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This seller has been on since September 2011.
Since Georgia Import Auto opened for business in 2008 we have made it our focus to connect car shoppers to quality used inventory. No matter what your budget or your needs we are confident we can help find the right vehicle at a great price.
Our used vehicle lot in Alpharetta GA offers top notch used car inventory for your automotive shopping needs. We have a wide inventory full of clean cars trucks and SUVs from all of the great auto brands. We have prices sure to agree with your pocket book and our flexible financing makes it easy to afford your next vehicle.
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(111 reviews)

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Dealership was friendly and knowledgeable of all cars on

Dealership was friendly and knowledgeable of all cars on the lot. Very responsive and no pressure!


They were good, did what they were supposed to do.

They were good, did what they were supposed to do. I was urgently needing a car so I feel like I also made it easy for them. So it was a straightforward visit and purchase. They were nice enough to show what the car was serviced on before putting it on the market and serviced it even more based on some requests we had before handing me the keys. Vernon and Feroze are nice people doing the job :)


Would not recommend this place to anyone !

Would not recommend this place to anyone ! Purchased a 2012 Camry here took a very short test drive my mistake . Went back paid for the car . Leave the lot for home . About twenty minutes into my ride home . The car starts to shake at 30 to 50 mph range . Can't figure out why ? Then it starts stalling between 2nd and 3rd gear . Come to find out this car was recalled for the transmission bad torque converter. Vernon told me he would have it repaired bring it back . The head mechanic was well aware of this recall as he used to work for Toyota. So rather than replace the defective part he chose to just flush the transmission. Leaving the bad converter in the transmission . Come get it it's repaired . Go to get it and head home NOT REPAIRED ! Was told to bing it back a second time still did not get repaired. Was told to bring it back for a THIRD TIME. By the way the a/c has stopped now . Was told transmission and a/c would get repaired this time . Went to get it a/c still blowing warm air and transmission still not repaired !! Vernon Love is a liar . I was told don't worry we we'll fix it we're not just going to take your money . But that is EXACTLY what they did ! Now I'm stuck with a car I can't sell because of a bad transmission ! I'm 52 and I can say this was the absolute worst car buying experience in my life ! If you want to be lied to and hung out to dry go here . If you want honesty integrity and a dealer who stands behind what they sell GO ANYWHERE ELSE !!


Honest used car salesman? YEP

Went here looking for dirt cheap car that was semi dependable. Amazing dealer sent me over to a great deal that I would never expected. Noticed an issue after delivery immediately took it back into shop and resolved. For a used car place salesman are very honest. Cars are still used and buy as is but if you need a used car then I suggest giving them a look.





I had the pleasure to work with Vernon Love. He was very...

I had the pleasure to work with Vernon Love. He was very receptive to all my questions. The response was prompt from my very first email through I would recommend their service. Although we didn't end of buying the car, it was a great experience.


Car Purchase Nightmare; GIA stole my car; NO Trust

5/19/21 - Paid GIA almost $11,000 to purchase a 2011 Nissan Maxima with credit card and check. Paid in full for the vehicle. Was promised $200 worth of repairs would be done and parts ordered. After paying I found one part in the trunk and told them the part was in the trunk. Another part was ordered incorrectly but they installed it anyways. It tore off bottom of car. Asked them to order and install correct part, they refused. So I disputed the $200 for the repairs. American Express inadvertently disputed the wrong amount but they fixed it b/c I called them after I found out. Instead of GIA allowing the dispute process to play thru they stole the vehicle off my driveway and called it a 'Repossession'. How can a car be repo'ed when it is paid in full? I found the stolen car hidden at the back of their car lot. The battery cables were disconnected and someone rummage thru all of my personal belongings. While on site, called Forsyth County Sheriff's department but they said it was a civil matter and I had to go to court since GIA never filed the paperwork to transfer title to me so the title was still in their name. Since then, GIA wanted me to pay $699 as a Repo Fee to return the vehicle to me. Told them NO. At this point they still have nearly $7,000 of mines plus the car but they refunded amount I paid on credit card. So they are holding my remaining money hostage. As a result I filed a civil lawsuit versus GIA at Forsyth County Magistrate Court for the illegal repossession of my vehicle which is theft since there were no loans on the vehicle, for the remaining balance of my money they are holding hostage, and for all of my attorney fees. 3 mos later, while waiting to go to court, GIA sold the vehicle for the same amount I paid. If you have been wrong by GIA and they refuse to do right, you have to file a legal suit versus them to get them to do right. Otherwise, they will bully you and strong arm you to do what they want versus what is in the best interest of all parties to make everyone feel as if they won something during the transaction. We are in process of my suit versus them. I'm praying for a positive favorable outcome. *GIA will respond and say I asked for gas money and was rude. But everything I've wrote is based on facts, activities that happened btwn myself and GIA, plus the 23+ pages of the contract/bill of sale that was used for me to purchase the vehicle.


Highly recommend

Vernon Love was great! He was very responsive and made sure whatever repairs were needed got done before purchasing. I would highly recommend this company for those looking for a used car


Our long car search is finally over!

Our buying experience with Georgia Import Auto was seamless. Sales Agent, Vernon Love showed us exemplary customer service. He was very professional and easy to communicate with on the phone and in person. I can honestly say he made our car buying experience enjoyable. I will definitely recommend this dealership to others. This dealership has great pre-owned car unlike others we have visited.


Can not be trusted

Buyer Beware! Zero stars would be more appropriate. I wish I would have done my research before we went here to purchase a car for my daughter. I thought we had a good and easy buying process with the salesman. He was quick to let us test drive anything we wanted and immediately showed us the Carfax. We were made aware that the vehicle had been in an accident and the airbags deployed but that it all had been "fixed". Furthermore, he told us they are a full service mechanic and the car had no problems as they are check out before selling. I asked if this car would be safe enough putting his daughter in and he responded yes. Fast forward a day- I notice the airbag light on. That concerned me because I want my daughter to have an airbag. I took it to Mazda and they looked it over. It took them 2 days to get a good grip on everything that was wrong with the car. Basically, we paid $8000 (including taxes) and it needed $6000 worth of work to make it a "safe" car. At any point things were about to break and leave her stranded AND the airbag did not work. We called the salesman and he referred us to someone else. That man then referred us back to the salesman saying "he didn't know what the salesman told us". The salesman said he'd follow-up and we heard nothing so we physically went back to the dealership and handed them the list of repairs needed from Mazda. The folks working acted like they didn't know what to do so the salesman called the owner who said to circle anything we wanted fixed. We circled everything. The salesman even told us that knowing what was wrong with it, he now wouldn't put his own daughter in it. We were told either they would fix the car or give us a refund. After a week of playing not hearing what they would fix, I emailed the General Manager. She said she'd look into it and get back to me. We heard NOTHING. Finally, we just needed to get my daughter a car and had no faith that they would make this right, so we traded the car in. We had to throw away $5000 because we couldn't get much for the car. This is so incredibly disappointing that this business would risk the lives of their buyer AND their communication was absolutely deplorable. Do NOT, I repeat Do NOT do business with them. I fully expect them to respond "we said we would fix it". However, they never said what they would fix, or even call us back about it.

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