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    July 24, 2013

    ok so heres the deal: back in may my husband an i rented a chevy tahoe for the weekend because we only had a volvo s80 and had to take 8 people to a reunion.... We loved it immensely and decided to look into getting one. I voiced this to the associate who I returned the vehicle to and he referred me to enterprise car sales. They called me a few days later and we set up for my husband and i to go look at some. They supposedly searched high and low and couldn't find one that was high enough to finance but low enough to stay in our price range. They wanted to show us an explorer but my husband was hesitant to because he knows several other people who have had issues with them. The associate assured us that the manufacturer fixed the problem and that we had nothing to worry about. Well first off the vehicle 'wasn't there' when we decided to look at it so we had to come back the next day. It was there but it was dirty as all i dont know what even though they claimed it had been detailed. We spoke with the regional manager who assured us it would be taken care of but we had to bring it back. Keep in mind they have a seven day reurn policy but they had our explorerr for the last 3 of those seven days. When they did get it in they got rid of some of the stains but it was still dirty. Then a week later we realized the light in the gear shift didn't work and thre was a vent cover missing in the very back. They attempted to get the light to work and fixed the vent but we then had issues with the transmission. We took it back again. Now they have had our car three seperate times the ligh still doesn't work and niether does the transmission. Also, I spoke to them on the 19th of July to get it back in the shop for the transmission and I haven't spoken to anyone since then; they told me to wait for a call back. Long story short: if you need a car, new or used, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! We have consulted a lawyer about the situation.

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