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This seller has been on since May 2017.
Carson Cars is a second generation family operated business since 1968.
Carson Cars is the home of Guaranteed Credit Approval.
We finance ALL credit situations with great rates and terms!
Winner of 2011 2012 2013 and 2014 Evening Magazine's BEST of Western Washington for BEST INDEPENDENT DEALER!
Voted Quality Dealer of the Year by WSIADA!
Family Owned & Operated since 1968! FREE WARRANTY on EVERY vehicle! GUARANTEED CREDIT APPROVAL!

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(416 reviews)

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Very unprofessional when it comes to how they treat their

Very unprofessional when it comes to how they treat their customers once they sign papers to buy one of their cars. I in-house financed a 2007 BMW and purchased gap insurance and a limited warranty. I purchased this vehicle in June of 2020 with studded tires on it and it began having issues shortly after the warranty expired. Their solution to the studded tires was having a lot attendant pull each and every stud out by hand- compromising the integrity of the tire. I paid off the vehicle in April of 2021 and requested to cancel my gap insurance. Jessica in accounting had me fill out a cancellation form and said she would take care of it for me. A few months go by and I forget about the cancellation. I follow up with her multiple times over the next YEAR and hear absolutely nothing. No response to emails and no returned calls. October of 2022 comes around and I finally get ahold of Jessica. I ask her for an update on my gap insurance and she said she never received a cancellation request from me. I ask her to send me another cancellation form and fill it out and send it back to her within 30 minutes of her sending it to me. Still no response or confirmation she received it. I follow up beginning of November 2022- no response, end of November- no response. Called and asked to speak to her multiple times- she was never available. Finally January 4th, 2023 I get ahold of Jessica again. I asked why I hadn’t heard anything from her. She said “she had a lot of customers” and “hasn’t even checked her emails for the day but she had no update”. I told her the least she could have done was respond with something. I end up taking it upon myself to contact the gap company and cancel the policy myself. They tell me they’ve never even received a cancellation request from Carson Cars on my behalf. I contact Jessica again via email on January 5th to let her know I cancelled the policy and would be by in 2 weeks to pick up a check. Again- no response. January 23rd, 2023 I try and contact Jessica given it’s been the two weeks and plenty of time for the refund amount to arrive. She’s once again unavailable but I talk to the office manager Keila and explain the situation to her. This is the first time I’ve been able to talk to someone in accounting other than Jessica. Keila was very understanding and let me know she’d talk to Jessica and get the situation resolved as soon as possible. I call again Tuesday January 24th to ask Jessica if she has the refund ready, she says she hasn’t gotten around to it but maybe tomorrow. I call again Wednesday and get her voicemail. Thursday January 26th I have a missed call from Carson Cars. I assumed it was Jessica calling me telling me she had a check for me. I call back and speak to Jessica and apologize for missing her call. She said it wasn’t her who called me but the sales guys were following up with old customers- I said well I don’t have my BMW anymore but do you have a check for me yet. She replied with no because the owner hasn’t checked the mail yet…. Frustrated with how long she has pushed this out, I simply say ok give me a call as soon as it’s ready. Turns out this missed call was from Keila, calling to see if Jessica’s handled the situation. I tell her no, and that Jessica has had an excuse for why it’s not ready all week. She informs me the refund containing my portion arrived to Carson Cars on January 19th and the check should have been cut by now. Keila apologized for the situation and said she would cut the check for me herself. She had a check ready for me not even an hour later. Unfortunately it’s employees like Jessica that do not care for their customers once they leave the dealership that ruin business for used car dealerships. Thankfully Keila handled the situation quickly but it was something Jessica should have done a year and a half ago. Sadly I’m not the only who’s had a bad experience here.



Wow. I’m so happy to meet Fernando and david Gonzalez at Carson cars. I drive away happy. Clear upfront pricing and a warranty I will be able to use in emergency I feel comfortable with pricing and the fair Loan options I had to choose from. Working In a budget and safety were my largest concerns and they solve my condition. Thx again. Michale.


I sent a request over 2 weeks ago and They never returned

I sent a request over 2 weeks ago and They never returned or answered my inquiry.


Don't shop here

Selling dangerous cars and lies upon lies upon lies! Worst experience buying a car in my lifetime, by far. Where do I begin? We were buying a first car for our son. They advertised a Ford Explorer which is what he wanted and we went to take a look at it. We noticed the air conditioning wasn't working and they assured us that they would fix it and have it done as part of their "money back guarantee". We told them we would be getting it checked out by our mechanic to see if it was a good buy. Well, we did get it checked out. Our mechanic was shocked! He couldn't believe we were allowed to actually drive the vehicle off the lot in the unsafe condition it was in. The front wheel was literally almost falling off the vehicle. We got that part fixed on our dime and he also noticed the transmission was going bad on the vehicle which he couldn't tell at first because the wheels were making such a loud noise. So we took the car back in better condition than we bought it and returned it to them. Showed them the fix we did on the car and in good faith, we exchanged the vehicle for another one. Even speaking to the owner Mike, and sales manager Robert and salesperson Jack (who by the way kept putting his pen in his month and giving it to me, apologizing, I stopped taking his pen. Yuck) They assured us it was an even exchange since we put in money to make the original car drivable. We again took it to our mechanic and he checked it out, and they said if we didn't contact them, they would send us the title and key since we paid in full. Our mechanic found it to be in "decent" shape. We thought that was that. Oh no. They shook us down for another $1000 and said they would not give us the title or the extra key unless we gave them the extra money. We paid the extra money just to be done with it and get the title. They sent us a title that showed that we were selling the car to them and they were the owners! What???? You have got to be kidding. Then after many phone calls we finally got the correct title, but no spare key. Where is it? They obviously don't know where it is or ever knew where it was. So we don't even have a spare key. And Robert will not return our phone calls. We don't live close and a phone call with Robert or Mike is warranted, but they don't know how to use the phone. So, we have a car with no extra key they promised us, we paid extra for it after we fixed the other car on our dime and they are laughing all the way to the bank. Shame on you Carson Cars, you took advantage of a teenager. Do you feel good about that? Do not use this car dealer..... They are outright liars.... We have learned our lesson with them, please don't fall victim to their dishonest and predatory business ethics.


Dont do it

Realy donr deserve the 1 star..Great at first till something needs to be fixed horrible been waiting since Juue worst place ever..I should of knewn this place was not right when I had to used tge bathroom the finance man was standing by the door and I asked if any one was in the restroom and smart xxx remark was knock and find out now stuck with a car that sounds like a deisel..


Great experience

Isaiah was great in accommodating my needs for the car I wanted, and was patient in helping me find the right one. Didn’t feel pressured, and the process was super smooth and fast!


Great experience

Jack is the man! Great guy awesome salesman! All around great experience. This guy is a vet much respect keep it up champ! HOOYAH!! ~ Quiroz,Joseph


Jacks The Man

He had a super friendly personality, and was able to come up with the best deal possible. Would 10 out of 10 recommend going to him to if your in a tight spot and need some relief


Buy from a Family-Owned Business Carson Cars

Mike Carson is a man of his word. Great to do business with would recommend Carson Cars to buy your next vehicle. Always buy from a deal who has a top-rated service department. Carson Cars gets the job done!


Ask for Jack Coyle @ Carson Cars

If you're looking to buy a car I recommend you go to Carson Cars in Lynnwood & ask for Jack Coyle. Jack was so friendly, understanding, informative, & he just made the whole process comfortable & satisfying! Thanks again Jack @ Carson Cars

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