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(3 reviews)

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Keep on driving past this one!

The Home of Lifetime Guarantees is only as good as it's service manager! Unless you are seeking a mechanic's special, shop elsewhere. They will do everything possible to not fix your vehicle and leave you stranded!


Horrible Dealership

Let the stars say it all. I would put negative if allowed to. These people act like they are good people but all I can say about them is "RUN!" My son and I drove 5.5hrs each way to pick up a truck that John the Owner, and Sarah, his daughter and sales person said was in PERFECT condition. The night before they said the check engine light came on, but had taken care of it. This could NOT be farther from the truth. Whatever band aide they put on the engine made it about 1/2 way back to CO. The engine lost power, the throttle would stick, at times the hesitation was so bad that the truck would not move. The windshield was cracked, drivers side mirror held on by electrical tape, exhaust rusted throughout the entire assembly. At times I did not know if we would make it home. A few days later Sarah called asking how we liked the truck. I informed her of the experience, and how it just sits in a parking lot since I had the truck checked out. The timing chains are shot, the engine needs to either be rebuilt or replaced. Another 3k -5k in repair work! I asked how people that were this shady could in good conscious actually sleep at night knowing the vehicles they sold were not in good condition. She said that John was a good person and would never have intentionally done this. She was going to check with him and find out what he could do to make it right and call me right back. The truck has been sitting in the parking lot of my apartment since we got it. No shocker, no call from either John or Sarah. Absolute crooks! I recently read through the rest of their reviews and it seems that they have done this several times before. Claiming that they cannot take someones word for the condition. Their mechanics went through the vehicle, etc. Their mechanics must not be qualified since there is NO way you could miss the timing chain problem. So there my truck sits, not knowing how long it is going to take to get up and running. Thanks for ripping me off! Can't wait to hear how you hide behind your policies once again. You should be in criminal court for how you continue to do this to people.


Nice Guy

I didn't buy the vehicle from Wyoming Trucks (although I still might) but did have a very pleasant conversation with "Bones" the salesman I spoke with. He seemed like a nice guy, and they look to be a good outfit (I checked out their web page).