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2006 Dodge Ram 1500

Very friendly, very helpful, tiny little family owned used car lot. I left an inquiry about the truck and got a call back, scheduled a time for test drive. It was exactly the truck I was looking for so there was not a whole lot of selling. I had to leave right after the test drive so they emailed me an offer to sell. I told them when I would be back and that I would be in a hurry. They had everything ready and helped make arrangements for picking up the truck. Exceeded expectations.



I purchased an 07 Jeep Wrangler, was very happy with the whole transition. No pressure and were very helpful and honest. I would recommend anyone to purchase their vehicle from them. Couldn't beat the price, and believe me I searched. All their vehicles were priced very fair.


Dodge Dakota 4x4

I was looking for a Dodge Dakota that did not have a lot of miles on it and in good condition. I know - yeah, right GOOD LUCK! Well luck did shine on me and I found a 2005 Dakota 4x4 quad cab with 79,000 miles on it in great condition at Kirtland Car Company. Surprise, surprise! Drove it, loved it, bought it at a fair price. I had my Snoway snow plow installed on it to plow my drive and my parents driveway. Everything is great. Only complaint i had (very simple) is it had only 1 key. Darn! So i had one made.


Looking for a Truck!

We were super impressed with Kirtland Car Company. This family owned business caters to the customer by being honest and upfront! This was the most relaxed, non-pressure car buying experience ever! They were quick and diligent about responding to questions (which I had a lot of since I am a far west sider, so I had a lot of questions before driving far east!) The buying process was easy and no-pressure! They agreed to fix everything we asked them too before purchase. We were so happy with this experience and would highly recommended this dealer!


Love my Escape

My experience was great here! Everyone I dealt with was professional, knowledgeable, and very nice. I couldnt be happier with my escape, I've had it almost a year and have had no complaints. I would definitely recommend stopping in here and have a look around you won't be disappointed


Great to work with

Great dealer to work with. Eddie went out of his way to get me into the car I wanted. First class!


very satisfied

Great Experience, First Time Buyer. Great Prices, Great Quality Cars. Will Be Back For Sure!


excellent customer service, great experience

Great Atmosphete, Excellent Customer Service. People Who Complain About There Experience On Here Dont Realize That They Are BuyinG a Used Car. And Have The Option To Buy A Warranty If Anything Were To Happen To The Car. And For The Record, Eddies Car Dealership Is Not In Painesville And Thst Is Not The Address, You Got Screwed Over By Another Dealer. Eddie Is Not Like That. Ill Be Back For Sure And Will Refer Kirtland Car Company To Everyone!!


Very unsatisfied

The service at Kirtland Car Company is utterly horrible. They sold me a car and when they said they would fix the items that needed fixed they did a "mickey mouse" job. When I went back to the car company after several problems went wrong with my car I was yelled at over the phone and called several nonprofessional names. I am absolutely shocked that this car company is still in business and I will let all my acquaintances know to never go to this used auto lot. What a horrible first car buying experience.


Very Unhappy

Regarding. Kirtland Car Company 1158 Mentor Ave Painesville, OH 44077 My husband made the huge mistake of purchasing a truck from this used car company. The truck looked very pretty on the outside, and the inside. My husband was blinded by its beauty, and before I knew it he was driving this truck to our home. Immediately we had trouble. Within 24 hours, we had to take this truck in for an $800 brake repair. We then also noticed within the next two days that the horn did not work. On the drive home, my husband attempted to use the cruise control, it also was not working. Not having a horn is a huge safety issue. How silly is it that the mechanic who checked over this truck for this car company would miss something as easy to check as a horn? My husband was back InTouch with the car company quickly after the brake issue, initially they wanted to reimburse us $200, towards an $800 car repair. My husband was able to get this up to $400. He was told that the check would be in the mail the next day, however it took several days for this check to finally appear the next issue was getting the title for this car, so we could go get our plates. That paperwork had to be FedEx to us from this car company, because they dropped the ball on that as well. Fast forward a few months, we have now had to make even more repairs to this lemon of a truck, Now we are having trouble with the gas lines, this will be the second repair for gas lines, as gasoline is leaking onto our driveway. This is another huge safety concern. I did file a Better Business Bureau complaint, and that was a complete joke. Do not let the rating with the Better Business Bureau fool you, this is just another used auto store. The worst part of this, is that the salesman spoke to my husband about being a Christian & and his relationship with God. My husband is a good man, he believes the best in people and he fell for this. My husband said out of 47 of life - this is the first time he has felt "taken". So far, since December 2012. My husband has had to repair or replace the following; Brakes. Alternator. Horn Drivers side window hand crank Advertised with power windows and cruise control -- cruise control still not working. Leaking gas from under the car. New front shocks Faulty check engine light ? Keeps coming on Also replaced plugs, wires and coils. Anyone want to buy a red truck. Lol Shocking isn't it. ?!?!

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