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They sell lemons

I bought a 2015 Ford Fusion on July 26th, 2021 from 27 Auto Sales. I paid cash for it and a little under 5 months later it stopped working. The mechanic said it’s not worth repairing and that the dealer likely made a temporary fix just to get it sold. I called and asked if there was something he could do for me since I bought this car from him less than a year ago and he said my best bet was to get an attorney. Karem sells lemons. Don’t waste your time or money buying from this crook. I’m out 9000$ And have no vehicle.



Customer service was outstanding, they have a real salesman heart. HOWEVER, The cars are trash and the warranty company is useless. Take your money somewhere else, save yourself the headache and frustration. ITS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME OR MONEY !!!!!



Don’t even consider getting anything from here these cars will only last 1 week trust me I spent out almost 1200 dollars within the first 3 days !



!!!BUYERS BEWARE!!! I wish I could give ZERO stars because this place doesn't even deserve the one. This is the absolute WORST place in Tallahassee to purchase a used vehicle from. I worked with Kareem and bought an F-250. While working with Kareem, I asked if things would be covered should I run into any issues within the first month of owning and driving the truck. Kareem's exact response, "We've been in this town for a long time and won't leave you stranded". Guess what? TEN days after purchase, I was left stranded when the truck broke down due to major motor issues that ended up costing me $3,000!! I was without the truck for 7 weeks while it was in the shop being repaired due to the extensive issues. I contacted Kareem asking for the dealership to help cover some of the cost since I had just put down $5,000 to buy the truck. After three different phone conversations, I was told all the dealership would "help" cover would be a whopping $500, and to have the mechanic bill the dealership for those funds. Can't say I didn't see this coming, but the mechanic unfortunately still hasn't received payment and the $500 invoice has gone unpaid by the dealership for weeks now. When the mechanic contacted Kareem he literally told him he could "take them to court for the $500"!!! If you are looking for a RELIABLE vehicle and an HONEST salesman/dealership to purchase from, I would strongly advise staying away from this place and taking your business elsewhere. You'll save tons in the end by doing so! I've never dealt with such a horrible place of business with equally terrible customer service before, but 27 Auto Sales and their staff definitely take the cake and hit the top of that list! BUYERS you've been FOREWARNED AND BEWARE of this xxxxty place!!!


I bought a car from them some years ago so I need

I brought my very first car from 27 autos years ago ...I am happy to say I just went and got another car from them....I love the service and they are really friendly ...I would refer anybody to them to get a car!!


Purchased 2 cars from here

So I got a phone call to thank me for my business and leave a review of my purchase , I honestly couldn’t be happier with the 2 cars I purchased from here , I just read a review where it says the engine went out a year later , well I am mechanically enclined and that is user error sorry . I purchased a 2011 Toyota Prius and a 2014 Honda Accord and love them both.


Vehicle Engine Went out a Year After Purchase

Engine went out a yr. later and I still owe $14,000. I hate I didn’t know about Carmax before buying here. Don’t waste your time.



Do not do it hellnoooo Runnnnnnnn Nightmare Tears Please listen to the bad reviews Run run run run run Do not do it Biggest mistake A emotional wreck Noooooooooo


Awesome and painless

Karem was a super nice guy and went out of his way to treat me with respect. Saw a car on Saturday, drove it out on Thursday. No issues at all. He got a great deal at the bank, and helped me find the best deal for me. Thank you.


Great experience would recommend to all my family

Purchased a 2011 Chevrolet Traverse. They gave me a great deal on it I have been driving it for 5 months now and Omar was helpful the entire time of the sale and a couple days after.

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