything you did to make our purchase as smooth as possible.


Recent service visit

We brought our 2017 Pacifica in for its FIRST visit since August 2016 when we bought it. Still not enough mileage for a real oil change, but it was time for state inspection so we had both the oil change and the inspection. All went well. Tried to find you to speak to you, but you were not available when we were there. Your "neighbor" said you were out for a late lunch, but we couldn't find you earlier and soon thereafter we left. Sorry to have missed you. We love our Pacifica, but are not in the market to replace our 2010 Town and Country at this time. Sandi Kiger


Great service!

Rodney went an extra mile to get a van back from another dealership on a Saturday so we could try it out. We bought the van and we love it. He also made our loan work so we could drive the van home on a late Saturday afternoon. Thanks for your help .


Great Experience!

We had a great experience here! I found a Jeep Wrangler online that I was interested in. I sent an email inquiring about it on a Sunday not expecting anyone to get back to me until Monday because they were closed, but Rodney responded to me within just an hour or so! My husband and I drove in from out of town on Monday and Rodney had it all ready to go for us to take it for a drive. it was exactly what I was looking for. Now it's ours and we couldn't be happier! Rodney was great as well as the gentleman in finance and the GM. Everyone was super friendly. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

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