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A thief

This guy simon is a piece of dirt a thief a liar unprofessional no phone answering or texting takes your and use it for his purpose please dont waste your time and go here go anywhere but here


NOTHING GOOD!!Terrible experience!!!

Terrible!! Put down deposit and got incomplete paperwork and no car—NO DEPOSIT BACK! He totally took advantage of me. WRONG, Taking advantage of single females!! WRONG!!!



I was looking for a car for my 17yr old daughter and this was a months of stress and trusting someone who wouldnt sell me a lemon. I was willingly to take that drive to meet Simon our phone convo I instantly felt that he was a great man. Hes very honest and compassionate about me being a single mother and not just selling me car to just get out his lot but a reliable car that well benefit me and my daughter.. Simon was very patient and understanding. He answered every questions I had and he made sure I understood everything in details. I got to know a great family who is really about his customers and not about the money and for that he gets all the stars and more.. He also has a body shop and a mechanic and made sure if anything to come right back and he will help and fix.. This man is a blessing to me 30yrs in the business he is for the people.. 100% SATISFIED ?. 1 down 3 more to go I will buy all my cars from him and highly recommend him.



Simon best service ever. Awesome car taken care off in excellent condition. Professional paper work gone smoothly very nice guy would recommend to others for sure



Untrustworthy and dishonest! Wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy!


You're better off buying somewhere else

After searching for months, I finally found an adorable VW Beetle on Autotrader which happened to be located at RPC Auto. I'm in love with the car, but it has also been a pretty big headache getting things repaired. I don't know if the "mechanics" that work there are even real mechanics...there were multiple issues on the car that they refused to acknowledge. I'm starting to think they didn't even care and just wanted to make a sale. I had to go back 3 times to the place to get them to fix minor things I discovered during the test drive and they still haven't solved some of the problems...had to take the car to get fixed by a real auto shop near my house. A shortened list of things that needed to be repaired: radio (which they promised to fix and never did, I had to get a new one on my own dime), bushings(repaired on own dime), brake switch which tells transmission to go from park to reverse to drive also went bad...found that out the hard way when I couldn't get out of a parking lot, back brake light, locks are jacked up (driver door does not unlock, have to always go through the passenger door to open it), they gave me dirty oil and stripped it, replacing it with silicon (had to be repaired on my own dime), needed to be aligned, a belt broke causing me to have to get the car towed to the shop AGAIN and is being fixed on my own dime. If omission is a sin, they are definitely guilty. Purchased the car a few weeks ago and STILL no title has come. The place is not very kept up and they have an old dirty moldy fish tank inside which totally grossed me out that nobody bothered to clean it. It kinda says something about how they treat their cars, just wait for someone else to do it. after all of these things have been fixed by a professional I do love my car, I just wish they had the decency to let me know about them before I purchased the vehicle. Not professional at all. Avoided phone calls on purpose and lied about it. Moral of the story: go somewhere else.


Worst dealership EVER

I love my new used car, BUT the service is BAD, I should have followed the past reviews, They sold me a car with a lien on it, finally 7 weeks late it got fix. The lack of communication, irresponsible, lied to no return call, text or e-mail it was a nightmare and it continued for 7 weeks, I should had read the past reviews. I would have never gone their..Stay far away.



I purchased a car from RPC and I have to say, they are the ones who give car dealers a bad name. I don't even know where to start with these guys.......STAY FAR AWAY


Worst dealership ever

The rudest and most unhelpful staff of any dealership I have been too. Car purchased 5 weeks ago and still no title. They had no temp plates when I flew down to pick the car up, even though they knew a week in advance that I was flying down to pick the car up; which caused me added expenses. They still won't send me a temp plate and I am unable to get plates for my car until the title has been released. The car's description was not entirely accurate. Avoid this place like the plague.

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