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(4 reviews)

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I purchased a 2007 GMC used and took it to you folks for many repairs, it was purchased in 12/2020, The mechanics were under the truck many times and not once was I told it would not pass inspection in Sept. I spent $5,000 about on things that needed to be done. That old saying "you saw me coming" comes to mind, YOU LOST A CUSTOMER!! Never again will you get my business, it would have been the truthful and honest way to handle the matter, but you just kept doing things that cost me money, at High dealer prices. The truck is gone and so is my business with you folks. It took an honest mechanic to set me straight, you are BAD REPUTATION FOR A GMC DEALERSHIP<AND I'LL tell the world to avoid your dealership, if it doesn't burn down first!!


Overall Good Experience

I am happy with the experience of buying a car from this place. They were reasonable and fair and not too pushy. They are good at working with people with not the best credit and those with good credit as well. From what I saw and experienced they treat everyone respectfully. It would have been nice if they offered us a drink when we were signing all of the paperwork. The whole process felt a little rushed and I was concerned after the fact about what I had signed. But after checking over all the paper work at home I saw that it was everything we had talked about. There were no surprises. I like the fact that they are a local business. I would go there again in the future and recommend them to others.


Overall Very Good Experience

Overall I am happy with this car lot. The sales people were friendly, not too pushy, and answered any questions or concerns we had. They were reasonable and easy to deal with. It would have been nice if they offered us a drink while we were signing all the paper work. The paper signing was a little rushed, and I was concerned after, but looking it over it was exactly what they had explained, no surprises. We like the fact they are a local businesses. We would considered going back in the future and recommended them to others. They are really good at working with people with credit issues, or no credit issues for that matter. From what I saw and they treat everyone respectfully.


Poor after purchase service

Shortly after purchasing a used 2010 Nissan Maxima from Delabruere's, we started having issues with the car. We bought it with around 35,000 miles on it, 3 weeks after purchase, the main computer burned out in it and burned the battery; Delabrueres even refused to pay the wrecker bill to take it to Nissan! Since that point, between Nissan and out of pocket expense, the car has cost just under $4000, none of which was paid for by Delabruere's! It doesn't stop, the car needs to go back again due to more engine problems that may or may not be under warranty. Since I have started talking to several people in the community, I find out that my situation with Delabruere's is not unique or unusual.

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