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At RT Motorsports Auto Sales we are proud of the quality used cars we sell and our dedication to serve the needs of our customers. This is reflected in the amount of repeat business we receive. Whether this is your first purchase with us or one of many that you've had, you can count on our dedicated sales staff to make it the best buying experience possible.
Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you find the car you deserve, priced to fit your budget.
Also please utilize our NEW SERVICE CENTER (Located at our 5113 W. Flamingo Rd.
Fair Prices and Superior Service! We treat our Customers Right.

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(42 reviews)

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Worst service ever they lie to you

I was lied to by Milton they take your deposit and never call you back don't buy a car from these people they are Crooks you will be burned the owner should not keep taking vacations to New York he should stay at his business and make sure his employees don't run him into the ground


Military Veteran

If you need a trustworthy dealership, go here first. Great people and service. I’m a veteran of 22 years and this was the best dealership I have ever worked with. Finance options are easy to get too! Robert the owner was awesome to work with. He will give you a great deal!!


Just a wrong idea of mine to come here looking...

I emailed and called to come see a car. Never got word back. Heading into town to go to the advertised lot on the Porsche Cayenne, I get a call- No, the car has been moved to another lot on the other side of town. OK. I head there. The owner is busy telling two ladies their motor repair job is gonna be $1000 at least. He seems too busy to help me and tells me to go find Tom. OK, I'll go find Tom. Wonder what he looks like and where he might be? Hmm. I give up and walk around the repair yard. There it it, the car I'm looking for buried behind a car or two, looking sad, forlorn and dropped like a bad date. Flat tire, headlight covers musty burned, pieces missing of the right front of the car included a headlight wiper cover and a fog light lens. Wonder what happened? I walk around the left side and see why the car is tilting back left- a flat tire that looks impossible to save it's been sitting on it for a goodly time now. I walk back into the office and the owner is still dealing with th two ladies, but there's Tom! "Hi, Tom, I'm the guy who came into look at the Porsche." Oh um well hmm, the key isn't here." Me: "But the car is for sale and I can see it?" Well um no, it's locked up and he key is at the owner's place. You see that was kind of his personal car." Well, THIS almost all adds up to me bailing then and there, but I chat with another guy snapping cell phone shots of a minivan who tells me to go speak with the owner and let him know you're interested... set up a time and come back. I shuffle back into the office and the owner is now visibly arguing with the two ladies and looks to be deflecting questions, but Tom intercepts me and says he's gonna let me know "tomorrow morning when the car has a new or inflated tire on it and the key is at hand." I messaged R/T Motorsports that evening again to please let me know when to come in, when the car is ready for a test drive. Next morning, next noon, next afternoon, nada. Nothing. No word. I wonder, is the car really for sale or am I in some kind of altered state to feel like this company is listing cars they don't want to sell or??? I give in and call- I really liked the look of this car even though it appeared the owner (of both the car and R/T) had given up responsibility for caring for a Twin Turbo. Tragic for this Porsche, and truly, all Porsches. I've had several 911's, including twin turbos, and can only say my heart is broken... like an abused dog at the pound... Well as I said, I called and asked whomever it was that answered if the car had a key yet, if the flat had been addressed and if the owner really wanted to sell his abused Cayenne. The guy mockingly mutters something about me "looking for a big discount", which put me over the top: "I'm not looking for any discount because I'm not looking to buy a car from you anymore." Click. F&^%K them. And look above- on their reviews page- see that? This guy must have voted for lying groping trump cuz in plainly visible english, he states "100% reviews recommend this business." Not true.


4x4 jeep

Qwick response, nice not to pushy. I liked the price of the jeep and the well maintained body. I was looking for a automatic and it is automatic but I was just not feeling the color other than that the dealer semes on ist


overall wonderful experience. SO HELPFUL!

They're so helpful, not pushy. I appreciated the details and the time they took with me. I have so much appreciation for them working with me. Overall great experience and they were HONEST! How often do you get ripped off buying a car? I have many times. I purchased a car yesterday and I felt respected because they were honest and not pushy. So grateful.


Excellent customer service

I worked with Kris and Robert and I have to say Robert is very patient because I wanted a Scion tC but moved away and got a NICE 2012 Ford Focus SEL and it's nice and my payments didn't go up that high THANK YOU ROBERT AND KRIS I will send people to you for their next car


I know where my next car is coming from!

I have nothing but good things to say about this dealership and repair shop. Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I was even counseled on how to maintain my used car and avoid costly out of pocket repairs. My next casino jackpot, I'm definitely going back to Jackie and Robert for an upgrade!


Great service

I deal with customers on a daily basis, so I know great service when I see it. I took my 2006 Buick Lucerne in to get a control arm fixed and the entire time i was there Robert and his crew treated me like i was part of the family. I felt comfortable that my car was in their hands, while they were fixing the car they showed me the exact causes of the issues. Although my repairs were costly I left the repair shop feeling great. Robert took the extra time to call around to assure me that he will provide me with the best deal, he even bought me lunch!!!! I was a VIP that day. If you don't believe the service then check them out your self.



We bought a 2000 dodge neon from this place and within the first week had problems with it. We worked with Chris. When we told them we wanted to finance it they told us we needed $400 more. Even though they said previously that the $800 was fine. When confronting the people about it they just rattled off about stuff that was not important and had nothing to do with what we were talking about concerning the problem with our car. So we decided to take it to Firestone in which they told us they have at least one car a day in their shop from this dealer. Since we got it we have had to put 2 times the amount of money we owe on the car for repairs. They are very greedy and dishonest people. They take advantage of people and it is not right. Have filed a complaint with the better business bureau on this place.



One of the best buying experience. I've. eber had.

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