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This seller has been on since April 2019.
Niello BMW in Elk Grove is part of the Niello Company which has been in business since 1921 and serving Sacramento since 1955. Our tradition of offering automotive excellence continues with the opening of Niello BMW in Elk Grove allowing us to serve southern Sacramento County Stanislaus County San Joaquin County and beyond. Come in today and see our brand-new facility and see first-hand the distinctive service that Niello BMW delivers.
Sacramento's Newest BMW Center

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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(19 reviews)

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I have purchased 2 Vehicles from this dealership , I was

I have purchased 2 Vehicles from this dealership , I was a little hesitant on going into the dealership because of the high end dealership. Each time I am gone and I will greeted and felt very comfortable. No one judged me cause I’m a younger man. They helped me each time and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ED in sales awesome guys we bought both cars from him. Essex the sales manager was extremely professional and very understanding and willing to help. I’m very happy dealing with this dealership. Thank you guys again for everything. Great sales and management.


I leased an X1 not from Elk Grove but Roseville got a...

I leased an X1 not from Elk Grove but Roseville got a great deal! I however have my car serviced in Elk Grove. My car has 16,000 miles and is 3 years old. I was driving and my tire blows. It is 9:00 at night on a dark road and I pull into a gas station out on Bradshaw and Jackson highway. I look in the back and there is no spare. I look in the manual and it says for my protection there is no spare and I should contact the dealership. WHAT! Nobody has ever told me that I do not have a spare. We have it towed to BMW. My husband who never gets in conflict gets into a heated conversation over the tire. There response was if I had pushed a button then I could have talked to BMW. I am not aware of this button! I would have certainly pushed it. They said I hit something and I essentially got in an accident. Bob said it was common for a pothole in the road which I didn't feel to cause the tire to blow. $350 dollars later and a dirty old tire in the back of my cause plus a disposal fee it is fixed and we pick it up. They told us to take it to Perrelli to see about the warranty except I didn't buy it, BMW did, so I'm pretty sure they are not going to replace it based on my defective tire. I call the next day and Bob my service guy who is usually pretty nice tells me tough luck, it happens all the time, and that the problem is that I couldn't afford a new tire! I was speechless! Who treats their customer like this? This is my third BMW and I will never go back to ELk Grove BMW again. I may never buy another BMW again. Used to be awesome not so much anymore. I love my cars and I buy them not just for the car but the service they usually offer. If they weren't going to cover it fine I can live with that but a personal attack? I was offended! So unprofessional!


Bought a used 340i here. The scoundrels in sales lied...

Bought a used 340i here. The scoundrels in sales lied about issues the car had, which I found out later; had to spend another $2k to fix the issues. In addition, the guy from finance was a total xxxxxx. I should have left without buying the car given the rude treatment I received; he basically got frustrated with me because I didn't want to buy his bs "extra services" from which I'm sure he makes a commission. Total scoundrels.


Crooks & Thieves

I took my wife’s BMW 740Li for future service that was NOT due until 7000 miles of future use. Niello BMW Elk Grove retuned my BMW with body damage , white paint on my black car, and interior damage. I paid Niello BMW Elk Grove over $5,500


Niello BMW Elk Grove are CROCKS!!! & THIEVES!!!!

