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This seller has been on since October 2018.
As a first-generation Texan I was born and raised in the Flower Mound community. The idea for Public Auto Brokers came about while I was finishing up my degree and working part-time for my father's construction company.
As the inventory count started getting too big for one person to handle the company grew from a small startup to a multiple employee dealership.
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(64 reviews)

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Out of area

After driving from five hours away they gave me a great deal and made it worth my time. The vehicle was xxxx near perfect even though it’s a used vehicle. Would recommend them to anyone I know. It’s worth the drive


RUN!!! Shady and Deceiful!

They list vehicles for sale on their website that have actually been sold in another state! Yes folks, you read that right. After reading the carfax report that was provided by the out of state dealership, I was able to determine that the vehicle I was interested in was sold in North Carolina! Shady and deceitful business practices if you ask me. Don't waste time on this place because they sure will waste yours.


Buyer beware

Hopefully you are seeing this and other reviews like it before making your purchase. If so I have several reasons why this is not the dealership you should do business with. We purchased a 2017 Model X from them after finding it as a great price on Car Gurus. 1. The price they quote is $3000 to $6000 less than the actual price as they will add a Dealer fee. 2. You likely saw several images of a 3 year -100k mile warranty attached to the vehicle images giving you the assumption that it’s a pretty safe bet. It does not apply to vehicles over 100k miles. Even 106k miles. 3. Specifically for prospective Tesla buyers, they have no clue about the vehicle they’re selling. We drove over 4 hours to pick up the car and when we showed up it wasn’t charged. They say it is because they only have a 110 outlet and it charges too slow (the salesman said it takes 2 weeks to charge to 100% - from 50-100% takes 36 hours at most on a 110). Conveniently not charging it also lets them mask any battery degradation. Our car that should have a range of 295 miles (100D) as was listed on Car Gurus only gets up to 261 at 100%. And it won’t even get that. We are not zippy drivers reveling in all that instant acceleration, we bought it because it seats 6. So I begin driving back to make it back to Tulsa in time for an evening shift and my wife and our newborn start back an alternate route in the brand new car to see her mom. By the time she reaches the Denton Supercharger the car has massively overheated in January with warning messages about the A/C. I call right away letting them know it’s 88 degrees inside. No attempt to fix it or have us bring it back. My wife and baby suffer though the trip back and I have an appointment set with the Tesla service center here in Tulsa. The compressor is shredded and there’s metal all through the system, total replacement - $4000. I send them the invoice and a picture of the metal covered cleaning swab from the A/C line. No way it could have been missed. I’m told the GM will call me on January 13th. I call or text regularly for the next month. I finally received the response today that they will do nothing to make it right. Not the $4000 invoice, not a return on the $2890 dealership surcharge, not $1000 token of good faith. Not a penny. 5. Their salesman will be very friendly and work to give you that good feeling. You aren’t friends. They aren’t there to be your friend, they are there to get you to finance whatever vehicle the dealership found at auction and cleaned up to look nice. This isn’t one of those we’ll take care of you and make sure everything is right. So if you choose to buy a vehicle from them you need to know you are assuming all risk and they have no qualms about it. I wouldn’t buy from them again. I wish I hadn’t in the first place. Don’t let necessity and circumstance drive you to make such a risky decision.



WHATEVER YOU DO - DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. I purchased a 2022 tesla model y, where I was lied to about SEVERAL things. The dealer (bailey) gave me false information about the car, did not bother charging it before me driving it off the lot (keep in mind — was there for SIX hours) and then dealership was closing and gives me a tesla with 15% battery…knowing I had the drive all the way back to Austin. On top of this, bailey never replied back to me when texting her about the lies, and issues. The tesla never had an account made for me so I was stranded without charging access on my way back to austin — we had to get a hotel that night because of this. The finance guy kept my drivers license. To add, this is my favorite part, the dealer never told the finance guy about my car being a $15K trade in, so after all the paperwork is done, I look at the final number and am asking how he got that quote. He then goes, “you had a trade in? nobody told me that!” they really tried to scam me out $15K. Watch out - they are total crooks and losers!!



Purchased a car from these crooks and 5 months later and less than 5,000 miles I had to replace two front tires, right front strut, battery and a fog lamp. I realize that not everything can be caught when sold to them but at least work with the customer on the repairs. Poor customer service...take your money some place else!


Buyer Beware of this Dealership!

Rip-off dealership - they employee that tactics that give car dealers a bad name. They will put low prices on vehicles on the internet and entice you to make the inconvenient drive to them and then at the end of the deal add ridiculous "market adjustments" (thousands of extra dollars) at the end. These guys need to be out of business.



Pathetic. How does a business expect to maintain a friendly relationship with their community with these kind of tactics? Can I say more? He'll no.



They are crooks. Don't buy from them. Have your lawyer on speed dial. I can't say much more due to litigation. Beware of all their scams.


2016 GMC 2500 Denali truck review

I found my new truck on line and was contacted by Brett James and within a matter off hours was able to make a very painless deal on line. Once I arrived at the dealership I was greeted by Brett at which time he presented the vehicle and it was just as he said it would be. Very nice truck and exceptional work on Brett' behalf. I made a new friend and had a very pleasant experience. Thanks Brett


BEWARE!!! false car prices listed!!!

These guys are crazy! They advertise a price, then when you talk to them they tell you that there is a tech fee in addition of anywhere from $2895 to $8995 for repairs made to the car!!! So, a car advertised for $18,995 could actually cost $27,990, absolutely CRAZY!!!

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