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(630 reviews)

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Tried and True

I've purchased 6 vehicles from them in the past decade and have been servicing with them just as long. Great bunch of people, and they are great about overcoming any issues that arrive during service. Will continue buying and servicing there.

Dealer response

JT, thank you for the wonderful review! It is great to know that our staff's excellent customer service has earned your continued patronage. Please feel free to call or stop by if there is anything else we can do to help you. Sincerely, The Modern Chevrolet Team


Not a Good Choice for Service

I used to take my Tahoe to this dealership for service until I was charged for “busted CV joint” that turns out wasn’t busted at all!! I had an idea the service rep was lying after I went to pay and pick up my vehicle and the person taking payment looked at me strange when I questioned the work. I am in the market for another vehicle and after reading these reviews plus my personal experience, I will DEFINITELY NOT be purchasing from this place!!!

Dealer response

Thank you for your feedback. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and it’s concerning to hear your recent service visit did not meet your expectations. Your feedback will be reviewed by our team and we encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss this in greater detail. Sincerely, The Modern Chevrolet Team


The car that I was interested in was already sold.

The car that I was interested in was already sold. I thought I would be interested in something else from this dealer I ended up not choosing anything, a little bit difficult communicating with the online dealer too.

Dealer response

Thank you for sharing this review regarding your experience with us. We would like to discuss this with you further if you could please contact us at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, The Modern Chevrolet Team


Crooked Service Center.

Crooked Service Center...I am a young female. I took my 2017 Malibu with 38k miles in for a regular oil change and tire rotation (I usually use Hendrick Chevy in Apex and they are GREAT!) Modern Chevy Service Tech informed me I needed new front brakes AND rotors to the tune of $700.00 and wanted me to do it that day because it was a DANGEROUS! This seemed suspicious to me since I have my car serviced regularly at Hendrick Chevy in Apex and they had not mentioned any brake wear, so I got a second opinion. Turns out, I do not even need brake pads, much less rotors! I will never use them again!

Dealer response

Deem, thank you for taking the time to provide us with this feedback. We value hearing from our customers, and the inconvenience that occurred here at Modern Chevrolet does not reflect our standards of customer service. If you have any questions or would care to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, The Modern Chevrolet Team


I had my Chevy Trax in to find out what was wrong with

I had my Chevy Trax in to find out what was wrong with it. They said nothing was wrong with my car. Not a week later I need a new motor. Not good mechanics. I will never go there again

Dealer response

Thank you for sharing this review regarding your experience with us. I’d like to discuss this with you further if you could please contact me at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, The Modern Chevrolet Team


Customer service

I brought my truck in for service and to have a light bar installed but they noticed that it was broken, I had ordered it online and it was shipped to another dealership when I called the other dealership I got the runaround, luckily modern stepped up and replaced the light bar even though they didn?t have to.. just want to thank them for great service

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Our highest priority is satisfying our guests and we are delighted to know that our team made sure your concern was addressed properly. We look forward to working with you again and if there are other things you need assistance with, do not hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, The Modern Chevrolet Team


was told a vehicle available and would have it ready for...

was told a vehicle available and would have it ready for test drive when I got there. This was at 9:30 AM, and told them I would drive there after 12:00. Everything was set. Was on my way, and found out it had been sold. Do not depend on them.

Dealer response

Hello, we appreciate learning about your recent service with us. We strive for a positive experience, and it appears you did not receive that from us. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your time spent with us. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can work together at resolving this. Sincerely, The Modern Chevrolet Team


I am going to start this by saying to the Modern team if...

