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Buyer Beware!!!!

Purchased a van and 24 hrs later started having problems, to the point where the van wasn't drivable at all. John refused to help at all claiming that things happen all the time to vehicles. He also stated that he had done a check of the van and nothing was wrong with it. I saved the ad that he had posted and it stated that the van was "Perfect Inside And Out." We were from another state so bringing it back to him to have it looked at wasn't an option since the van wasn't drivable and having it towed would have cost a small fortune. Needless to say, just as we thought, he straight out told us that he wasn't paying for repairs and then stopped answering our emails.


Superb Dealer A+A+

Bought my 3rd vehicle from John. All three cars were in excellent condition inside and out, and came with car fax and safety inspection report from his shop and DMV (who does this?) After all our purchases, I now know why he is the recommended dealer in town for over 20 years. We remember when the dealership opened in 1993, Barlows Auto sales was the only one on RT83? John and his family are the only ones that register collage students for NO charge.


Would never buy from again!

Bought a car here, transaction was smooth, owner was pleasant and courteous. Three days later when I took the car to a REAL dealer for a tune up, found out there was a major problem which would cost $1800 to fix. Called Vernon Motors immediately to let them know since they have a "warranty". The owner said to me the dealership where I took my car for repairs was lying, there was nothing wrong with the car he sold me, that they were just trying to make some money. Problem with that is the repair shop knew the car was under warranty where I bought it and they were not going to make ANY money. They didn't even charge me for the time they spent checking out my car. I brought the car back and asked for my money back. The owner was now rude and still did not want to fix my car. His own mechanic told him there was a problem after he looked at it (I actually climbed under the car to show him where the heads were leaking). He only agreed to fix it after we told him we recorded the mechanic on iphone stating there was a problem. Of course when we picked it up he still denied there was an issue, but he replaced the parts anyway. Ya, right. Run, don't walk away from this dealership. 17 years in business maybe, but to me it's 17 years too long.

Dealer response

To bad this happens to alot of people. She took the car for a tune up and the dealer said the head caskets were leaking.We have been servicing Subaru's for 17 years and know all about them. The head gaskets were good. All it was, was a MINOR valve cover weeping, a $30 fix not 1800. We made the customer happy by replacing them at no cost and got the car back to her the next day. Again to bad that this happens alot in trying times.


Beware of this dealership!

This dealership is known to remove "check engine" "service" and other warning lights without actually fixing anything. They were also investigated for setting back the mileage years ago. I found all this out after making the mistake of purchasing a car from them. Turned out to be the worst mistake of my life, as the car was rigged to appear good and the problems didn't start happening until after the very "limited" warranty. An inside source revealed to me that the owner is a "master" at putting as little as possible into the vehicles to maximize profits. Just be careful if you deal with this crafty dealership!

Dealer response

He has the wrong dealership, there is 5 other places with start with Vernon. Check the BBB for our good record for over 18years. this will be reported.


WORST used car dealer ever!!!

************WARNING************* DO NOT buy a car from this dealership. They are the most unprofessional salesmen in the industry. The are rude and deceiving. Just reiterates why most people do not like dealing with used car salesmen. Vernon Auto you get an 'F' in my book!

Dealer response

Warning, they are referring to a Dealership called Vernon Auto Sales 2 miles away. We don't have any salesmen here beside 1 sole owner. Check the BBB this will be reported


First visit to Vernon Motor Cars

We found the Honda Pilot we'd been looking for on while we were on vacation near Vernon, CT. After calling the dealer about it and mentioning that the carfax was not posted for free viewing, he emailed it to us as a courtesy. Since it portrayed a stellar service record, we went to see the car, even though it was a very small dealership, and unknown to us. John, the owner, was very cordial and easy to deal with, and we bought the car, ending up enjoying the experience more than most car purchases, and it is proving to be the best maintanined used car we've ever seen.

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