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(152 reviews)

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Great experience dealing with Stan and S&J Auto.

Great experience dealing with Stan and S&J Auto. I don’t enjoy the car buying experience but it was time to replace my faithful daily commuter after 14 years. Stay was recommended to me and he made the process super easy. No problem test driving multiple vehicles and no issue with taking the vehicle I decided on to my own mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. The vehicle got the thumbs up from my mechanic. Set up a date and time with Stan to complete paperwork and I was the owner of a new to me Toyota SUV. The whole process was stress free and simple. I will definitely recommend Stan and S&J to anyone I know who is in the market for a used vehicle!! A+


We bought an older Honda Element from S&J and couldn’t be

We bought an older Honda Element from S&J and couldn’t be happier. The car had been thoroughly gone through and runs perfectly. We had a minor a/c issue that showed up in the hot weather and S&J addressed and repaired it promptly and correctly. It’s rare to see Outstanding customer service after the money has changed hands but these guys provided just that! Thanks guys!


I was looking for a vehicle rather quickly; Stan let me

I was looking for a vehicle rather quickly; Stan let me test drive one of his vehicles extensively and let me take it to my mechanic to be checked out, My mechanic found a couple of things that he thought should be repaired. I gave the list to Stan; he said he'd take care of it. I bought the vehicle based on his word. I just had the vehicle state inspected and everything Stan said he would take care of he did, Can't ask for more than that, He gave his word and kept it. That's what you are looking for when buying a used vehicle. Integrity.


Easiest car purchase I've ever made!

Easiest car purchase I've ever made! Sales person was patient, prepared, honest and understanding. S & J did a great job cleaning the vehicle, inside and out!


The 2016 Chrysler T&C: exactly right for us!

My wife and I needed a mini-van instead of our leased Subaru Forester because the Forester did not have enough cargo space for the craft inventory, 10x10 canopy, tables, etc. that we take to outdoor fairs. We came in last week to look at a mini-van but it did not work for us (we needed all the rear seats to fold down). Stan understood what we needed and was able to show us a Chrysler Town & Country which was clean, comfortable, had acceptable mileage, and ended up being a few dollars less. We were able to take it home the same day and used it for two fairs this past weekend. Thank you, Stan, for your help and thank you S&J -- we love your "total bottom line -- no added dealer fees" approach.


Avoid at all costs

In a tale of unfortunate events, I ventured into the realm of S&J Motors, hoping for a reliable ride. Purchasing a 2009 Honda CR-V for $15,000 during the chaotic used car market induced by COVID, I thought I had struck a fair deal. But little did I know, this was just the beginning of a costly ordeal. Two months later, the car suffered a blown head gasket, leaving me stranded and seeking assistance from the extended warranty I had purchased for $1,600. To my dismay, TruWarranty denied coverage, citing "heat damage" as the reason, while S&J Motors, the dealership I trusted, offered no support either. Desperate for resolution, I discovered that the warranty contract conveniently excluded heat damage and forced arbitration rather than allowing a fair legal process. Feeling betrayed, I realized that S&J Motors had sold me a useless warranty, leaving me with a total loss of $16,600 and a broken vehicle. Their lack of accountability and failure to stand behind their product demonstrated a disregard for customer satisfaction and a desire to separate me from my hard-earned money. This cautionary tale serves as a reminder to scrutinize the fine print and thoroughly assess a company's reputation, particularly when faced with adversity. S&J Motors may have presented a friendly façade during the purchase, but their true colors emerged when I needed support the most. As a result, I strongly advise others to steer clear of S&J Motors, a dealership that failed to provide the protection and integrity they promised.

Dealer response

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to address your concerns. We understand the frustration and disappointment you have expressed regarding the blown head gasket and the denied warranty coverage. However, we would like to clarify that based on our records, the purchase of the vehicle in question was made over a year ago. You called us about the issue with the blown head gasket just last week, so you’ve had the vehicle for over a year before you had the issue, not 2 months ago as stated in your review. I spoke with the warranty company personally, as did multiple employees to try to resolve the situation. The reason for the denial of coverage was “heat damage,” which occurs from continuing to drive a vehicle after it overheats. This was also the diagnosis not from the warranty company, or S&J Motor company, but a third-party inspector. While we acknowledge your perspective, it is important to note that the extended warranty coverage often comes with specific terms and conditions, including limitations and exclusions. We apologize if there was any lack of clarity in communicating these details to you during the purchase process. At S&J Motor Company, we take pride in offering reliable vehicles to our customers. Before a vehicle is put up for sale, it undergoes a thorough inspection process to ensure its quality and reliability. Our team of experienced technicians carefully assesses each vehicle, paying attention to mechanical, electrical, and structural components, as well as performing comprehensive test drives. While we strive to maintain a high standard for the vehicles we sell, we understand that occasionally, unforeseen issues may arise after a purchase. It is important to note that we do not knowingly sell vehicles with problems or defects. However, due to the complex nature of used vehicles, some issues may only become apparent after extended use or specific circumstances. We regret that you feel our dealership did not provide the support you expected during this challenging situation. Ever since my grandfather built this business in 1951, our intention has always been to assist our customers to the best of our abilities and resolve every situation with integrity.


Once Again Service &Repair excellent

My car was vibrating in the front end only not the entire car and was pulling to the left upon braking This was not constant and happened at various time and speeds. Rene drove my car and immediately determined that the right caliper was frozen solid It was decided best to replace both front calipers brake Pads and rotors. Work was done next morning car rides like it was new Thank you, Rene & Todd


Run away as fast as you can to another dealership.

The worst company to do business with-they will lie to your face-refuse to stand behind their vehicles-Run away as fast as you can, save yourself.


Great Delearship

Have purchased 5 vehicles from this dealership over the past 18 years (for kids and myself). Have only had a very positive experience. They are fair and honest. Sharon sold me my last car and she was excellent. Ther are no 'pushy salespersons' here!



Gave a deposit on a car they had listed. Then get a call 3 days later they don’t want to sell it. Buyer beware of this shady stealership, watch out for Sharon, she took my deposit then never produced the car.