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(749 reviews)

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This experience as a customer has been a massive let down

This experience as a customer has been a massive let down and very discouraging. They will definitely help you purchase a vehicle and gladly take your money but after that will not help you. I purchased a 2016 Jaguar and told them that I wanted a top-tier or comparable warranty coverage to my current trade-in (Jaguar also) the warranty cost was 4300.00(Veritas Premier Plus). When I went to have warranty work done the warranty company would only cover 1/4(326.66) of the 1100.00 cooling system fix out of a 4300 dollar warranty?? I’m flabbergasted. I was told that the dealership would have known this at point of sale by Veritas. So I called Texas Auto as instructed. I was told by a salesman that this is common with the Veritas warranty and they have customer calls often. I was then transferred to finance who asked me what I wanted them to do? I asked “what would you want” and response was “I don’t know”…ok well help sir thats what I want but i definitely got the run around. The dealerships only recommendation for assistance of any kind was to cancel the warranty or keep it up to me. I would say to take your money, business, and trust elsewhere there are much more honest, transparent, and trustworthy dealerships. Also after purchasing the vehicle the APEX system receiver fell out from and the drive dash and was hanging in the floor board, I was told to “just take it to Advanced Auto or something”. Its for sure one well oiled money racket. This seems to be the most common problem; sadly shady business practices are the least of your worries.


This is a high end vehicle resale corporation.

This is a high end vehicle resale corporation. Sales reps are a mixed bag, but commission is their motivator. Those two mean you HAVE to be CLEAR on what you want and what you expect. Be prepared to come onto the lot at least two or three times, as you should with any brick & mortar dealership. If you don't like your sales rep, ask for someone else. Don't be shy. They need this feedback, or the reps will never have incentive to improve. Profit commission is their incentive, and you can use that to your advantage. Don't come here to buy a car; come here to invest in your future. Don't buy a lifetime vehicle here, buy something you can flip. They do sell lower priced vehicles, but they are kept on hand for when they can't get you in the car you want. I'd go to the manufacturer's dealership for those, as the ones here are... well worn. Whereas the manf dealers tend to take pride in their used lot inventory within their own brand. On test drive, take a left on Bay Area to test the suspension, and be sure to test the sound system at your desired, honest max volume. These two things seemed to be on the bottom of their priorities list. Lastly, as of Aug 2022 the two sales ladies mentioned in many reviews are not working there anymore. I recommend John because he's the most upfront about the mandatory Dealer's Warranty and how long term finances will help or hurt you. He's also pretty tech savvy and know the vehicles pretty well, even given their inventory is shared among at least three other lots just in the Houston area.


Run as fast as you can!

Run as fast as you can! They are all crooks. Run your credit then try to add all these “mandatory” warranty addendums ($2,600), I will need return.


Had Too !!

Great experience on every Vehicle they sell, with great customer services!! Great with 1st time buyers. Everyone who works there is kind and friendly. Thank u.


Top Notch Service from start to finish!

My guy, Tom Davis was an absolute JOY to work with. During my car search process, he was constantly in contact with me while I tried to figure out which car I actually wanted. When I finally made my decision, he was right there to walk me through the process, even though I've bought cars in the past. When the car I wanted was NOT on his particular lot, he made sure to get it transferred down to his lot before I arrived the next day to finish up my purchase. I will DEFINITELY refer anyone I know in the car market to Tom.


TERRIBLE SERVICE after they get your money!

TERRIBLE SERVICE after they get your money! They are very good at communicating when their trying to get u in the car. As soon as your in it, all the promises they told u go out the window ! I was told I would have my car delivered today at noon. No one called or texted or emailed me all day so I call, and text them. They keep sending me to voicemail . Won’t respond to texts . I call the dealership number instead of my rep that sold me the car and he tells me they not bringing the car and hangs up .I text the finance guy that I was working with and he says he will have my salesman call me, the salesman STEVE begins to argue with me and talk OVER me telling me I’m not getting my money back if I cancel my deal, it ain’t coming today, maybe Monday nonchalantly like I just need to chill and wait till whenever they have time to deliver. In the meantime I have NO VEHICLE! I will NEVER buy another car from them! Update ! … I was PROMISED I would have my vehicle here by 3pm today .. MONDAY, it is now 6:07 pm and STILL no vehicle, no text, no call, no email, no COMMUNICATION. I called THEM and got placed and hold and told I would get called back by the manager Robert. He never called me back. Won’t respond to my texts, won’t email me, then the salesmen STEVE texts me and tells me I need to relax and “count my blessings” and that he’ll just back out of the deal and that he doesn’t even know why he does deals w people like me. I called the number “Tim” who is supposed to be over the 3 dealerships, left me and they said that Tim “isn’t there, “ he rotates between 3 dealerships and “don’t know when he’ll be in.” I call Robert back, which tells me he’s the manager and now his phone is “disconnected . “ So I’ll be calling the police next in Webster AND south Houston along with the news station and newspaper to open a investigation on this crooked dealership.


