Erickson Chevrolet, Inc.

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(2 reviews)


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(2 reviews)

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Absent communication/ Not recommended

I tried to talk to them for 6 years and never got a single response. Communication skills are completely non existent and they treat me as if I do not exist. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that is not a good way to treat someone, especially if that someone(me) has only treated you with the highest level of kindness and respect. If they choose to use their free will to treat me this way, I can only speculate that they would have no problem treating others just as bad. I therefore can’t in good conscience recommend them for this reason. If you are a prospective customer looking to purchase a vehicle, I would consider searching elsewhere to avoid the risk of potential problems which may not be be communicated to you. I am also an honorable man, so if they do decide to contact me, I will kindly redact this review. I dislike leaving negative reviews, and I always encourage others to support their local businesses, but what would pain me more is knowing that I could prevent others from being harmed, but saying nothing. As such, I felt it a good deed to warn others about this behavior. Ps. A word of advice to Mike: I would suggest that you learn to communicate better. We are all adults here after all and there is no excuse for ignoring someone who has only priorly treated you and your family with the upmost kindness and respect.


Wonderful folks to deal with,fair, courteous!

I have purchased several cars and trucks from Erickson Chev over the past 40+ years and always felt that I was being treated fairly and the staff are also great to deal with. Everyone who works there are friendly and helpful whatever your concerns.They are great supporters of the community and good people. Always a good place to purchase a new or used car or truck.

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