Towns Auto Sales

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(10 reviews)

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very good service

they are so polite and know about cars.i highly recommend towns auto . they sell rebuilt cars but good rebuilt cars . with very low mile


Good service, fair prices, apleasure to work with

I have worked with them over the years and forund them to be fair on pricing, a pleasure to work with, and good customer service.



these crooks buy wrecked cars with salvage titles, rebuild it, and sell it to you ... all of the cars are salvaged garbage ... they even replaced instrument cluster on car I bought , with another one with less miles... you cab read these reviews in here talking about "nice experience" "great cars" and other crap... go and see for yourself... make sure you check the clean title before you sign the contract or you gonna get stiffed with a piece of garbage with salvage title... stay away ...



I’ve dealt with Towns for almost 2 years now. I started off with a 2014 Dodge Charger, black, and I got my car repo’d every other month for an entire year. Rather I was 1 car note behind or 2 car notes behind. *Literally* They will lie and say they called, they will are rude, inconsiderate, and are the worse “People” I’ve dealt with in life! I was warned against my better judgment not to go here from several dealers who of course were trying to give me a car but who also recommended me to other dealers because of how TOWNES AUTO RUNS THEIR BUSINESS! After feeling like the relationship had gotten better with Sean after feeling like he was human, I went against my better judgment and bought another car from them, a 2014 Dodge Challenger, were I also purchased insurance from a guy they did business with. I hit a deer, a month later, lost, scared, unconvinced, and my first accident. Be mindful at this time my note was current my insurance was current as well. Filed a claim, got a rental, and I got my car towed to Towns on the strength of “this is my dealer”. They have had my car for a whole month, even after the rental, even after receiving the insurance check and it’s not fixed, I have not paid a note in a month. And now I’m being told by Sina at the charolette pike location that i not only have to pay. 1000 dollars towards damages but pay past due amount on my car after I was told by Sean, “I’m a fair man, and because you didn’t have your car for a month, you start your payments back in June.” I’m destraught, and I honestly have no clue what to do. It’s gotten to the point I don’t even want to call either location because I’m just FED UP WITH MISTREATMENT, Lies, and DISRESPECT! You try to do right but these are truly people who care nothing about your livelihood, running a business that’s trustworthy, or giving you the respect every customer deserves. I just want to warn the next person, yes the cars look great especially for the price. But as soon as something happens, you can not, REPEAT CAN NOT COUNT ON THEM IN A TIME OF CRISIS! Period.


Best Buy Here Pay Here in Nashville

In 2009 my boyfriend and I both purchased cars from this dealership!!!! 2007 impala (32,000 miles)and a 2004 Saturn(52,000miles)!! Let?s fast forward 2015 (6years later)my now husband and I decided that I needed something bigger so we brought me a 2013 Chevy equinox !!! When I tell you this dealership have excellent cars I?m a living testimony my Saturn has 205,000 miles on it still drives it to this day my husband impala has 191,000 which still runs also... They will work with you on down payments even when you don?t have all your money in full to make your monthly payments!!!! Anytime we have had something wrong with the cars they will recommend someone or they will fix it themselves!!!! I would recommend anyone to this dealership!!!



I bought a 2008 avenger with only 50k miles and we are still driving it well I'm actually giving it to my daughter who is going off to college...& of course the normal maintenance on the car has cost us along the way but I had a good experience with the buying process and I'm actually going back!!!! Sorry for anyone who had a bad experience with them or the car but we are purchasing a used car so you kind of have to expect these things! I guess I got lucky ?


best car buying experience

I saw online they had newer cars with low miles, so went to check them out. I figured they were rebuilt since it was a buy here pay here car lot with newer cars, when i asked they were honest right away. I drove a few and got lucky to get a new one with only 7000 miles.It was the best car buying experience i have ever had. The process was fast and easy. Very friendly staff.


Terrible Business

This place is a rip off. They do value there customers. Or Reputation. They are only friendly until after u put your money in their hands. .when something goes wrong with the vehicle right after you purchased it they hold u responsible. Like I said before these ppl are scammers.

Dealer response

please give more details. we can not warranty used car for 3 years .changing break after 2 years, is a cost of having a car.



My son looked at a 2012 Camaro online and we shopped new and used car lots. We wasted time at all others. The Owner and his staff are GREAT! I drove from Byhalia to ouschase a car and I did from this location. My daugther is looking now and i'm going to go back..


Stay Away!!!!!

Americas Rip-off artists all cars are wrecked or have been totaled out or in a flood......PLEASE dONT MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!!