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(5 reviews)

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Bad service , they will repo your car for $500

Customer service is bad, they will call you 100 time if you are a few days late, an will repo your car just for $500 . Its a shame, they lie about their warranty. Its no good.when I call an ask how much it is to get my car back. They say it's been processed.


Bought a car got a boat for free...

When I bought the car the rushed me up to sign and get my down payment. I got 3 miles up the road and the ac started sounding like someone was playing the drums. I called and told them what was going on the sales man told me told me to bring it back and they fix it and charge my ac up with freon. I went back the next week and the want to be mechanic fixed the noise and didn't put any freon in it. When I was there he told me he didn't have time to come back next week. I told him that the other side was starting to make the noise too. He told me that he didn't hear it so wasn't going to fix it. Before he would give me my keys back he told me I had to pay for the part and lobor for fixing it. I had to fix the ac and put my own freon in it out of my pocket. Everytime it rain or went threw a car wash it flooded the floorboard and trunk which I had in writing that the mechanic was going to fix everything. They never did even try to. The trim on the outside of the car was put on there where it was wrecked by there body shop didn't have everything that was supposed to go on there to hold it all the way on there. It looked like a blind kid did the work. After having the car 2 weeks it would not start the mechanic sent a tow truck to my house to take it back there. He told me I was the reason it wouldn't start I took a fuse out I voided the warranty. I had to pay him 400 to get car back. I was one week late on the payment they come got it and wouldn't let me pay to get the car back unless I had the whole payoff. They would give me back everything back I had in the car. So now I am out 2500 dollars that they stole from me. They are crooks hope you read this before it happens to you. The cars look good but are barley put together.


Very good

I bought my truck with them had a pleasant experience. No my credit was less than stellar still got a vehicle that is reliable. It was the best one I could get at this juncture in my life they really went beyond what I thought they would ,more than some other place’s would have .



Crooks for black people. Will not wait 4 days on payment to come and repo my friends car... Shame on y'all. Single mom working hard had a rough spot. But gonna make payment on 4 days ( payday) but threatens to repo.

Dealer response

Thank you for the feedback. We've checked our customer files and can find no one named Cuzzin. We suggest that your friend contact one of our friendly customer service reps to reach a resolution. The last thing we ever want to do is to repossess. nobody wins. Conflict and ill will are the only result when a customer loses their car. Communication and following through on a promise to pay are mission critical in our program.


Awesome Place To Buy A Vehicle!!!!

If anyone is looking to buy a vehicle, I strongly encourage shopping at Wholesale Cars. My experience has been Awesome. Everyone at Wholesale Cars is there to help in any way possible. The entire staff is very friendly and helpful. This will be the only place My husband and I will ever buy another vehicle. The customer service is that amazing!!!