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Auto Lane Used Cars offers a wide selection of lower priced vehicles to suit most budgets. We have financing options available including an in-house No Credit Check financing option with just a required down payment and valid Driver's License. No pay stubs or bills required, contact us for more information! We also offer Secondary Financing through a lender with a credit check and must meet certain criteria, contact us for more information on this financing option. We also are happy to accept outright purchases or your own outside financing. Trade In's are welcomed. Warranties are included, at no charge, on most vehicles we sell! Thank you.

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(2 reviews)

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Awful Experience

I recently purchased a 2012 Honda Odyssey from this dealer as one of the employees (Sam Altpeter) was a family friend. After closing on the car, I had the car inspected through a third party as Sam and their dealership did not keep their written word to aid in repairs. Part of our deal was a 50/50 warranty and a repair that was included in writing in the closing paperwork. The dealership claimed they could not fix something that "wasn't broke." However, the Honda dealership where the car has been serviced its whole life disagreed. The car's suspension is shot, Honda says it needs struts, shock absorbers, control arms, and end links. The Auto Lane Dealership Technician and I AGREED. The dealership then ignored the issue they promised to fix at closing in writing which was a rattle on the front driver side. Our deal was contingent on their promise to fix this issue, and yet they claimed soon after that nothing was wrong with the car despite their service technician agreeing that the suspension had problems and that there was a rattle. I ended up changing the struts myself on Sunday in order to save money and bypass the incredible amount the dealership was trying to charge me. The second inspection was on Monday, the day after I had changed the struts. The dealership now claimed that the noise I was hearing the week prior is due to me changing the strut one day before this second suspension. This makes absolutely no sense. We agreed there was a rattle upon closing, so how could it be my fault? I know vehicles well and if I can articulate fact-based, reasonable explanations and still get a repair that was in writing at closing denied, it is clear that they will continue to take advantage of anyone in the future. Upon reading reviews after, I realized that not only will this happen in the future, people before me have been taken advantage of terribly. Upon arrival of my next scheduled appointment, I met one of the service technicians. We had plenty of time to chat since the sales manager was over fifteen minutes late to open the store and meet with me at the scheduled appointment time. While we waited, the technician stated that most cars sold there are of poor quality and the owner will fix them the cheapest way possible even if it means sacrificing quality. The technician then stated, and I quote, "I wouldn't buy any of these. Even the 'nice' ones in the front row are questionable." The day of the second inspection, I was told nothing was wrong with the car, it was my fault and I installed the struts wrong. I was sent to the owner, Bill. Bill was clueless and sent me to the service department who believed the strut was defective. I understand that a defective strut is a possibility, but the problem I was speaking of existed before any work was done on the car. I explained to him that we heard the spring noise, but the rattle is when you crank the wheel to the left. He promised to call me back after another re-diagnosis attempt. Of course, I never received a call. I called back near the end of my work day to ask what they discovered. I was told by Sam that he got the "thumbs up" and my car was good to go. As it turned out, Sam (admitted himself) he was not sure what "good to go" meant. The car was not fixed or properly evaluated. I showed up at the dealership at approximately 4:30 and was told to wait for Bill who was on the phone talking. After waiting over 15 minutes once again, I became infuriated. No one had any answers, no one knew what they were talking about, and no one cared that they did not fulfill their promises. The manager proceeded to tell me that he would have been willing to work with me if I had not posted a bad review on their Facebook page. This is an absolutely ridiculous statement. Bad review or not, this is a car that I drive my children around in. They violated their contract BEFORE the review and now the reason for refusing to help is due to a negative review on social media. The manager explained that he w


Good car

Dealing with Dan at Auto Lane was an experience like none other. He helped me from start to finish, including all of the paperwork. He was the ideal person to work with. I love my new car. :)

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