I took my wife's BMW 740 Li for service to the Niello BMW Elk Grove location. Please note the vehicle was purchased from Niello BMW Sacramento as a Certified Used Vehicle. I had 4 major services preformed on the car. These services were not due until 9,000 miles of future use of the car. I paid approximately $5,000 dollars in repairs. In return I received my car scratched, dented, and covered from the front to the back of the car in a white liquid substance, and the engine light is ON and the car is Shaking. I emailed the Owner of All BMW dealerships not limited to just the BMW name, Mr. Rick Niello. His Direct response was "Come get your car , give our loaner car, and we are cutting all ties". So now I am stuck with a damaged car with a Body Damage repair estimate of $14,000 dollars and I do not how much the Repair Cost will be on the Engine Light issue with the car Shaking. I have attached the Email Letter to The Owner of 12 different brand dealerships, all Luxury Cars, Mr. Rick Niello. ---------------------------------->>>>> Hello Mr.Rick Niello, my name is Navid A. I do not know if you remember me, I contacted you about 2 years back about how long it took me to save to buy my wife her dream car after the loss of one of my children. Well Mr. Rick Nielllo I find myself requesting your attention for the exact same issue. The only difference is the first occurrence happened at the Niello BMW Sacramento location. In this latest occurrence I took my Wife's BMW 740 Li for service it did not need, to your newest location Niello BMW Elk Grove. I took my car in for regular service that was not due or need until 5,000 to 9,000 miles in future use of the car. I decided to take care of the regularly scheduled maintenance ahead of time. I spent $4,500 to over $5,000 on the preventive maintenance; I even bought wiper blade for $90 dollars that I didn't even need. However since i keep my car in such top condition I decided to have the 4 to 5 major service's done ahead of schedule and all at the same visit. When my car was first returned to me it was covered with a liquid white substance that was still wet and dripping off the car. In addition to this there was very noticeable paint chips on both the front driver's door and rear driver's door. Even the gas cap was scratched and had the white liquid substance on it, (How do you scratch a gas cap? I am confused on that). So th service manager Mr. Jaret Willams offered to repair the damage. I was given a loaner car and was on my way. About a few weeks later I went to pick up my car and found that there is NEW damage to my car. One thing stuck out, where the driver's door was painted, there was overspray in the shape of a "T" on the door entry area. At this point Mr. Jaret Williams informed methe "damage that was repaired" will be corrected and the car will be sent back to the body shop and he will let Omar at the shop know what happened. So about 3 to 4 days later Mr. Jaret had one of his employee's, Bob, text me to ask if I wanted to have a small dime size dent in the front bumper repaired and paint the front bumper for $850. I agreed and paid your Dealership more money. I must mention to you that the dime sized dent in the front bumper; I bought the car like this from Niello BMW Sacramento; as a "Certified Used Vehicle". I later realized that I paid $850 to paint the front bumper that was covered in the white liquid substance. The same white liquid substance that Niello BMW Elk Grove was responsible for sprayin all over my car. Then 3 to 4 days later I receive a call from Mr. Jeret stating that on the drive back from the body shop located in Citrus Heights a spark plug coil went bad on my car and that Mr. Jaret fixed the issue at no charge. At this point I told Mr. Jaret to go ahead and replace all 6 spark plug coils. Again I paid your dealership another $1450 dollars. After another 3 to 4 days later I went to pick up my car after Niello BMW Elk Grove had custody of it for over 1 month. Mr. Jeret met me outside as he drove up in my car. Mr. Jeret handed me the keys and told me the car was waxed and that is why there is dust on it so don't wash it. Mr. Jeret walked away as i looked at my car. I took a quick look outside and a quick look inside. I found a Large clear plastic party cup, ( the cups most commonly used for drinking alcohol) in the rear seat. I took the cup inside to let Mr. Jeret know , however I could not find Mr. Jeret. I left the cup on the counter at the customer pickup and left your dealership. I drove my car home and left it parked in the driveway. The next day I was outside smoking a cigarette and noticed my front License Plate with the BMW logo was upside-down. So now I am beginning to inspect my car in detail. I found several New scratches, the white liquid substance had dried ALL over my car. It was on the entire hood, headlights, front windshield, roof, the trunk, both passenger and drivers side doors, my rear bumper has a NEW dent in it, the "shark fin antenna" was scratched, the rear passenger door had obvious dent on the chrome trim and scratches on the door jam in the same area as the chrome trim, the panel between the front and rear passenger doors is scratched as well as both chrome trim on both doors. You remember the cup I mentioned earlier; There is a stain in the back seat where the cup was found. This is just some of the damage caused by Niello BMW Elk Grove. All of this damage was pointed out to Mr. Cook at your Niello Collision Center on Fulton Ave. Mr. Cook in his professional opinion agreed with me as I pointed out the damage. Mr. Cook confirmed that damage was caused due the "Waxer Machine". Mr. Rick Niello, I am sorry to inform you that the story and unpleasant experience did not end there. Mr. Jeret arranged to have a loaner car from Niello BMW Elk Grove waiting for me at the Niello Collision Center. The car given to me was a New 2018 BMW 430i with 6,676 miles. The car was all scratched in the rear both sides, the front, and if that wasn't bad enough the car was not washed. The inside of the car was Filthy. A better way of putting it, the female employee commented "that's gross". All floor matts were covered in mud, the back seat had white stuff on it, the driver's seat was full of Long Human Hair, all the windows were cloudy. I called Mr. Jeret of the issue with car. I also had the female employee from Niello Collision Center take photo's of the loaner car's condition and email M Jeret the photo's. Thankfully Mr. Cook from Niello Collision Center had the car cleaned for me. I forgot to mention to you Mr. Rick Niello that Niello BMW Elk Grove LOST my front license plate. Sir, how do you lose a customers license plate and then to top that put on the BMW front plate decal upside down. How? Mr. Rick Niello I need to point out a VERY important detail to you. Since my first bad experience with your dealership Niello BMW Sacramento, I made it a point to have the Service Advisor to inspect my car together performing a through and detailed inspection outside and inside of my car. When I initially took my car to Niello BMW Elk Grove, I insisted that my Service Advisor "Bob" do a through vehicle inspection inside and out with me present. Mr. Bob commented to me and to Mr. Jeret "Mr. Aslam your car is in Great condition, it is very Clean inside and out" Mr. Rick Niello, I am at a loss for words. I do not know what to say. No one in their right mind pays someone to fix their car and have it returned to them damaged. Here we are again, I am asking for your assistance with this terrible situation. I don't understand how my car can be damaged in such a reckless disregard at not just one of your Dealerships, but two of them. Mr. Rick Niello please contact me. I prefer a phone call, however you can email, text, or call me. Your choice. Navid A. 1-916-***-**** *********