Sold Car with Punctured Tire

My wife, son, and I drove from the Dallas area to look at a Mini Countryman that we saw. Christian was quick with providing information or answering questions and was really appreciated. We made the 5 hour trip (250+ miles) in hopes of purchasing the Countryman. The condition of the car was really great and was a main reason why we purchased it. When we test drove we immediately noticed the PSI Low Pressure sensor was illuminated. I let Christian know and he mentioned that maybe the sensor was off or something. We didn't think anything to major of it since we were assured the service department would make sure it was okay. We loved how the vehicle drove and knew we would want to purchase it. The next morning we came in to the dealership again to knock out the financing. We came to an agreement that we all agreed on and was assured that the rear passenger tire issue has been resolved with the adding of air and the sensor reset on the Mini infotainment screen. We took their word on it and believed that the issue was resolved. We finished up the financing and purchased the vehicle. We decided to keep the vehicle there as my family went on a mini day trip to Galveston and would pick up the vehicle the next morning. Yesterday, 06/09 we picked up the Mini in the morning. The pressure light was not illuminated but noticed that the tire PSI was running about 1-2 psi below the others. I didn't think too much of it as I thought maybe they didn't fill it up as high as the others and that the light was not illuminated. During the drive home the PSI stayed at the same level the entire trip, while the others went up about 2 psi with the heating. I thankfully made it home safely. I decided to have the Mini dealership look at it this morning. I was told that there was indeed a puncture in the rear passenger tire and would need to be replaced as it was a serious caution. This was not just an inconvenience, but a SAFETY issue and Texas Auto South did not do their due diligence in correctly fixing the issue before we drove off the lot in a "Certified" vehicle. I reached out to Christian this morning and let him know there was indeed a puncture in the rear tire and would have to pay to replace, to which I received this reply, "Sorry to hear that, but glad you got it fixed, Hope you made it home safely." I replied back, "Luckily made it safely home. Is there anything that can be done with Texas Auto for reimbursement since we were told it was fixed before we drove off? We would not have drove off the lot if knew there was a puncture." Christian replied, "Unfortunately no sir. I wish i could but their was no light on when you drove off and being you drove 400 miles home we don't know when the puncture could have take. Place." I responded, "Well the light and warning message was on when test drove, so we did know there was an issue going on and we brought it up. The light wasn't on because it was filled up and reset. I would totally understand if we never saw the light, but it was mentioned and we were told it was indeed fixed and inspected. The vehicle was sold with a punctured rear passenger tire and I need this remedied." I have not heard back from Christian or Texas Auto South after my last reply. Again, I would totally understand if we never noticed the light and it occurred on our trip home, but this was brought up to Texas Auto South the moment we went on a test drive. The same exact tire! I'm hoping Texas Auto South will do the right thing and reach out to me and remedy this. They sold a "certified" vehicle with a punctured tire. Until I hear back from them and get this remedied I will NOT recommend them to any friends or family.



Karla Martinez was the sales person that I worked with. She was excellent to work with. Bought a car over the internet. I was a bit "put off" because of their having an "addendum" to the purchase price. However we were able to come to an acceptable purchase value. The vehicle was exactly as they had described it.



Don't buy from them. Both, the salesperson Cole and the finance manager, Jarrell Cooper told us that if we paid our finance payment bi-weekly that it would save us $60/month. Come to find out, that is not the case. I have spoken with the finance company and they are telling me otherwise. We have contacted the dealership many times and they are not returning our calls.


They used the bait and switch on me.

They used the bait and switch on me. Offered one price and then added $2,400 in "addendum and key replacement". If they'll lie about the price what else will they lie about. Waiting on my $500 deposit to be returned.....

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