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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(21 reviews)

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A bit late but very positive !! I purchased a 2008 SLK 55AMG from this agency and am extremely satisfied with the car and the dealership. They were very responsive to my questions and needs. Shipping was a breeze. Thank you...


Doug is one of a kind...

As has been written and discussed by many on Rennlist and other forums, Doug has endless integrity. And he is a forgiving soul to boot as I left him hanging on $250 for months and he never said a word. I felt so bad once I got around to squaring up --he is simply the nicest person period...and absolutely the most transparent car dealer you will ever come across . I will forever use him for buying and selling these rare cars as I just don't trust anyone else.


Just a Fair Guy....

I have forgotten too many times about writing this review. I bought another car from Doug a few months ago, "Uncle Carl," which replaced "Aunt Betty" who unfortunately got hit by a "text while u drive" guy. I was OK but Aunt Betty was not. Aunt Betty was a 41,000-mile 924S. Uncle Carl is a 944S2 with about the same miles. As always, the car was as represented, and delivered without a hitch. And if you finally get him to open up, Doug will tell you about his Cannonball adventures. I am in the Miami area, so I know a lot of "car dealers." Go to Twinsburg, Ohio where the emphasis is on the "car" and not on the "dealers." Thanks Doug!


Great dealer

Making the decision to purchase an exotic car from Switchcars was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. The quality of their vehicles are top notch and the description they provide are spot on. Unlike other dealers I have dealt with, there was no hidden issues or misleading pictures. I was able to visit them in person and see their inventory; every vehicle was up to the standard of the price tag. Working with the staff was easy and enjoyable. It’s a small operation, but the level of service is outstanding. Even chatting with the crew in the garage was professional but still welcoming. I definitely recommend Switchcars to anyone in the market for a unique driving experience.


Amazing experience !

You need a high end vehicle? This is the place to buy one!


Great Buying Experience!!

I recently bought a 1998 BMW M Roadster from Doug at Switchcars.com. It was a remarkable buying experience. Doug did a great job of communicating with me throughout the process. Doug displayed plenty of pictures on his website so I had a very good sense of the car's condition (including several pictures of the undercarriage). Doug was responsive to my inquiries and my several phone calls. He was very accommodating with my pre-purchase inspection. Doug cut his vacation short to meet me on Saturday (not a normal business day for him) to close the deal, which I greatly appreciate. Doug made a number of repairs to the car before listing it. As a result, no repairs were necessary based on the PPI. Doug gave me a fair price on the car. He made the entire experience including helping secure a shipping company for the car. All the vendors I met through Doug were exceptional. I highly recommend Doug and Switchcars and look forward to my next opportunity to buy a car from him.


Fantastic Experience

Doug Tabbutt, the owner of Switchcars is the embodiment of an owner that really knows cars and is willing to share that information. I called Doug about six-months before I purchased a car from him to ask his advice on a few cars I was researching and he spent a considerable amount of time with me. I was specific about what I wanted and as luck would have it, when I was ready he was just closing a deal on the car. Doug asked for a very reasonable deposit and communicated with me regularly on the progress of the car. I usually plan a trip to see the car, however after speaking with Doug about the car and it's history I felt confident that I didn't need to make the 500 mile trip. The entire process from our first conversation to delivery went very quickly and I the car arrived as described by Doug. If you are serious about purchasing a high-end car you will not find a more ethical and professional individual than Doug Tabbutt. Best, Peter


Great buying experience!

Doug, I wanted to formally reach out and thank you for all the work you've done to put me into my new (to me) Audi R8. This is the first time I have bought a car sight unseen and the effort you put in to talk to me about the car, negotiate a trade on my 911 turbo, help me with financing options, and set up all the shipping logistics has made all the difference. Early on in this process, you told me this business is all about trust, which is something that is often lacking from the used car sales world. However, all the way through this, you have been true to your word, especially when it came to the condition of the R8. This car is truly a gem and I don't think I could have possibly found a better example. I'd say I can't wait to do business again, but I feel like I'll be enjoying this car for many years to come ! :-) Thanks again! Zak


First time buyer 1986 Porsche Carerra

I met Doug through a mechanic who has been working on my Car for years. He recommended Doug after I mentioned I was looking for a quality 1980's Porsche 911. Doug had two Carerra's in his inventory and was very professional and honest about each of the vehicles. I bought one of them on the spot and have been driving it for over a month now and I love this car! Since then I have not experienced any issues or surprises, and I do not anticipate any. I would recommend Doug. In addition to this post, Doug also has my phone number for a reference, if needed. I look forward to buying or selling another car with Switchcars and Doug. Thank you Doug!


MB 450SL

We bought a 1975 Mercedes Benz 450SL from Doug at Switchcars. Sight unseen is always a risky business but the car was just as described by Doug if not better. A painless, professional process. Thanks Doug!

Dealer response

We do our best to set customers' expectations properly, which is not always easy on vintage cars. I'm glad that you were pleased with the Mercedes, and I hope you enjoy it as much as the previous owner did.