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DO NOT SHOP HERE! Payless Auto Wholesale should be delisted by every advertising agency. They belittle and ridicule women. Big Lou is only big in lies and yelling when he gets angry. Our vehicle is loaded with illegal aftermarket emission devices that render it uninspecrable. Payless was aware prior to the sale that the vehicle would not pass a state inspection. Sold it anyway. In the strongest terms DO NOT SHOP HERE.



Do NOT waste your money here! These people are con artists. I would give 0 stars if possible. My husband and I bought an 03 Subaru here on 10/31. Below is a list of SOME of the issues we had with Payless Auto Wholesale. I really wanted to be happy with my experience. Lou started off as extremely helpful and willing to work with us. -Lou assured us Payless buys all their subarus from a Subaru Dealer in Jersey City. I bought the Carfax myself since Payless does not offer them. The carfax says the car car bought at auction in New York. When confronted with this info, Les showed us the titles for purchase of the car. He bought it in Paterson, NJ, and it wasn't from a Subaru dealer. (I still took the risk because thr carfax showed routine maintenance.) -I recommend you research the 3rd Party "Warranty" they offer before paying $300 for it. -Got the car 30 miles after leaving Payless before having an issue. The coolant reservoir was bubbling and the engine bay was splattered with coolant. Lou and Les gave me and my husband the run around. We called Payless to tell them of our issues. No one would talk to my husband since the purchase was in my name. First, Lou wasn't in the office. Then Lou needed to talk to his manager, who was sick. Then the manager wasn't in yet. Every time Lou promised to call me back and never did. After I kept calling and calling over thr span of 3 days I got in touch with Les, who told me I didn't know what I was talking about and the head gaskets on the car were fine. I should have been able to make it HOME with my vehicle before the issues started. -Had the car towed to a mechanic, who confirmed blown head gaskets. The Subaru also needed a new clutch and timing belt. $2,000 in repairs. Avoid this joke of a business at all costs.



These people are a cliche of the used car dealer. Nice to your face, but sell you a car that has lots of problems. They don't care. They take your money and immediately forget who you are. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER.



This company is fraudulent. My loan wasn't approved they denied to refund my downpayment of $5500.00 which was contingent on a loan that was later denied. So I disputed with my bank after giving them several days, since Les demanded he wasn't a bank (the vehicle was returned literally a week after purchase at their request, because there's no loan in their words) They later lied to my bank stating that the vehicle was repossessed from their lot by them lol makes no sense "for no payment" , which is fraud how can a vehicle be repossessed with no loan or bank? These people are pathetic. Les is aggressive an the salesman Lou is clearly a liar as well. They need to be shut down.


Purchased 2 Subaru Foresters over the years

2 cars purchased here over the years. Both cars served me well and the prices were very good. I always suggest a third party check on used cars and the two I purchased were fine.


Horrible people, terrible service, junk cars

"Les" and "big lou" are con men disguised as salesmen trying to sell you junk cars. DO NOT even consider going to this place, you'll be disappointed. And don't believe these 5 star reviews as I suspect they write their own fake 5 star reviews. Waste of time and money...


Still waiting for my licence plates!!!!!

I purchased a car over two months ago and I haven't received my license plates yet, have been given the run around, always "someone will call me back". No one has called. Now the 2nd temp plate has expired. the wont refund the money they charge to get the plates. I will never do business with these people again and I will tell people to avoid this place if I don't get the plates by tomorrow.


Amazing service

Les was amazing and made the process super painless. He reassured us of everything. Our time there was amazing! Anyone leaving a bad review on the cars with a lot of miles don’t understand USED cars. Thanks Les!!!!


Decent place to find a vehicle

Fine vehicle at decent price, Lou was very helpful, friendly, fair and easy to work with. Don't let the modest, no frills facility turn you away, the cars all seem to be in good shape, they have their own auto shop and seem to know what they are doing. Recommended


Bought a 2014 Chrysler 300 broke within 1 month

“Very dishonest dealer and cars have issues that they just clear check engine lights with scan tool. Then when you take car to get inspection it will show not ready and youll fail. After driving miles then check engine will come on and they will tell you car was good when they sold it. ”

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