I am going to start this by saying to the Modern team if you want to talk about this review and my experience , you know my number. You can reach out to me instead of making a comment on this post saying to reach out to you and I never hear back. This is going to be a long review but it’s honest and Calm as I’ve had a few days to reflect. My experience starts with me traveling through the parking lot and seeing a vehicle I’m interested in. The salesman (Burt Heaven) came out and told me that the vehicle had not been through service yet but that I could test drive it and we could work out the deal I would just have to wait until Monday to pick it up. I test out the vehicle and everything seems to be fine except for a tire pressure sensor that I told Burt about and he said would be fixed in service. The price online was a decent price and the vehicle checked all the boxes for what my wife was looking for so I wanted to see what we could do on a deal. Whenever I let Burt know I’m interested he brings back they are offer sheet, the offer that he brought back was $4800 more than what the price showed on the website. He explained to me that the price online was wrong and he was also charging an $800 accessory fee and a $700 fee for a doc fee and then taxes and tags. The price difference for just the vehicle that he showed and what the website showed was 1800 difference. He tried to explain that the website pulled the wrong price from somewhere and it was wrong. That to me is not good business it is not my problem that it was not double checked before it was published The docking fee (700) to me is crazy that they want to charge that much to do the 30 or so pages of paperwork that the software fills in for them, prints out, and I just have to sign. They have to do the paperwork by law so why am I being asked to pay that much for their cost of doing business. The 800 accessories fee was even more troublesome. The vehicle had not even been through there service dept yet so I know they hadn’t added any accessories to it so what was the fee for? I told him my offer and he came back with that they would match the price of the vehicle online,as they should, but would not take off those fees. I told him I wasn’t paying for fees especially when they hadn’t even done anything for the fees they were charging. This is where it gets worse Tim Yarbrough came in the office and started to try to throw his weight around and told me that the price was what it was and basically that he was charging those fees because he could, if I didn’t pay them someone else would by the end of the week. I proceeded to get upset told them I wasn’t paying and left. I continued my search and was unable to find something that had what we were looking for and decided that in this vehicle market it would be hard to find something and who knows what it would be priced at if I did. Plus our rental from the accident was running out of time. So I went back to the dealership and told them I would pay their last offer I wasn’t happy about it but whatever. That night we were traveling in the Jeep and noticed the high beams would not turn off no matter what we did if the car was running. That was a complete safety issue as I was blinding everyone. I also noticed that the tire pressure sensor had not been fixed as promised. The next morning I noticed a small puddle of oil under the vehicle as well. I took the vehicle to service and told him I had just purchased it the day before and that these three issues were found. The guy at the service desk said that those issues should have been seen in their check of the vehicle and that it would be fixed no problem. I received a call I received a call shortly after from the service department stating that the sales department told them since I purchased the car at a discount to match the website price that I actually purchase the car as is and I would have to pay for the repairs. I knew for a fact that I did not purchase this with an as is and I had the paperwork showing that I actually had a warranty on this. I told them that I wanted to speak to a manager and that I would be there shortly. On the way to the dealership the branch manager called me and told me that everyone had seen the paperwork showing where I signed in as is for this vehicle him and that I purchased it with the issues it was having. When I arrived at the dealership I was very upset and told them that I knew I did not purchase it with an as is and that it came with a warranty I show them the paperwork stating bad. He told me that they put that paperwork with every deal no matter what and that it was purchased with an as is. He Then stated that they would take the jeep back in and look at it as if it was a new trade in before they put it on the lot and then whenever they see what is wrong with it we would go from there. I waited three days for them to fix all of the issues that the jeep had that should have been fixed the first time they had it serviced. They had to fix the headlight issue which from my understanding was just a reset of the system. They had to change the tire pressure sensor. They had to replace a bulb in the reverse light. They had to replace a engine belt that was worn. They had to replace the windshield wipers that were wore out. They also had to replace a leaking air compressor condenser. All in total almost $2000 worth of work that they missed on the initial supposed inspection. Now I will say that they did not charge me anything for these issues however they probably would have had I not raise such a fuss in the dealership with them. I really had to show myself which is something I do not like to do but I am also not going to get run over. Those issues should have never been missed if they actually did the inspection before I took initial ownership of the vehicle. When I picked up the vehicle I told Burt that I wanted to see a copy of the as is showing that I purchase the vehicle as is because I knew that I had not. He told me that I should have a copy of it and he looked through my paperwork not able to find it. He then said that there must have been a mixup and that the finance manager actually processed the warranty and did not make me sign in as it is because of a miscommunication. That does not make sense because the branch manager assured me days before that they had all actually seen the paperwork stating I had an as is. So somewhere along the line someone there is lying because both of those statements cannot be true. I also noticed that day that they put a oil reminder on the windshield showing that they had just change the oil on the date that was after I turned it back into them so that tells me they did not even change the oil before I took initial ownership of the vehicle. So with that as well as all the other issues it is very likely that it did not go through their service department at all because they would not have missed all those issues plus not done a oil change. The high beam issue tells me that they inspected the vehicle without actually looking at it or they would have failed the vehicle for headlight issues. So in summary I did end up with a vehicle I was looking for and as of now it appears to be a good vehicle. But the experience was an absolute nightmare. Burt was a good salesman at first until he tried to join in on the lie on one of my trips up there them trying to convince me that I purchase an As is. Tim was a nightmare the entire time trying to throw his weight around and telling me that he had done me a favor matching the price on the website and that if I didn’t buy it someone else would so he can charge the fees that he wants. The branch manager was OK to deal with except for the fact that he was trying to feed into the lie as well. He did at least do what he could to make the issues with the vehicle right getting it fixed at no cost to me. I wonder what kind of an experience someone would have if they did not have the knowledge of the used car sales that I have or if they did not feel comfortable raising enough for us to get what is right done. Customer service has for sure gone by the wayside at modern Chevrolet.

Dealer response

We acknowledge your review and are currently looking into the events you’ve detailed.


Very bad service

Took vehicle in for service. Had to purchase battery. The price for parts to fix were $300 more as an estimate than other dealers did not fix. New battery died after 2 days. No immediate offer to fix. Car returned with parts missing and not reconnected. Again, admittance but no fault. Out 2 towing charges, day from work, purchasing parts that they would not replace. Do not recommend. All about the money

Dealer response

John, we appreciate learning about your recent service with us. We strive for a positive experience, and it appears you did not receive that from us. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your time spent with us. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can work together at resolving this. Sincerely, The Modern Chevrolet Team


This is a bait and switch dealership. On the internet,...

This is a bait and switch dealership. On the internet, they had a price of $40k for the 2021 Silverado 1500 4wd. This was about 6-7k lower than any other dealer. I drove 45 minutes to the dealer so that I could see the vehicle. I asked for the price. The truck went from $40k to $47k. $7,000 for locking wheel nuts and tinted windows. Even though the truck came with tinted windows from the manufacturer. My local dealer had the same truck at $47k. I could have saved an 1 1/2 drive by going to my local dealer. I tried to buy the vehicle using the internet. Again, the price was $40k. When I went to pay for the truck, the price increased to $47k again. Currently, I own 5 GM vehicles: Avalanches, Cadillacs, and Corvettes so I have experience with GM Dealers. This is the worst one, and most dishonest, that I've dealt with.

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experience. We want each customer to be completely satisfied upon visiting us, and the impression you received from our dealership is not okay. We would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to amend the situation, so please contact us directly. Thank you. Sincerely, The Modern Chevrolet Team

Consumer response

Who should I contact? I've already reached out to the GM Executive offices regarding this issue.

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