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Worth the trip!

Great experience. Beginning with our first phone call. Worth being patient, because it will be rewarded!! Salesman was personable, knowledgeable, and went above & beyond. Highly recommended.


They did not respond to my inquiry.

They did not respond to my inquiry. I called but got no answer and voice-mail box was full. Definitely not impressed.


Tried to contact this dealership several times to buy one

Tried to contact this dealership several times to buy one of their vehicles and they never got back to me.


Ghost Dealership

Called, texted, emailed, and messaged through cars.com with zero response to my interest in their vehicle. Voicemail box was full as well. I’m left wondering if this is even a real dealership.


The seller was not very reasonable in the movement in the...

The seller was not very reasonable in the movement in the price of the vehicle. I would not go to them again for anything. Bye.



Arrived and only one employee approached us only to tell us that they didn’t do any financing but there is the car you can drive it around and come back.



Called this dealer with a simple inquiry in regards to a specific vehicle, the salesman went on this idiotic rant about not answering basic mechanical questions since it's a used dealership. Clear sign of selling lemons, don't waste your time here!


Shopping for a new car

The overall experience was nice and all, the person I worked with frank seemed to know what he was talking about but when I asked to get more info there wasn’t much customer service to help.


Great Service

I had did research on the vehicles I wanted to see. The owner and staff were very friendly and let me test drive and look over the vehicles I wanted to see. I did end up purchasing a vehicle and he told me the history of the vehicle I purchased. I felt like a valued customer and I'm happy with the automobile I purchased


Looking for used dodge 5500

I was looking for a used dodge 5500. The owner told me he purchased it from enterprise. I got the vin and did a background check on the truck and called my dodge dealer and the info from both matched. It did not belong to enterprise. When I confronted the owner over the phone in a calm, controlled, and respectful tone of voice, I was treated to a barrage of swear words and then hung up upon. I was interested in flying down to see the truck but after this, I think I'll take my business elsewhere.

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