Quick communication

Emailed back and forth with this dealer, they were great answering questions quickly and thoroughly. Even though I didn’t buy from them, they were a pleasure to deal with.



Unbelievably easy to work with--honest, straightforward and motivated to make the sale. We did all the negotiations on the phone and text AND they delivered the car to me on the peninsula! Don't bother with local BMW dealers--talk to these guys!


Wise Consumer

Great service, I would recommend this dealership too all my family and friends. The choice of different type of models and colors of cars is awesome. I went up there wanting one thing and could make my mind up. I didn't ask to many questions, cause I didn't want to be talked into something I didn't want. But with my observation I changed my mind. I'm for sure going back to get what I want. Great experience in all !!


Great experience and helpful sales!

Darren Wilkerson was our sales person at Niello and he was great. He made the car buying process an overall great experience by really listening to what we needed and delivering on that. He wasn't pushy, took time to explain some of the newer features, gave us a great test drive and in the end made sure we got the car we wanted. Simply put, I plan to buy from Darren and Niello again and recommend others do too.


Used car purchase, Amazing Salesman

Had the pleasure of purchasing a used car from Tommy Lu who made this a pleasurable and smooth process. I am one to say that I do not enjoy interacting with car salesman but did not have this attitude after talking too and purchasing a car from Tommy. I recommend asking for Tommy Lu for a future purchase to anyone as he did not create extra pressure to purchase, was honest, and very easy to communicate with. Thank you Niello BMW in Elk Grove for this great experience and Thank you Tommy Lu for helping as I have never had a better experience in purchasing a car.

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