Texas Auto South

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(755 reviews)

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Immoral, Irresponsible, Reprehensible

My experience at this dealership was so awful that I was able to take them to court, but after attny fees, I still couldn’t recoup what I lost. Now I’m considering bankruptcy. If there was a way to erase a blemish of a company like this from the face of the earth, this is the first location I’d consider. I’d paid off a car for the first time. I had been shopping around for a month. My daughter suddenly became disabled, requiring a wheelchair that wouldn’t fit in my car. We were frequent visitors at TX Childrens ER. Not being able to transport her in an emergency had me unglued. And this company ran with that. They convinced me to take a loan out 2x what I said I was comfortable with at 16% APR with a monthly payment 1.5x higher than I could afford. They kept me there all day and night. No food. Only water. At close suddenly we had to rush to get the deal done. I didn’t see numbers until I was already signing. “Trust me!” he kept saying. “You can bring it back in a couple months if you don’t like it.” It was just a bunch of lies. Worse, they never followed through with even one warranty or maintenance promise. They literally stopped taking my calls. When I went in, they’d say “be right back,” yet 45 mins later I’m still waiting. And you can’t track them down. My salesman was fired before I even comprehended how horribly I was treated. If you still feel compelled to shop here, be careful. Get audio recordings of every convo, no matter how menial. Be clear and demand what you want and deserve. Yknow, make them cut you a fair and legally sound deal. And be prepared for a 2500 low Jack device to foot the bill on.



If not giving a star was possible I would give a Zero. The will give you a faulty vehicle with preexisting issues, tells you there's nothing wrong/ its been fully serviced and it runs fine. Then take your money. Once the car messes up on you, within your warranty time, they give you the run around and say they'll have someone call you. No one calls you. They'll keep this up until your warranty runs out and then say there's nothing they can do and that's it negligence on your end if anything is wrong with your car. No one wants to let you speak to a hirer up and everyone is a manager. RUN RUN RUN or come with your own mechanic!!! Also don't even think about getting upset, they will say this call is being recorded as if the automated system didn't tell you that when you called in. I recorded all conversations too! xoxo :-)


My second review for Texas Auto.

My second review for Texas Auto... I recently went to Tx Auto to have an oil change on my 2016 F150 XLT pick up. While I waited I 'wandered' the lot and happened to see a beautiful 2017 Lariot F150. I spoke with my favorie Serv. Tech; Bell asking her to recommend a salesman. I met with Nick Hydorn...'cut to the chase": I TRADED/BOUGHT the Lariot! The experience was excellent! Nick was informed, thoughtful and a 'no-pressure' guy that helped me negotiate a very fair deal with mgmt. In fact every aspect of buying the Lariot was pleasant including him taking several phone calls from me to answer every question I had prior to and after buying the truck. BTW, the truck was in immaculate condition, it looks, drives and even smells NEW! I would and will recommend to everyone to go to Texas Auto for a vehicle, they are a top-shelf-run company from Sales to Service. Nick in Sales along with Bell and Bob (her manager) in Service are "my guys" for everything pertaining to buying and servicing my vehicles!


Stay Away

Bad place to buy a car. Price online was around 26,500. After a test drive, we sat down and started the buying process. I was slapped with a $5,000 fee from the get go. I asked the salesman about the fee, he said it was for tint, gps, ceramic coating. This car was a top of the line Lexus with 60,000 miles, and I'm sure it came with all of those already! This was a lie to take your money. Glad I walked away from this place. Buy from a legit dealer instead!


Adam, sales department, was so kind and helpful on the

Adam, sales department, was so kind and helpful on the purchase of my vehicle. I appreciated how the financial department was. The entire process was smooth, however when you need service and info they do not offer much help or assistance. Beware if you need something for your vehicle after you sign the paperwork.


Dont do it

The salesman are terrible. They add on 6,000 dollar packages then wont take them off. Then when you dont jump through their hoops they sell the vehicle out from under you


This experience as a customer has been a massive let down

This experience as a customer has been a massive let down and very discouraging. They will definitely help you purchase a vehicle and gladly take your money but after that will not help you. I purchased a 2016 Jaguar and told them that I wanted a top-tier or comparable warranty coverage to my current trade-in (Jaguar also) the warranty cost was 4300.00(Veritas Premier Plus). When I went to have warranty work done the warranty company would only cover 1/4(326.66) of the 1100.00 cooling system fix out of a 4300 dollar warranty?? I’m flabbergasted. I was told that the dealership would have known this at point of sale by Veritas. So I called Texas Auto as instructed. I was told by a salesman that this is common with the Veritas warranty and they have customer calls often. I was then transferred to finance who asked me what I wanted them to do? I asked “what would you want” and response was “I don’t know”…ok well help sir thats what I want but i definitely got the run around. The dealerships only recommendation for assistance of any kind was to cancel the warranty or keep it up to me. I would say to take your money, business, and trust elsewhere there are much more honest, transparent, and trustworthy dealerships. Also after purchasing the vehicle the APEX system receiver fell out from and the drive dash and was hanging in the floor board, I was told to “just take it to Advanced Auto or something”. Its for sure one well oiled money racket. This seems to be the most common problem; sadly shady business practices are the least of your worries.


This is a high end vehicle resale corporation.

This is a high end vehicle resale corporation. Sales reps are a mixed bag, but commission is their motivator. Those two mean you HAVE to be CLEAR on what you want and what you expect. Be prepared to come onto the lot at least two or three times, as you should with any brick & mortar dealership. If you don't like your sales rep, ask for someone else. Don't be shy. They need this feedback, or the reps will never have incentive to improve. Profit commission is their incentive, and you can use that to your advantage. Don't come here to buy a car; come here to invest in your future. Don't buy a lifetime vehicle here, buy something you can flip. They do sell lower priced vehicles, but they are kept on hand for when they can't get you in the car you want. I'd go to the manufacturer's dealership for those, as the ones here are... well worn. Whereas the manf dealers tend to take pride in their used lot inventory within their own brand. On test drive, take a left on Bay Area to test the suspension, and be sure to test the sound system at your desired, honest max volume. These two things seemed to be on the bottom of their priorities list. Lastly, as of Aug 2022 the two sales ladies mentioned in many reviews are not working there anymore. I recommend John because he's the most upfront about the mandatory Dealer's Warranty and how long term finances will help or hurt you. He's also pretty tech savvy and know the vehicles pretty well, even given their inventory is shared among at least three other lots just in the Houston area.


Run as fast as you can!

Run as fast as you can! They are all crooks. Run your credit then try to add all these “mandatory” warranty addendums ($2,600), I will need return.


Had Too !!

Great experience on every Vehicle they sell, with great customer services!! Great with 1st time buyers. Everyone who works there is kind and friendly. Thank u.

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