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clutch work becomes transmission replacement???

I own two identical Honda Elements, 04 and 07, and both require clutch replacement (both have the same symptom) . Element 2007 went to Gillman Honda in Richmond TX. Element 2004 went to Kelly Grimsley in Odessa TX. Element 2007 was fixed with a clutch kit plus associated labor cost, never mentioning any transmission replacement. Kelly Grimsley's service advisor wanted me to replace the whole transmission. And he quoted me $1500 for a salvaged LKQ transmission alone, in addition to bushing, clutch, pressure plate and associated labor. Needless to say, I paid $165 as it was classified as inspection fee and took the car to Christian Brothers in Midland. My final cost covers a clutch kit, flywheel, transmission oil and Christian Brothers' labor, which is SUBSTANTIALLY LOWER than what I have been told at Kelly Grimsley. I have been driving manual transmission for a very long time (30 years), and I know the replacement of transmission is completely uncalled for. There are ignorant people in this world, but I'm not one of them. I'm sorry, Kelly Grimsley!


HORRIBLE doesn’t even begin to describe it

I don’t usually write many reviews because all too often its in the eye of the beholder and not objective. However, in this case, it’s more than justified. My wife and I had to buy a new last year after her minivan was written off. I did not want to buy or even look at ANYTHING from ANY Kelly Grimsley dealership. His reputation is probably THE worst in town. Nevertheless, my wife wanted to look there because she likes Honda and wanted to see what they had. She really liked a 2017 Honda Pilot and although we also looked at other dealerships, we wound up getting the Honda Pilot that she really liked from Kelly Grimsley. Now after about a year of owning this vehicle (which is still under warranty), we are finding out more and more that is reputation precedes itself and it’s often even worse than what we’ve heard. My wife has taken her vehicle in 3 times for essentially the same problem. None of the times that she’s taken it in have they bothered to call to give an update, let her know it was going to take longer, explain the situation, etc. The first time, they didn’t even realize that had it after she dropped it off so the work took longer than their estimated time to repair. This last time they left a crowbar on top of the windshield wiper and when she went to turn them on because it was raining, the crowbar came flying up and could have easily damaged the car and/or windshield. Getting a loaner or anything set up for a rental has been like pulling teeth if she could get one at all. Next time We are in the market for a car, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY, we will be buying anything from any Kelly Grimsley dealership. They would have to pay US to take the car and even then it wouldn’t be worth it. If I could give zero stars or negative stars, I would because they deserve that!!! Not only are we not going to buy from Kelly Grimsley again, I will not refer anyone to Kelly Grimsley. In fact, I will strongly discourage people from buying from Kelly Grimsley. The way I see it is Friends don’t let friends buy Kelly Grimsley!!!


Lowered price

With the financing done before hand, I was able to purchase a 2017 Honda Pilot at 39k pre tax well below the asking price of 43k with no issues. Kelly Grimsley Honda will go out of their way to assist you. Please seek out Taylor Phillips.

Dealer response

Thanks for the kind words Joseph, but since Taylor Phillips has left the company, I can assure you I will treat your referrals, with the same respect Taylor treated you. Sincerely, Wil Steinle Internet Manager kelly Grimsley HONDA (432) 934-3866


Honda Kings

Beautiful place ... Sweet staff ... Makes car buying fun

Dealer response

Thanks Michelle.


Internet sales team was great

Excellent customer service. Worked with the internet sales team. No other dealer in the area could even come close in price. The buying process was relatively straightforward. Not a lot of time wasted on this deal. There was a little bit of confusion on some of the accessories and warranty buying, but nothing that was significant. Would consider buying from them again.

Dealer response

Paul, As the Internet Manager, we know we do a very good job with our customers, above and beyond the other dealers that treat you as a number, for profit, and if the profits are low they say we can't help you!!! We say, we think we can, but it may take a little work, which we are not afraid of!!! So, low and behold we did what Paul needed, and we earned his trust for life! Thanks Paul, stop by sometime for a cup of coffee. Sincerely, Wil Steinle


good business

I've been taking my Civic here for their awesome 9.95 oil changes and just bought a CRZ from them.

Dealer response

Thanks Andrew. Buy your next new or pre-owned vehicle, and receive lifetime FREE oil changes and Texas state inspections! Wil Steinle Internet Manager



2/24/10 Replaced leaking radiator on our CR-V. The next day I discovered a puddle of coolant under the car and found the coolant level to be low in the radiator. Returned to KGH. Service advisor agreed that it looked to be leaking (it was dripping on their floor). No techs (Saturday), so he topped it off and made a note that we would bring it in Monday. 2/26/10 Wife took CR-V in. They told her it was not leaking; the dripping coolant was just from spilt coolant and that it had just not been filled up all the way when the work was done. Once they determined it wasn leaking, Joe Reyes (service manager at the time) was very rude with my wife. 12/30/11 Wife and I took both of our cars for oil changes. While waiting a person came to refill the vending machines (separate company). An employee came out of a back office and confronted him about the machine being out of powdered donuts. We thought she was joking with him at first. She wasn. It became very heated. He was trying to explain to her that he just fills what is on the order, and they weren (he was trying to show her the invoice). He called his boss and tried to hand his cell phone to her so she could talk directly with him, but she used her office door to push him away and locked it behind her. 100% crazy. We reported what we witnessed to the manager. 1/5/12 Called to get radio code. KGH wanted $50 for it. I already had the serial number from the back of the radio; all they have to do is punch a few numbers into the computer. Honda of Midland wanted $20. Called my former Honda dealer (from where I last lived) and they gave it to me over the phone. Their service was fantastic. Kelly Grimsley could take a lesson. 2/4/12 Took my newly purchased s2000 in for an oil change and was charged for oil even though I brought my own. Didn realize it until after the fact. 3/4/12 found I puddle of oil under wife CR-V. Checked dipstick and found it to be overfilled! Oil level was as far past full line as the distance between fill and full. Raised car on jack stands and found oil pan to be coated (looked like its seal was leaking). I checked my receipts and found that on some visits I was charged for 4 quarts and others 5 (this engine holds 4). Did research on potential damage caused by overfill: The increased pressure can cause seals to leak (like it was doing). With too much oil the crank shaft is constantly sitting in oil. The crank whips air into the oil which changes the viscosity of the oil. The oil pump struggles to circulate the aerated oil; this means the upper parts of the engine can actually suffer oil depletion (and what oil does make it to the upper parts doesn protect as well as it should thanks to all the air bubbles suspended in it). 3/5/12 Took the day off work to deal with issue. Returned it to KGH. They called after about 1.5 hours to say that it was slightly overfilled, but they take no responsibility for the leaks. I immediately went to talk in person. They put it back on the lift (I told them I had already looked under it) and proceeded to attempt to convince me that overfilling with oil isn that big of a deal (it won cause damage). They tried to argue that air bubbles in the oil don change the viscosity. They never could give me a reason for why it was so overfilled. Service manager told me that everything I had read online was a lie. During the conversation they went back and forth saying that this engine holds 4.2 and 4.5 holds 4! It was apparent I wasn getting anywhere with them. We left and went straight to Honda of Midland (HM). They looked at it and confirmed some oil seepage. Of course they were going to tell me that KGH with in the wrong, but everything they said about the situation jived with my own research. They said to just keep a close eye on it.

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