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(11 reviews)

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Do Not Go Here. The whole family is disr espectful and dishonest. They insulted me and my car! They are not fair and sell garbage. The minute you have an issue, they will treat you like dirt. Don’t be fool by their fake demeanor when they try to convince you to buy their auction cars—there cars are rejects from dealerships who refuse to certify the cars—don’t buy a mystery car from these dishonest “used car salesman,” as they are the reason that gives the profession a bad name.


I bought two cars here and will by my next there.

Both vehicles I purchased here have served me well. The sell price was reasonable. They addressed all my questions and were a pleasure to negotiate with.


My wife bought a car from this guy, terrible

My wife went thru an awesome purchase experience with her jeep especially since this place is almost 5 hours away. After having the vehicle a week the left rear tire fell off while my wife and daughter were driving down the road. They took care of that problem without much argument but when we got the jeep back the check engine lite came on. Took it to our certified mechanic and it had codes for mutiple misfires among others. We loaded it on a trailer and took it back to city motors and he wasn't there so we dropped it off. They had it about a month and said it needed o2 sensors and re flashed. Tried to charge her almost $300 for this. The ironic thing is he was on the phone no where to be seen until we started arguing about the bill. Then he came out claiming he was gonna just eat the bill but now, since we wanted to argue with him we could just pay up and leave. I walked out before it got worse. He did eat the bill and we left. The next day thecheck engine lite came back on. He said take it to our local jeep dealer, obviously he's not planning paying, or caring at this point. The jeep dealer diagnosed the same thing he said he had said he just did to it. They wanted to do these same thing he said he had just did to it!!! We're aware we bought a 2013 jeep with 97000 miles on it but we also are aware of crappy business practices. We've had this jeep for almost 2 months, about to make the second payment on it, have only put about 1500 miles on it and it's been in the shop more than in our driveway


Bad Experience

Salesman lied said he would call back didn’t. Wanted to double dip offered me 7500 for a vehicle that was 2 yrs newer then the vehicle I wanted to purchase w 40k more miles . Mind you this was a truck that often holds more value but he wanted 16k for his vehicle that was bought at auction for much less . This is textbook strategy to beat customer price down and get top dollar for their vehicle. Car Salesman wonder why they regularly carry a bad rep ... Here’s a classic case . Little did the salesman know I had funds available to pay for his asking price if need be . Moral of the story - don’t shop here .PS - next time , don’t let the rags fool you !

Dealer response

Mr Shelton. I am sorry you were unhappy with your brief visit. I am also sorry that book values work the way they do. A vehicle is worth what it is worth. The book value for our truck was over $17,000. We were asking $15,995. We do not have any fees added to that price either. Trade in value for your trade ranged from $6500-$8,000. Retail on your trade was under $12,000. You said you were selling it on your own for $13,000 or trading it for $12,000. This simply is not possible even though your trade was very clean. Also, 75% of all vehicles sold as pre-owned were at the auction at some point. Your trade in fact was sold at auction 2 times before you bought it. We do sell cars for more than we paid for them. This is normal. Our mark-up however is very reasonable. The truck you missed also had brand new tires, was fully certified and had a 6 month/ 6,000 mile warranty (100% parts and labor). As far as "your rags", I assure you that no one in our establishment even recalls what you were wearing much less would ever judge you by your attire. We have been doing this for over 20 years and have awesome relationships with all of our customers, no matter what their attire. The customer that purchased the truck the next day (from 225 miles away) did not have the means you have. He required some financing. Not everyone has $16,000 in their bank account, in fact this is very rare. It does not make one person better than the other. We will treat all customers the same. It was great to meet you and we hope that we have another truck in soon that you would consider. Just please understand, awesome 1 owner trucks under $20,000 do not set here long! As you made very clear on the phone, your frustration stems from missing a great deal on a great truck. I hope you find a truck very soon and are able to trade your car for what you hope to get for it!


Amazing experiance

After driving over an hour to get to the dealership to look at the one ellusive truck, I was not disappointed. The dealership is well laid out and easy to find. Dave and Carol were friendly and extremely low pressure. The experience was one of the best I've had (and I don't throw praise lightly). Thank you two for a wonderful truck and superb experience!


Great Service!

City Motors went the extra mile to help me get a great car at an amazing price. They worked with me for hours on it. They made sure I was completely satisfied before I drove home in the car. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a used car.


Great customer service and prices

I have been buying from city motors for 17 years. Any time I go in and want a specific car they try their hardest to get what I want. Everyone there is very professional and I will never go any where else to buy a car. I always tell anyone who is looking to buy a car to go see them.


Thanks to Dave!

Thanks to Dave Johnson at City Motors for a painless purchase, for the amazing deal, & for my 7 passenger again!!:) Great team & unbeatable prices at City Motors if anyone out there looking for a great deal & truly the best prices around!


great experience!

I found the vehicle I was looking for on the City Motors Website, and I called to see if it was still there, everyone was out of the office except for Paul the mechanic. He was very nice, and made me feel comfortable. I've never bought a car on my own before, so I was excited and nervous! Dave and Carol were great as well, they worked hard to make everything as smooth as possible for me. Even though I was buying one of the less expensive cars on the lot I felt like they couldn't possibly have given me better service! I will definitely keep them in mind in the future.


Excellent service, knowledgeable personnel

Phenomenal customer service! The buying process was quick and I felt very well informed. Salesmen were knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy. Very relaxed atmosphere! Traveled from Florida for the purchase of this vehicle and would do it again in a heart beat!

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